PP 512: Get Your Book Completed with Arlene Gale

“None of us is promised another minute, another day. If you have wisdom inside of you and you have wanted to write a book…don’t wait.”

After successfully helping so many others write their books, she decided to go into the writing business and is now the CEO of The Book Writing Business. Arlene Gale has been writing since she was eight years old and possesses the skills to combine writing and marketing to help others complete their story . Listen as Kim and Arlene discuss her journey of writing her first book, how a clear foundational marketing plan is key for a successful book, and how time is available to write that book, if you make it.

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PP 510: Change Your Mindset with Kim Ades

“What do you really really want?… What would your life be like if you didn’t ever have what you really really wanted?… So why don’t you have what you really really want?”

While she owned her own software company, Kim Ades, Founder and President of Frame of Mind Coaching, and her team discovered what one key performance indicator made for a better hiring choice. Later, Kim was recruited to a coaching company but something felt off. Listen as Kim Ades shares with Kim her discovery of what interferes with people reaching their goals, what emotional resilience is and how to measure it, and why Kim is not interested in your “why”, but more interested in your “why not?”

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PP 509: She Told Me to Breathe…

Are you considering your 90 day or 4-month goals when making spending decisions in your business? You should be! Listen to hear my recent mistake, and the resulting “fun.”

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PP 508: Outsourcing Can Save Your Business with Derek Gallimore

“Everyone is busy in their business, everyone is busy in their operations in their day, but outsourcing really can be the most transformative business tool available today.”

Realizing that his business needed 24/7 care, Derek Gallimore, Founder and CEO of Outsource Accelerator, decided to outsource in the Philippines. By doing this, it has allowed his team to grow and opportunities to be had. Listen in as Kim and Derek discuss how outsourcing can make the business and actually save the business, the importance of communication, and how standard operating procedures benefit the team.

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PP 506: Understanding Communication Styles with Dave Sanderson

“Great entrepreneurs and great leaders are not afraid to take a risk and fail. The only time we see failure is if you quit.”

After surviving a plane crash named “Miracle on the Hudson”, you would expect some life changes to occur. Dave Sanderson, President of Dave Sanderson Speaks International, was in sales for 31 years and shifted his mission in life to speak and impact others after surviving this traumatic event. Tune in as Dave shares with Kim about the effectiveness of understanding communication styles, taking the power of “why” three steps further, and Post Traumatic Growth Syndrome.

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PP 504: Showcase Your Skills with Diane Huth

“I think we are all reinventing ourselves and we just don’t know it. I think we have to embrace change. Change is scary, change can be terrifying, but we have got to learn to reinvent ourselves every day.”

Diane Huth’s mission is to help Corporate America change the way it hires, fires, and retires it’s most important employees. Baby boomers are able to offer skills that are learned over time and not instantaneous, giving them an advantage to younger generations. Listen in as Kim and Diane discuss how she helps showcase skills that are learned over the years, all generations can learn from each other, and what defines your personal identity.

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PP 503: Stay Away From Snap Decisions

Have you ever made a snap decision and instantly regretted it? I can tell you I have! In this episode, I’ll give a couple quick examples of why to stay away from snap decisions

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PP 502: Break Through Your Money Karma with Abby Rohrer

“Anxiety can be so challenging and I just want to encourage people to not have to carry that around forever.”

Abby Rohrer, Master Karma and Anxiety Healer, explains that our anxiety doesn’t just live in our minds, it also lives in our bodies. After healing herself from her own anxieties and compulsive disorder, Abby became passionate about helping others with their compulsions and money karma. Join Kim as she and Abby discuss recognizing karma and if it is bleeding into your present life, clearing your fear of money, and the benefits of releasing what isn’t yours to hold on to.

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PP 500: Free Yourself by Using Automation with Tom Kulzer

“Growth happens in the uncomfortable zones. Try to do something regularly that scares you a little bit and you will grow a little bit each day as a result.”

From working for a hardware company selling wireless modems, to developing a small program with an email sequence, Tom Kulzer, CEO and Founder of AWeber, now helps about a hundred thousand small business customers send out their email campaigns, automations, and funnel set ups. Join Kim as she and Tom discuss spam mail, benefits of Standard Operating Procedures, and how it’s beneficial to take some time away from the business.

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PP 498: Be the Best Version of Yourself with Mary Ann Robbat

“Decide who and how you want to be in life. And then go after it.”

Mary Ann Robbat, Director & Founder of the Center of Lifelong Happiness, was empathetic and intuitive at very young age. While working in Corporate America, she pushed aside her intuitions until someone asked her when she was going to start using her real gifts. Listen in to this nugget filled conversation with Kim and Mary Ann as she shares her transformation into the coach she is today, we can choose our story, and three simple steps to bring yourself back to center.

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PP 496: Be Encouraged to Travel with Devin Galaudet

“None of it’s personal.”

Devin Galaudet is an author and an avid traveler. At a young age he was told by a teacher to give up writing and spend more time in woodshop. Fortunately, he never gave up on his dream. Now he is a travel journalist and has visited 85 different countries! Join Kim and Devin on part one of their light hearted conversation discussing his history with his father, his favorite places he’s visited, and where he is headed next.

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PP 495: A Year in Review

What can happen in a year? A whole lot! Listen as I share with you a year in review for me both personally and professionally.

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PP 494: Get Clarity in Your Direction with Matt East

“I love feeling like I am in control of my destiny and I’m not reporting up to a boss. I am the luckiest person in the world for what I get to do every day.”

Matt East, Owner of Matt East & Company, has been living his best year of his life yet! He enjoys working one on one with his clients to help them get clarity in their direction, creates massive goals, and designs plans to achieve them. Listen as Kim and Matt have a relaxed back and forth dialog discussing which podcasts they listen to, what they miss about Corporate America, and why knowing your “why” is so important.

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