Faith: An Open Letter to Christian Entrepreneurs Experiencing a Season of Struggle

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I struggled about whether or not to share MY struggles with all of you.

But then I realized that by hiding my struggles, I would be hiding the Faith that pulls me through them. And it’s not fair – to me, to you, to God – to hide my Faith.

Five years ago I was in a place of extreme loneliness. I was in a bad marriage, hundreds of miles from my family, trying to revive a business that had already been run into the ground. I was making $0.25/day (no joke), and was turning to alcohol more than I should have to relieve me emotionally from my burdens.

The Sunday after I left the marriage I was called to Church. I hadn’t been to Church in years with the exception of a funeral, and I had no intention of returning.

But I was called.

By Him.

And I cried my way through the entire service.

My struggles didn’t stop by returning to God.

I found the man of my dreams and lost him for a time. But my Faith remained.

Dave and I married and then experienced four miscarriages. But my Faith remained.

We’ve struggled financially to the point of being served eviction papers. But my Faith remained.

My business has had major ups and downs. But my Faith remained.

This week I found myself conflicted by major personal, financial, family AND business struggles. I took myself to bed three hours early last night rather than throw a plate across the room out of frustration for the things I could not change.

And when I got to bed I realized I was lonely. I had lost touch with God and had failed to reach out to the ONE I need in my life most.

Saying I am lonely with five children and a husband I love dearly may sound ridiculous. But it CAN happen. I had misplaced God, and in the process had lost sight of what is most important — My Faith.

Having Faith in God can be directly linked to having faith in me.

I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me. ~Philippians 4:13

I reached out to God last night and today had amazing conversations with two dear friends. One is most definitely a Christian. The other is definitely spiritual. And both conversations confirmed that I can not fail to hold my Faith – for both God and myself.

So where’s YOUR Faith when you’re struggling?

Where’s YOUR Faith in a time of need?

Are you trying to take on the world all by your lonesome?

Have Faith, my friend. God is Good – All the Time. When you put your Faith in Him, He will lead you to the opportunities and people you need to have in your earthly life.