I’m a nerd. I admit it. Rather than watching TV (despite having premium cable and outside of my addiction to Game of Thrones), I overload my computers’ hard drives with thousands of podcast episodes and training videos. But when my computers start complaining, I realize it’s time to control my inner nerd.

If you’re like me, I have compiled a list of ways to control our inner nerd – just for you! And please, let me know I’m not alone if this article resonates with you by leaving a comment below and/or sharing with others who may appreciate it!

5 Ways to Control Our Inner Nerd

#1 – Library Limitations

I can’t even tell you how many times I’ve checked out a few dozen books at the library – at one time – just to open one (or none) of them. Why? The next nerdy bright shiny object comes along. At the present moment I probably owe my local library $100+ in overdue fines thanks to the bags which have been sitting in my office… for months… (Note to self: Take 10 minutes tomorrow and return the books!)

Rather than checking out every book under the sun, set a limit on the number of books you can borrow. Remember, the more books you borrow, the more books you can lose… or if you’re like me, the more books your kids can decorate with bootleg permanent markers.

#2 – Brainy Budget

An insatiable appetite for learning and an active email account can be a costly, debt-inducing combination. On any given day I receive no fewer than 50 different training offers – and this is after I’ve unsubscribed from three quarters of the newsletters I was once subscribed to!

Constant training and knowledge building activities are wonderful, however going deep into debt due to lack of a budget will only cause stress – both emotional and physical. Give yourself mental and financial relief by investing in, focusing on and finishing one training, learning program or book at a time.

And that leads to…

#3 – Find Your Focus

Did you know that multitasking reduces your efficiency by 20% just by going from one activity to two? I don’t know about you, however I know I would rather learn more in a shorter period of time, especially when all I have to do is stay focused.

Somewhere out there in cyber-land, someone still has a copy of one of my early freelance proposals. In these early proposals I wrote, “I’m an expert multi-tasker.” Now I cringe to think about it. Like texting and driving, multi-tasking is nothing to be proud of or brag about.

#4 – Schedule Social

Perhaps it’s just me, however I would much rather stay in with my books, podcasts and/or training than go out for a night on the town. (The ONLY exception to this is dates with my husband). My inner nerd combined with my introverted-ness allow me to be 1000% satisfied spending a Saturday night in, wearing comfy clothes and stretched out on the bed with my laptop or a book. (Cough cough… I’m writing this on a Saturday night in just that way).

With this said, however, social engagements away from the computer foster creativity and and build (stronger) relationships new old and new acquaintances. I can’t even tell you how many of my mentors confess to sketching brilliant entrepreneurial ideas on bar napkins. And I’ve bought some of the products that came off these napkins!

What if a night out on the town sparked your next BIG idea? Wouldn’t that be brilliant!?

#5 – Sleep Tight

I’ve told Dave “One more chapter…” or “One more video…” more than a few times when he was calling me to bed. Often those “one mores” turned into three, four or eight more, and I found myself still awake at 4am despite needing to wake again just a couple short hours later.

But sleep deprivation can have serious side effects. For me, it caused major anxiety, creativity blocks, and in the end, thoughts of suicide. Our bodies NEED good sleep on a consistent basis. I invite you to listen to Episode #4 of the Positive Productivity podcast with Katie Henry to learn more about the importance of sleep.

You owe it to yourself to get yourself to bed at a time which will allow for 6-8 hours of solid sleep. Please make a commitment to giving yourself that TODAY.


Being an entrepreneurial nerd is a gift none of us should ever be ashamed of or hide.

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Kim SuttonKim Sutton is a Digital Marketing and Launch Strategist and owner of The Sutton Companies, which includes Sutton Strategic Solutions and Kim Sutton.  A graduate of The School of the Art Institute of Chicago, she is passionate about helping business coaches, life coaches and speakers spread their messages and products to those who need them.

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