PP 071: Using the Right Tools

Upgrading to a higher level of tool just because others are using it doesn’t guarantee success in our own business. In this episode, I share how using our own heart and head can allow us to be just as successful.

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Episode Transcription


Today’s episode is inspired by something that we went through in my house just yesterday actually we had a windstorm go through our area of Ohio this past week and the wind blew down a major segment of fence in our back yard. My husband Dave was out there fixing it yesterday in very cold weather and while trying to get his hand out of his coat sleeve he accidentally flung his wedding band off his finger. He and I and our two older boys searched for a while to find the ring. And by a while I mean well over an hour and we couldn’t find it. Not knowing of any other options I put a call out on our local next store dot com site for anybody who had a metal detector that we could borrow. I’ll circle back around to what happened with Dave’s wedding band in just a moment. But I’ve noticed that a lot of people in the small business space sometimes think that if they have this tool or that tool or any of the tools that the people that they see reaching high income levels have they believe that they will also reach that same level of success. From personal experience just having the tool is not going to make a world of difference in your business. It’s everything else that you have going on in the background. What are your products what are your services. Are you connecting with your ideal audience. Sometimes yes these tools will help you connect and will help you build out everything you are trying to offer but upgrading a tool that you already have just to upgrade it because other people have it.


It’s not always the best reason. I’m going to use an example that’s really pertinent in my business here. I am in Infusionsoft Certified Partner. For those of you who are not familiar with Infusionsoft is a CRM that allows subscribers to maintain records on all of their contacts to process sales and invoices to build a sales team and also to set up elaborate email campaigns whether just one broadcast which is a single email or a continuous flow of emails based upon activities that the subscribers take. Now I’ve come across a lot of people who think that purchasing Infusionsoft and upgrading from a less expensive model like constant contact or MailChimp is going to make a world of difference in their business. In full disclosure I love it when people purchase Infusionsoft through me because I do get a recurring monthly commission off of their subscriptions. And I also charge for Kickstart which is the mandatory training that all new subscribers have to have and also ensure success. However the last thing I want to do is sign up somebody who really is not ready for the system and can’t afford it. Just because you upgrade from a tool like MailChimp to a tool like Infusionsoft doesn’t mean you’re gonna skyrocket your business today or tomorrow. Now circling back around to Dave and his wedding band. We did have an awesome neighbor in our neighborhood have a metal detector and respond to my post and we are able to borrow it without any charge. And I thought that was fantastic considering we didn’t even know the people.


Dave and my son Robert went out into the backyard and used the metal detector for maybe 15 minutes. Using the metal detector they did find a matchbox car. However they did not find Dave’s wedding band. Amazingly enough he found it with his eyes after the sun made it reflect back up to him. The metal detector was nowhere close. Whether in life or business sometimes we just have to use our heart and our head without any additional tools to propel ourselves forward towards the next level of success. If you’re contemplating renting or borrowing or upgrading a tool that you currently have. Think about it with your heart and head before you make any purchase decisions. Are you ready for that next level of tool or are you getting it just because everybody else has it? Until the next episode. I hope you have a positive and productive day.