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Positive Productivity Facebook Group

Join Team Awesome and I in our private Facebook community, where we will interact with you and share actionable advice in the areas of systems, support and self care!

Positive Productivity Tailwind Pinterest Tribe

Pinterest is an INCREDIBLE way to share podcast episodes and blog articles as well as lead magnets to get people in to your funnel! Tailwind, an incredible tool which helps you automate Pinterest, has introduced their tribe feature, which allows fellow members to share your content with their Pinterest followers.

As a tribe member, you are invited to share ONE pin for every ONE of our fellow tribe members that you re-pin. Inactive members will be removed after one week of inactivity. Please view the rest of the rules here.

NOTE: You do NOT need to be a Tailwind user to try their Tribe service! If you use our link and decide to join, however, you will receive one month free (and we will receive a small commission.)

Positive Productivity Instagram Pod

Instagram Pods are quickly proving to be a phenomenal way to boost engagement and visibility of all your Instagram posts.

How does it work?

Well, ours is through Instagram messenger. The members of our Instagram Pod share a messenger thread, and at least once a day, members are asked to share a new post on Instagram and then paste the link to the post into the thread. All other members are asked to like the post, and to leave a comment of no shorter than five words.

While our Instagram Pod has a limit of 20 members, please note that Instagram Pods do require a bit of a time commitment. Please do not commit to being an Instagram Pod member if you are already feeling stressed for time, as it is never our intention to cause stress or anxiety.

Inactive members will be removed after one week of inactivity.

NOTE: To join the Positive Productivity Instagram Pod, please either send a message through this site, or (BONUS), join the Positive Productivity Facebook group and respond to the Instagram Pod thread in the announcements.