PP 353: I’m the Bottleneck in My Business

Are you currently the bottleneck in your business? I know, without a doubt, that I’m the bottleneck in mine! Listen to hear the growing pains I’m experiencing, and how you can push past the same!

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PP 351: Use Your Directionals

Have you ever driven behind a driver who refused their directionals? I have, and it drives me CRAZY! Listen to hear how I relate this to the misguided journeys of entrepreneurs!

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PP 348: Anne Gordon, Owner of Whale and Dolphin Wisdom Retreats

“Get out and play.”

Anne studied animal biology and zoology, and was a zoologist and animal trainer when a job took her to Panama. Listen as Anne and I talk about Anne’s major life change, her entrepreneurial journey, the benefits of connecting with marine life, the support we have in our businesses and more!

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PP 347: I Speak Typo

Do you ever feel as though you speak a language no one understands? Maybe you share that language with me — it’s called “Typo.” Listen to hear how my brain and mouth disconnect, and how I deal with it.

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PP 346: Lisa Thomas, Owner of Beyond Cellular Healings

“Life is about having free agency.”

Lisa is an energy practitioner and healer who helps people release the blocks that are keeping them from feeling happy. Listen as we chat about how we were raised, following our intuition, perfectionism, worthiness and more!

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PP 345: Stepping on the Scale

While I am at the beginning of a weight loss journey, today I’m not talking about the scale what weighs you. I’m talking about scaling up our businesses.

Listen as I share a recent revelation I’ve had about my business, and how I’m looking to take it to the next level.

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PP 342: Jeff Jones, Family Recovery Coach from Family Recovery Solution

“It’s important that we all have multiple resources available to us to bring ourself back to center.”

As an adolescent and young man, Jeff became aware of how alcoholism had impacted his family dynamics. As he grew older, he took these lessons and turned them into a career. Listen as we discuss inter-generational transmission, our culture’s emphasis on treating symptoms rather than causes, the various forms of addiction and more!

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PP 341: What Do You Do — From a First Grader’s Perspective?

Are you able to explain what you do to people in a way they understand? Or do you sound like a doctor using words with too many syllables?

In this episode, I explain what I do (build marketing funnels) in a way I hope all listeners understand, and encourage you to find a way to do the same for what you do as well.

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PP 339: Carve Out Time to Do What YOU Do Best

Have you noticed in your personal or professional life that there are activities that when YOU do them take considerably more or less time and effort than when you outsource?

I have!

Listen as I share a couple of my own personal experiences, and my advice for planning your time appropriately.

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PP 338: Moneeka Sawyer, The Blissful Millionaire from BlissfulInvestor.com

In this episode, Moneeka Sawyer shows just how important pushing forward through adversity is. Aftre suffering severe depression due to discrimination, Moneeka was introduced to tools and strategies that allowed her to attract and keep joy in her life. Listen to hear how she has turned joy into money — and is teaching others to do the same!

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PP 337: Morning Hack #2 – Bagged Clothes

As a mom of five with three ages four and younger, I’ve learned to be creative when it comes to getting my kids ready and out the door in the morning. Listen as I share another of my morning hacks, bagged clothes.

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PP 335: Morning Hack #1 – Beat the Coffee

As a mom of five with three ages four and younger, I’ve learned to be creative when it comes to getting my kids ready and out the door in the morning. Listen as I share one of my newest morning hacks, “Beat the Coffee.”

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