PP 247: Asking for Assistance Does Not Make You Weak

In this episode, I’m not discussing hiring a team to support your business. Rather, I share how my family and I have used public assistance in times of hardship, and why it’s not a sign of weakness for others to do the same.

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PP 246: Scott Kimbro from Scott Kimbro Teaches

“In any business, when you are focused on serving others, when you are about helping people first, you’ll get what you want.”

Scott became an entrepreneur as a child, and then again as an adult in the field of network marketing. Through his years in network marketing, he developed a habit of investing time into personal and professional development and today is a coach and consultant.

During our enlightening chat, we discuss network marketing vs. MLM, our reading habits and mentors, Scott’s Book, “SubmUrgency: How to Live and Die Without Regret”, and more!

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PP 245: Stop Being Afraid of the Word “No”

Saying the word “No” can be scary. We’re concerned people will lose respect for us, will speak poorly of us, and/or think we’re incapable. But the word “Yes” does more damage than any fallout of “No” ever could. Listen to hear my thoughts.

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PP 244: AmyK Hutchens, Author of The Secrets Leaders Keep and Founder and Intelligence Activist at AmyK Inc

AmyK started her career as an elementary teacher, and is still teaching today, however from the stage and at a global and corporate level. During our chat, we discuss the need to ditch the cookie cutters, tune out the noise of social media, and be our true, authentic selves. We also talk about the good and bad of social media, the quirkiness of life, the choices we have in how we react to situations, and so much more!

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PP 242: Pamela Gold, Spiritual Strength Coach, Speaker, and Author of Find More Strength

Pamela graduated from Yale and went corporate before becoming a mom. After co-founding a platform for parents – West Village Parents, she experienced a season of dsyfunction and disconnect in her marriage and realized she needed to take herself and her relationship back to a healthy place.

In our chat, Pamela and I chat about her five pillars of building strength: gratitude, compassion, surrender, courage, and openness and curiosity.

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PP 240: Joie Cheng, CEO and Founder of Illuminate Your Self-Love

“Self care is not a luxury. It’s a necessity.”

Joie went through a dark period in her 20’s when she was severely depressed and suicidal. After finding herself in an abusive relationship, she realized she was lacking self-love and wasn’t following her purpose. Today she helps clients learn how to love themslves and live a life of joy.

We chat about the fear of being single, the Law of Attraction, the realization that abusers and bullies are experiencing their own pain, gratitude, forgiveness and more.

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PP 239: Stop Overfilling Your Plate

As a little girl, I was taught to not overfill my dinner plate and that I could always go back for seconds. As an entrepreneur, I’ve learned the same is true with my to-do list. Listen in to hear my thoughts!

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PP 238: Sandra Younger, Speaker, Author and Resilience Expert, and Author of The Fire Outside My Window

“We are either limited or liberated by the stories we tell ourselves.”

In 2004, Sandra and her husband woke to find California’s wildfires had surrounded their house, and were right outside their window. They grabbed their animals and a few pictures and ran for their lives. Today, Sandra uses her experience, combined with further training and research, to help communities recover from tragedies.

We chat about disaster preparedness, the recovery and resilience mindset, and the internal and external forgiveness that must occur after a disaster.

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PP 237: Snow and Sick Days Have Stolen My Silence

Today I’m recording with my office door wide open and my entire family running wild around my house because…. Snow and sick days have stolen my silence. Listen as I discuss how we just need to keep moving forward, no matter what life is throwing at us.

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PP 236: Lea Bayles, Founder of Lea Bayles Coaching

“Leading from the Yin-side out.”

Lea was born with an immune deficiency and has escaped death on several occasions. She recognizes how precious life is, as well the presence of a toxic imbalance in our culture.

Lea has a passion for helping leaders and entrepreneurs connect to who they are and grow from the inside out — without burning out.

We chat about mind-body healing, how we created our careers (and our careers created us), our burnouts, and the awesome lives that created as a result.

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PP 235: Building Real Relationships

Are you building relationships with the intention of seeing what you can provide to the relationship? Or are you entering them to see what you can gain? Listen to hear my thoughts about building real relationships.

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PP 233: Succeeding Through the Tough Seasons

Are you going through a season of struggle or challenges? If so, it’s important to me that you know you’re not alone. In this episode, I share the rough season my family and I went through and why/how it’s important that you keep moving forward.

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PP 232: Maddy Niebauer, CEO and Founder of VChief

Maddy entered the Peace Corp after graduating college and evolved through several other jobs before becoming a Chief of Staff at Teach for America. This position inspired the business she has today.

During our chat, Maddy and I discuss the importance of having support in our business, the difference between a virtual assistant and a virtual chiefs of staff, the tools we use in our businesses and more.

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PP 230: Avalaura, Owner of Avalaura’s Healing Center

“I got sick and tired of being sick and tired”

After earning her Masters degree in social work, Avalaura discovered working in the healthcare system was helping people maintain thehir dysfunction rather than heal.

Following a women’s retreat weekend, Avalaura returned to real life to find major change. Listen to how Avalaura’s journey transformed into one of hope and healing!

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PP 228: Steven Masley, CEO, Physician, Nutritionist and Author of The Better Brain Solution

“Somebody who eats one cup of green leafy vegetables a day has a brain that’s 11 years younger than someone who doesn’t.”

Dr. Masley and his team research and study the lifestyle choices which can improve our brain performance and productivity.

We chat about my own struggles with brain fog stemming from thyroid issues and sleep deprivation, as well as about how food, nutrients, activies, stress and toxins affect our performance.

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