PP 077: Standard Operating Procedures and Source Files

In this episode, I share why small business owners need to develop standard operating procedures and why it’s so important to hold possession of source files.

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Resources Mentioned

Work the System by Sam Carpenter



Episode Transcription


Welcome back to another episode of positive productivity. Today’s episode is actually inspired by a conversation I just had literally minutes ago with a client in the year since I started my business. It has become a standard practice for me to recommend that clients have standard operating procedures walking through every step of their business systems. If you are building a team or even if you are managing your whole business yourself it’s really important that you have SOP’s created so that when you bring in a new team member you can hand these documents over and they can walk through the steps to complete the tasks without too many questions to you. While I understand that a lot of the time there will be questions, and probably more than a few standard operating procedures reduce a lot of the time necessary in setting up systems for new team members. Standard operating procedures can be used in a variety of different business functions. So for every single task that you complete on a daily basis or that any one of your team members completes I recommend strongly that you create these documents. There’s a great book called work the system by Sam Carpenter, and if you’d like to learn more about how SOP’s can benefit your business I definitely recommend that you check this book out. You can get the link for the book on the show notes which you can find at TheKimSutton.com/PP077, forward slash PP077. Besides standard operating procedures, the other thing that you should always have in your business is source files for any assets that you have created by others.


This could include apps, logos, any graphical assets, e-books, really anything that is created by somebody other than yourself. When you pay for these assets to be created they should always be owned by you. You may decide to allow the person who creates them to use them in their portfolio, but at the end of the day you need to know that you have the source files in hand. The way this came up today is that my client has developed an app and they do not have the source file. When there are items that need to be updated it’s really important that my client knows that they have the source file in hand in case the person who developed the app is not available. When you have the source files you also want to make sure that you save them in a safe location such as Dropbox or another cloud based storage system. That way if your computer faces a meltdown, which I’ve experienced on at least one occasion, you know that you always have all the files that you need. If you have any questions about creating as SOP’s or how to go about obtaining source files for any assets that you have created and may not have already gotten, please feel free to contact me. And again you can find all the show notes at TheKimSutton.com/PP077. With that said Go forth and have a positive and productive day.


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