PP 310: Jenna Zigler, SeeOO of EyeLove

Jenna and her husband, Travis, are optometrists who realized they wanted to do more with their expertise. Listen as Jenna shares their journey, mission, and vision for the future!

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PP 309: Invisible vs. Ignored

During the early years of my business, I often felt dismissed and ignored as a result of little or no reaction to marketing efforts. Unbeknownst to me, I wasn’t being ignored, however. I was invisible. Tune in to hear the difference!

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PP 308: Carolyn Cole, Founder of Boomtank

Carolyn was a senior trial attorney for Fortune 100 and 200 companies for over 20 years. Now she is an executive coach. Listen as we chat about authenticity, marketing, confidence and more!

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PP 307: Learningasms

Recently I coined the word, “Learningasms”, and in this episode I share when I get them and how we, as entrepreneurs, need to act on the ones we have!

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PP 302: Rob Dionne, Owner of Open Sky Fitness

“Always remember: The process is the result.”

Rob was an aspiring actor who moved to Los Angeles with the intention of advancing his acting career. To supplement his income, he became a personal trainer – and loved it! Listen as Rob and I chat about his journey, real estate, finance, health and more!

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PP 299: Redirect Links and 404 Pages

Earlier this week I sent out an email with links that didn’t work. Listen to learn about redirect links and 404 pages, and how you should (or shouldn’t) use them in your business!

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PP 296: Amy Mewborn, Founder and CEO of AmyMewborn.com

“Keep your business as simple as you can to get done what you want to get done.”

Amy spent 15+ years in finance and was making over 6-figures, however she burnt herself out. She realized she was building others’ wealth and not her own, and she wanted more out of life. Listen as Amy and I share an amusing conversation about entrepreneurship, Amy’s journey, books, movies, telemarketers, tools and more!

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PP 295: A Message for Parentpreneurs

Parentpreneurs, I know we face our own set of entrepreneurial struggles. As if being a parent OR being a business owner wasn’t hard enough, when you mix them together it can be… interesting. Listen as I share recent happenings from my house!

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PP 294: Jenn Taylor, Book Coach

Jenn has been a writer since high school, and has an amazing story to share! From living on the streets to becoming a journalist, being the mother of 18 kids to facing a job loss, Jenn has faced her share of struggles — and overcome!

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PP 293: My Big Multiple Streams of Income “Aha!” Moment

In the last month, my team and coaches both opened my eyes to low hanging fruit I was missing in my business…. An obvious source of extra income. Listen as I share what this additional income stream is, and how you can consider setting up the same for you.

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PP 292: Christine Li, Procrastination Coach

“When we feel good, our work will be good.”

As a student, Christine often dealt with anxiety and procrastination issues. After leading a procrastination workshop, however, her eyes were opened to a new way of working — for both herself and others.

Listen as Christine and I chat about stalling due to perfectionism, the need to focus on big rocks rather than minute tasks, accountability, productivity tools and more!

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PP 291: Being Proud vs. Being Humble

I know what it’s like to be too proud to ask for help. Believe me, I do. Sometimes, however, we need to suck it up and be honest with where we are, and the help we need to get to where we want to go. Tune in as I discuss!

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