Before I tell you about my services, it’s important you know and understand my WHY.

“To inspire and encourage others to design their positive productivity life framework in a way which allows them to live each day with the strength and courage to make their dreams come true.”


Do you know what YOUR WHY is?

If “No,” my Positive Productivity Coaching may be just what you need.


Look at me.

I’m a mom of five, a wife, an entrepreneur, and… I am afflicted by Chronic Idea Disorder. Not only do I have an abundance of kids, but I also constantly have an abundance of ideas, and I have no doubt that you – as an entrepreneur – can relate.

Chronic Idea Disorder is both an advantage and a plague for an entrepreneur – both personally and professionally – especially when you’re unclear about your “Why” and the priorities in your life.

Have you…

  • Felt the need to jump out of the shower to record whatever idea popped into your head?
  • Lie exhausted in bed at night unable to sleep because you were afraid to lose yet “another great idea”?
  • Had trouble seeing any project to completion because you’re easily distracted by Shiny Object Syndrome?
  • Sacrificed too much time with friends and family because you needed to make up for lost time focusing in income producing areas
  • Invested enough in journals, pens and electronic note-taking apps to fund yet another company?

If you answered “Yes!” to any of the above, you are NOT alone – and I know how it feels!

Chronic Idea Disorder contributed to me frequently following money and other people’s dreams rather than my own, and my health – both mentally and physically – suffered as a result. After much soul searching and many conversations with God, my husband and my own coaches, I saw a shift was necessary if I was truly going to LOVE every second of my work.

After months of personal and professional development, I found a way to help others which not only made me feel good but makes others feel good as well. The Positive Productivity brand was born!


What is Positive Productivity Coaching?

Simply put, Positive Productivity Coaching focuses on helping you live your life in that happy space where your Why, and an adequately-balanced personal and professional life overlap.

Think about this:

When you have your “Why” but not a balanced personal life or professional life, how satisfying is your life? Or, if you have a balanced personal OR professional life (choose one), I would assume life is equally as (un)satisfying.

The premise of Positive Productivity Coaching is not just to get you into the space where two of these elements overlap, but ALL THREE!

Why chase others’ dreams when you can live your own?


How I Work

I’m passionate about seeing my clients succeed. Let’s be honest – when you succeed, I succeed. As such, I hold my clients accountable to meet their daily and weekly task goals.

My 6-month and 12-month programs each include the following:

  • (3) 1-Hour coaching calls per month
  • Regular accountability check-ins outside of our calls, and unlimited access to me via email/Skype messaging
  • Countless worksheets, guides, tracking spreadsheets to assist you every step of the way
  • Tough-love kicks in the butt to take action on your goals — and meet them!


What We Focus On

Development of Your Why

Every Positive Productivity Coaching Program begins with the thorough development and study of your Why. You will be guided through the process through a mixture of videos, worksheets and calls with me.

Chronic Idea Disorder Management

Chronic Idea Disorder is a double-edged sword in both your personal and professional life. It is undoubtedly one of your greatest assets, but unless the sword is wielded appropriately, it can easily be your biggest challenge.

Together we’ll develop a system tailored specifically to help you manage and monetize all of your great ideas. Your personalized system will ensure you are constantly giving proper time and attention to the most important people and activities in your life, especially YOU, your loved ones, and your income generating activities.

Personal Development

Being successful professionally doesn’t truly happen unless and until you are taking care of yourself personally. During our time together I will help you develop healthy habits (this does NOT mean no more McDonalds… I’m a sucker for french fries) to ensure your physical and mental health are always your top priority.

Areas of focus include:

  • Self-care rituals
  • Reading/courses/advancement
  • Financial wellness
  • Personal relationships

Professional Development

No matter how grand your idea and “Why,” your career needs proper systems in place to ensure you consistently hear the ching-ching-ching of pay coming in.

Areas of focus include:

  • System set-up and integration*
  • Team building
  • Business growth strategies
  • Digital marketing strategies

* Cost of coaching does not cover system set-up and integration. These services may be provided by my team, or you may elect to outsource to a team of your choice. Remember, the goal is that you are NOT the one doing EVERYTHING!

Who My Programs Are Best For

  • Soul-centered entrepreneurs or entrepreneur wanna-bes who commonly suffer from Chronic Idea Disorder
  • Individuals who are ready to make an impact with their work in the lives of others
  • Highly motivated people who don’t mind constructive criticism or a kick in the pants when they need to get something done


Who My Programs Are NOT For

  • Those who are easily offended or lack a sense of humor
  • People who sleep more than they work and are waiting for fame and fortune to be handed to them on a silver platter
  • Individuals who detest learning new skills and applying the advice and/or suggestions of others