PP 576: Creating Your Chief Definite Purpose in Life with Daniel Gomez

Those words above rings an enduring sound of success- finding your purpose in life. Daniel Gomez is the founder of Daniel Gomez Enterprises, a company that helps organizations and individuals in the field of leadership development, team building, sales mastery and customer service. He is also a powerful motivational keynote speaker, coach and the author of the international best-selling book, “You are Born to Fly.” Though seemingly on a smooth run in his career, Daniel Gomez had a sudden turnaround in his life when his wife was diagnosed with cancer. This event reconnected him to the Unknown and was reborn to be the inspirational person that he is now. He learned that shifting his priorities then is what really brings true success.

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PP 575: Stop Doing Free Work!

Do you face bouts of chronic giving? Kim has! And she has a message for you! On this short episode, Kim shares how being generous can be to your disadvantage, especially if it is taking you away from activities that can improve your life. She shares the side effects of being a chronic giver and a plea for all listeners to stop doing free work!

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PP 572: Scale Your Business with Sarah Noked

Every business needs one but not every business has one. OBMs are a trend today in the business world. Learn what they do and how they differ from Virtual Assistants. Most importantly, learn how they can help you scale your business. Also, as the words indicate above, learn how you can set up boundaries and truly lead your clients. Lastly, here’s a couple of tools you may need to run your business with ease. Find all these gold ores from today’s episode!

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PP 570: Programming Your Subconscious Mind with Carl Hunter

Kim and Carl sit down to talk about his journey towards self-discovery and the power of the subconscious mind. Here he connects with Kim about 11:11, religious beliefs vs. manifestation, how to engage your subconscious mind to align with the things you want to happen in life and so much more. Learn how to tap into your own power as Carl Hunter promotes this technology and see where it may take you.

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PP 568: Listening to the Whispers with Susi Hately

In this podcast, Susi explains to Kim the concept of the yellow and red light, what listening to the whispers mean, and how making a conscious decision to change patterns in your life can put you into your ultimate flow.

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PP 566: Breathe and Laugh With Kim McIntyre

Join Kim and Kim as they talk about Kim McIntyre’s journey towards self-awareness. Here they detail the importance of breathing, why laughter is a medicine, information on laughter yoga and in general how you can have “less stress and more joy” in your life.

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PP 565: Know What Is True About You with Sensei Damion Lupo

Damion takes this interview to a different level talking about asking yourself the right questions, how crucial it is to share your truth and how super successful people say no to almost everything. Let Damion take you through this profound journey towards success by learning to take control of your money, breaking financial shackles and taking accountability for your actions.

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PP 561: Empowered to Really Make an Impact with Your Life with Shawna Pelton

“There is purpose in the pain.” –Shawna Pelton

Once a struggling young single mom but now a champion of her own journey. Shawna Pelton has spent 20 years in training to be the transformational healer, mentor, teacher and speaker that she is. The journey continues as she works to help others find their own path to success.

Stop being contented with just getting by! Empower yourself and be a new person all together. How? Sleep, Meditate and Conquer! Sounds trivial? Find out how from today’s podcast. Your own journey depends on how you build the cornerstones of your own transformation. If you are an entrepreneur, benefit from learning how to multiply your income without sacrificing the things that matter most.

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PP557: Saving Sanity Systems with Natasha Vorompiova

Natasha Vorompiova found herself at a crossroads after moving to a new country with an infant, and decided to give entrepreneurship a shot. In the years since, she’s transformed her organizational skills into a sanity saving service for small business owners.

Listen as Natasha and Kim dive deep into one of the pillars of Positive Productivity… Systems!

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