PP 087: The Power of Five



Taking quick breaks – even five-minute breaks – to reduce emotional and physical clutter can help de-stress our day and surroundings. Listen as I share my Power of Five techniques.

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Perfectly Imperfect

Episode Transcription


In Episode 85 I talked about being “Perfectly Imperfect” and as a mom of five – I want to follow this up with a strategy, that I use each and every day to help me from getting overwhelmed, and also to help me to get more done. I’m going to call this strategy “THE POWER OF FIVE” probably because I do have five kids. But as you’re listening I want you to know that the same strategy can work with you even if you adjust the number.

For me the power of five is chunking together five minute increments or activity blocks around the number of five that helped me get things done. For example: – every time I stand up from my desk and go out to another room in my house, I will make an effort to pick up five items that are out of place and put them away, throw them away, put them in the sink. I think you get my picture. Also if I find myself with five minutes in between phone calls or between task list items, that I will take those five minutes to see what else I can get done around here. Sometimes that means running down to the basement and throwing a load of laundry into the wash, folding or what’s already there, or maybe doing a few dishes. You may have heard me already talk about in a previous episode that my older children do chores and these are actually two of their chores.

But if I know that we have a lot going on I will take those five minutes to pitch in and help. These five minute breaks may also mean that I tackle something on my – “Personal To Do List” that I haven’t scheduled into my workday. I may call a family member or friend, I may follow up on bill, but whenever I’m doing this is in five minute or five object increments so that, I don’t feel overwhelmed. There’s no entrepreneur rule book that says that every item in my office always needs to be perfect. These five minute increments allow me a quick break from my desk so that, I can throw toys into the toy box and get that clutter out of my mind. Whether it’s five minutes, 10 minutes or two minutes – I want you to take a look at the things that you wanted to get done in a day. The things that would help you declutter your mind, and free up your imagination for all the other greatness that you want to work on, and make a list of those. You don’t have to have that list in front of you all the time. But just think about what you could get done in two, five or ten minute segments. I wouldn’t recommend having it be any longer because, that can be stressful, but in these short breaks you can get a lot done. There even days that I gamify these breaks – I see how much I can get done and the next time I do it – I will push myself even harder. I mean they in a fun way, in a gaming way. But I love to challenge myself to see how much I can accomplish during a five minute break. Just remember though this should not be a stressful activity.

This should be something that helps you de-stress your life and helps you move on in a positive and productive manner. Now with that said Go forth and have a positive and productive day.