PP 091: The Hokey Pokey of Business

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Hokey Pokey Song



Episode Transcription

Welcome back to another episode of Positive Productivity. Today’s episode has actually been inspired by my three little’s. If you’ve listen to the Positive Productivity Podcast for a while, you know that I have five children and the youngest three are ages three and then two year old twins. The other night when I was spending some time with them after daycare, the youngest three were all hyper and singing the Hokey Pokey. I know that it was a song that they were singing in day care during the day, but as I sat there thinking about it. I realized that sometimes business is very much like the Hokey Pokey. No, I’m not going to start singing the songs to you. I will provide a link for anybody who doesn’t know the hokey pokey song in the show notes though. But the song goes:

“You put your right hand in and you put your right hand out. You put your hand in and you shake it all about”

Over the course of the whole song there’s so many different verses, we’re putting different body parts in and shaking them around and moving in and out. I started thinking about this in terms of business, because sometimes it can feel like we’re putting our hand in, to get something great. And we’re pulling it out, when we don’t want it, or maybe we pull it out, when we don’t get what we’re looking for. And sometimes especially when we’re putting our head in, and shaking it around we just really don’t have an idea what we’re doing altogether.

There’s nothing that says that we’re always going to have our head or hand in the game, or in the song as it may be, but as we go through every step of our small business journey, we want to remind ourselves to have some fun with it. If today or this week has been a hard day or week for you and your business. Think about it as the Hokey Pokey. Today may be the day that your hand and or head is out of the game and tomorrow you might just be able to put your hand and your head back into the pot. With that said I want you to go forth. Have a positive and productive day and do the Hokey Pokey because that’s what it’s all about.