Impact Over Income

The past year has been the most fulfilling ever in my business, despite being far from the most lucrative.


I’ve changed my mindset to focus on making an impact over income.

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Avoiding the Upsell

Recently I’ve been trying to utilize systems in my personal and professional life to conserve time, energy and money. I’ve realized that pre-planning purchases is my key to avoiding the upsell and preventing unintentional spending.

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The life of an entrepreneur is stressful. The life of a mompreneur is stressful. Heck, life in general can be stressful. I had no intention of writing an article this morning. Anxiety peaked as soon as my feet hit the floor and almost immediately I felt...

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Mompreneur Curve Balls

Nobody ever said that being an entrepreneur was easy. Nobody ever said the being a mom is easy. Put the two together and you have a job that would compete with the difficulty of leading any country…

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I struggled about whether or not to write this article.

I struggled about whether or not to share MY struggles with all of you.

But then I realized that by hiding my struggles I would be hiding the Faith that pulls me through them. And it’s not fair – to me, to you, to God – to hide my Faith.

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Why Don’t You?

Why don’t you believe in yourself? STOP sitting on the sidelines watching the days of your life fly by.

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Drop the Doubt

It’s time that we as business owners make a pact to ourselves to cut the crap and drop the doubt.

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Sabotage Your Success

As a small business owner you carry the highest ability to sabotage your success. You are the number one person capable of holding yourself back, and half the time you may not realize you’re doing it.

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