PP 470: Chris Patrick Dyer, Best Selling Author and CEO of People G2 and ChrisPDyer.com

“Figure out what it is that you should be doing that you know you’re not doing that could make your professional or personal life just a little bit better and find a way to make sure you do it.”

Bestselling author and CEO of People G2 and ChrisPDyer.com, Chris Patrick Dyer started his company that performs pre-employment screenings, tenant screenings, and all things people related in 2001. After realizing that the culture was broken within his company, Chris took the time to evaluate his business and decided to eliminate the water cooler chat and all typical office situations and become a 100% remote business. Tune in as Kim and Chris discuss how culture should complement your company, background checks are good for knowing your risks but also can validate accomplishments, and hiring for personality versus skills.

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PP 468: Cj McClanahan, Author, Speaker, Podcast Host and Sales and Leadership Coach

“Your goal as a professional is to simply be a little bit better tomorrow than you are today.”

Wanting to start his own business, CJ McClanahan was introduced to a franchise broker who introduced him to the business coaching world. Now a business coach, author, and Podcaster, CJ coaches and trains executives on defining their success so that they are able to enjoy their journey. Tune is as Kim and CJ discuss how systems allow CJ to scale clients, his podcast show, and how consciously being grateful is important to practice.

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PP 467: The Pros and Cons of Bartering

In the six years I have been in business, I have engaged in several barter agreements. Listen as I share the pros and cons, and how you can make a barter more favorable for both parties!

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PP 466: Jack Gibson, President and Co-Founder of High Return Real Estate

“Personal development is not the most important thing, it’s the only thing that matters in terms of being able to grow your life and grow your business.”

Jack Gibson knew at a young age that the normal life of going to school, getting a job, and working to have security wasn’t what he wanted. He started his first business (which has been a success) in college and was running a million dollar company from his dorm room. Now, the Cofounder of High Return Real Estate, purchases distressed properties and flips them. Listen in as Kim and Jack discuss their similar upbringings, how hindsight is always 20/20, and Jack’s journey into real estate.

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PP 465: Enforcing Our Hard Stops

Are your respecting and protecting your time? To maximize our productivity on any given day, we need to stop being afraid to determine and verbalize our hard stops. Listen as I explain!

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PP 464: Christy Whitman, New York Times Bestselling Author, Coach and Founder of Quantum Success Coaching Academy

“People can give us their opinions and their advice but for me the biggest guidance is what comes from the divine within us.”

After not feeling fulfilled with a college degree, great job, health, and vitality, Christy Whitman sought a deeper meaning in life and once she made that her intention she found it. Now she is a New York Times bestselling author, coach, and founder of Quantum Success Coaching Academy and feeling like she is living her dream life. Listen in as Kim and Christy talk about how every mistake is an opportunity to grow, words that would be best to eliminate from your vocabulary, and how Christy has no “have to’s” in life.

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PP 463: Landmines in Our Life and Business

Today’s episode was inspired by a conversation with a team member where we joked about the land mines (aka toys) our kids leave lying around. Taking it a step further, however, I want you to think about the landmines you have or still drop in your business.

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PP 462: Terry Ogburn, Business Development Expert from Ogburn’s Business Solutions

“Money is the byproduct of the effort you put in.”

From a young child wanting to work on a paper route, to a technician, and now business owner helping other companies develop successful systems and solutions of their own, Terry Ogburn from Ogburn’s Business Solutions, shares his journey and the steps that got him to where he is now. Giving free time and how we can build from it, turning your organizational chart upside down, and four areas that you need to be disciplined in your life and business are some key topics that Kim and Terry discuss.

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PP 461: The Little Red Box

Sometimes, the simplest contraptions in our life or business can make a HUGE difference in our quality of life or work. Listen to hear how a $2 purchase has made all the difference for me!

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PP 460: Eddie Lorin, Founder of Impact Housing REIT

“Everybody thinks real estate is about finding good deals. I argue that good deals are made, not found.”

Eddie Lorin, the founder of Impact Housing REIT, tends to the under dogs, as he is one himself. By putting himself through UCLA and becoming successful in real estate he has the ability to transform neglected apartment communities into affordable treasures. Eddie shares with Kim that his goal is to make sure that all people have the opportunity to make a difference, your net worth is not your self-worth, and how he is able to manage 3-4,000 units that he owns.

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PP 459: Can’t Find What You Need? Create It!

Have you ever looked for a resource or product you felt you needed to reach a goal, couldn’t find it, and then gave up as a result? Listen to hear a story about how I took my search into my own hands and made my product myself!

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PP 458: Yvonne Tally, Author

“Focus on what you want to create and not what you fear.”

Yvonne was a health and wellness coach when a personal health scare showed her that her own health and wellness needs weren’t being addressed. Listen as Yvonne shares how she shifted her own patterns and wrote her book, “Breaking Up With Busy” and as we discuss the shoulds vs. coulds, giving ourselves permission, and the sometimes not-so-simple practice of slowing down.

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PP 457: Watch Your Language

Are you cussing or using Faith based expletives in your public facing communication? If so, listen to hear my thoughts and why you may want to consider alternative patterns of speech.

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PP 455: Sunday Nap Time

Are you stuck in the hustle and bustle of entrepreneurship and neglecting your sleep? Tune in to hear how moving to Ohio and a select sport shaped my weekend sleep schedule 🙂

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PP 454: Jonathan Robinson, Author and President of FindingHappiness.com and MoreLoveLessConflict.com

“The #1 way to improve your own level of happiness is an act of kindness for a stranger or friend.”

“Blessed” with a miserable childhood, Author and Happiness Expert Jonathan Robinson began researching hypnosis at age 12. Knowing that he could not leave his family at such a young age, he realized he had to look internally to find inner peace and happiness. Such a start in life set Jonathan on a path of helping people find tools that create and sustain more love and peace in their lives. Listen in as Kim and Jonathan have an inspiring conversation on these tools.

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PP 453: Don’t Tell Me You Don’t Have Time

Recently someone told me they didn’t have time to partake in a few activities I thought would help them on their path to “success”. Listen to learn why this has become my newest pet peeve and what I believe you need to do to become successful.

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PP 452: Danielle Fuhrmann, Color and Style Expert and Owner of Reflections of You

“If you’re totally uncomfortable in something then you’re not going to feel confident, you’re not going to be expressed. So you really want to wear something that is going to make you feel your best and make you feel authentic in your own skin.”

Danielle is a color and style expert that helps men and women discover their most complimenting colors that accentuate their natural tones and personality. She teaches that the colors you wear represent you and wearing your correct colors can change your approachability and how others perceive you. Listen in as Kim and Danielle hit topics about authenticity, hair color, and how the correct color and wardrobe can change your business and social life.

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