My life can definitely be broken up into distinctive chapters. I received my Bachelors Degree in Interior Architecture from The School of the Art Institute of Chicago, and was an interior designer for nearly 10 years in prestigious firms in Chicago, New York City, Greenwich, Connecticut and Ohio. Although I was living the life I thought I wanted, something was missing. I was a mom of two amazing little boys, however they were the focus in an otherwise fuzzy life.

I was existing rather than living.

September 2008 found me unemployed and utterly confused about my purpose. My marriage was failing, my sons were rebelling, and I was fighting to find passion for a career I loathed. In essence, I was forcing myself to live a life designed for someone else.

Then it all changed. I was introduced to the Law of Attraction and discovered it was in my power to find true happiness. I suddenly realized I had the right to be happy. I finally understood that if I worked hard enough I could make ALL my dreams come true.

In December 2010 I took the biggest step of my life. Unemployed, I left my ex-husband and began a new life. I found God and He helped me find myself. Additionally, I met my soul mate, and I discovered that money isn’t required to be happy. I learned to enjoy and experience life, rather than just exist.



Even in the darkest of times you can find light, and out of my first marriage my sons, Jacob and Robert, were without a doubt that light. Little did I know that they were just the beginning.

I decided that if I were ever to be with a man again, he would have to meet my new, much higher standards. Inspired by the movie “The Bucket List,” I developed my Soul Mate Spec Sheet, a list of 64 must-haves for my future mate. When I met Dave, I was shocked to learn he possessed 59. (Looking back, I’m happy he didn’t have the other 5 or he wouldn’t be the incredible man I’m madly in love with today.)

Dave and I were married in March of 2012 and over the course of that year experienced four miscarriages. In September 2012 we started our business, Sutton Creative Studios, and by November had so much work I had to give notice at my full-time job. Surprisingly, within a week of giving my notice we found out OUR first blessing, Nevaeh, was on her way. Good things come to those who wait, and Nevaeh was born 10 days late in August 2013.

In March 2014 we bought our house and in May decided our family was complete. God has an incredible sense of humor and had another surprise for us. Two lines on a pregnancy test a week later turned into two babies at an ultrasound, and our twins, Zelda and David, were born in January 2015.




Blessed with an insatiable appetite for knowledge, The Sutton Companies have grown to be more since 2012 than I could have ever imagined. After starting my personal Twitter account in May 2015, I soared to nearly 27,000 followers in less than a year. I had no idea my account would grow so fast, nor did I expect such fantastic rewards…

Not only was I invited to be a guest on numerous podcasts but I have also been a featured expert in tele-summits and on various social platforms. In addition, I am now receiving paid opportunities to tweet for brands like Sony, LG, Walmart, NBC, Chase and more. Today I’m using this same knowledge and experience to help my clients achieve similar results.

In late September 2014, and during the last week I was allowed to travel while pregnant with the twins, I traveled to the 90-degree heat of Phoenix, Arizona and became an Infusionsoft Certified Partner. In addition, I endured hundreds of hours of training and multiple quizzes and exams to receive my Mastery in Digital Marketing Certification from Digital Marketer in early 2016.

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