PP 178: Jacqui Letran, Author and Speaker, Owner of A Healed Mind, and Host of Stop the Bully Within Podcast

“A lot of the time it’s fear of the unknown.”

Jacqui shares how she moved from a place of disbelief to creating a business helping people transform their lives using the same techniques.

We discuss how we can doubt tools and techniques out of fear or unknowing, how a seminar sparked Jacqui’s passion project, Teen Confidence Academy, and our shifts from focusing on income to focusing on impact. Jacqui also discusses how we can be our own biggest bully, and how a lack of confidence affected her early years.

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PP 176: Altovise Pelzer, Speaker and Author

Altovise is a single mother of four, a molestation survivor, and has helped her two daughters overcome molestation as well. Using her own experiences, she is helping others overcome their own demons and shine their own light on others.

During our chat we discuss forgiveness, how opening up about her own molestation sowed the seeds of Altovise’s career, and how proceeding despite life’s struggles presented signs that she was on the right track.

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PP 174: Lisa Winston, Authenticity and Confidence Coach

No matter what your life struggles are, you can overcome and create something GREAT! Today’s guest, Lisa Winston, has pushed through rape, molestation, divorce, losing her home to wild fires AND breast cancer and is actively creating an incredible life for herself and those around her.

We chat about not settling, building confidence in ourselves and our purpose, committing ourselves to creating greatness, and not worrying about perfection.

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PP 170: Dan Moyle, Chief Marketing Office at Interview Valet

“All marketing is about having the right conversation with the right buyer persona at the right time.”

Dan and I chat about the benefits of being a guest on podcasts, including some of the most important Do’s and Don’ts. We also share a more personal conversation about our families, the need for faith, Dan’s Why and our childhood dreams.

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PP 168: Bryan Falchuk, Best-Selling Author of Do A Day: How to Live a Better Life Everyday

“You don’t have to have a gun in your face to wake up and say, ‘I want to do better. Somebody help me.'”

Bryan shares the amazing story of how his wife’s life threatening illness and his own health struggles drastically shifted the course of his life.

We chat about being an employee of our life and situation, and being more concerned about the financial investment involved with helping ourselves rather than the implications of NOT helping ourselves.

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PP 164: Jeff McManus, Speaker, Author and Director of Landscape Services at The University of Mississippi

Jeff grows plants, he grows people and he grows ideas… Wow!

In this episode, Jeff shares how he and his team turned the campus at UMiss from laughable to award winning by growing weeders into leaders. Jeff shares what the interview process looks like at UMiss, his journey with personal development, and how his team building practices, aka Landscape University, are now being taught to external organizations.

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PP 161: Two Years and a Dozen Flopped Launches…

Looking back on the two years before I launched the Positive Productivity podcast, I’m both amused and disheartened by how I was chasing income rather than passion and impact. Listen to hear how I was running in circles… and failing miserably.

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PP 158: Teresa McCloy, Business Productivity Coach, Speaker and Trainer

“Stop being productive and do what really matters.” What a motto, yea? Teresa and I have an incredible conversation about becoming more productive in our business, including Teresa’s “Real Life Process” which is finding our best style of productivity, delegating work to others, creating standard operating procedures, and more!

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PP 157: Fishing for Business

Fishing and client attraction/acquisition can be very similar. Often, the little, less desirable fish can be more of a fight to reel in, and reap far less reward and satisfaction. Listen as I share more about my thoughts on the parallels between fishing and growing our businesses.

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PP 156: Dawn Gluskin, Chief Truth-Digger, Storyteller and Word Wizard from Blissed Communications

Dawn Gluskin shares her journey from owning and operating a multi-million dollar business to returning to the career of her childhood dreams.

In our chat, we discuss how it’s always important to check in with ourselves — even when getting counsel from others, how we’ve handled shiny object syndrome and imposter syndrome, and why we both feel it’s important to begin (slowly) building your team when you’re able — but not necessarily ready.

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PP 154: Allana Pratt, Intimacy Expert and Relationship Coach

What a CRAmazing chat I had with Allana Pratt! We discuss intimacy in terms of in-to-me-I-see, including how we can have intimate relationships with money, how there is a value to having personal boundaries, and “Hoi Ya!” (You’ll have to listen to learn more on that!)

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