PP 392: Cat Stancik, Master Profit Accelerator and Business Coach from Action Incubator

“The more fun I have in my business, the more money I make”

Cat Stancik is a master profit accelerator and business coach from Action Incubator. Naturally born with determination and the skills to overcome many hurdles, she tells her story of where she comes from and where she is now today- a successful business coach helping others succeed. Listen in as Cat and I have a refreshing conversation discussing topics of worst jobs, what personal development books we would give our younger selves, getting results now- not in a year, and how you are a solution to someone’s problem.

1:20 I always knew there was something bigger and better for me
3:45 What was your worst job?
7:38 Rules and expectations, successful and safe choices
10:42 Personal development books
14:22 Nurture interests instead of squashing it
16:30 What is Action Incubator?
20:06 Cat’s spin on high performance
25:05 It’s not about getting results in a year, it’s about getting results NOW
31:56 People want to know you’re real
33:42 Play and have fun
36.58 Three steps to take today

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Resources Mentioned

Think Better, Live Better by Joel Osteen 
Awaken the Giant Within by Tony Robbins 

Cat’s Books:
7 Principles For a More Productive and Fulfilling Life


3:30 “When you can look at everything you have in your life as a blessing, you really are able to achieve a lot more”
13:15 “For me legacy isn’t something you leave behind, it’s something you actively live every day”
18:40 “The more fun I have in my business, the more money I make”
36:13 “If you stay hidden, you help no one. And that is not fair to the people out there that are searching for you. You are a solution to someone’s problem”
39.35 “The most important thing that you can do is make sure that you align your belief in yourself and the expectations that you can achieve it”

Episode Transcription

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