PP 396: Karen Fritz, Purposetivity Expert from Purpose Driven Process

“I want people to have that lifestyle where they are present to their kids and their family”

While having numerous successful businesses and talent in software project management, Karen was on the rise when something unexpected happened. A motorcycle accident made life very different for her, causing her the need to develop unique strategies to accomplish the simplest day to day tasks. During her healing process, Karen realized these same tools can help so many others. This prompted her development of solutions to allow business owners to be present in their lives outside of their business.  Tune in as Karen takes us through her journey of successes and realizations of where she wanted to take her life and how beauty can come from accidents.

00:47 How Karen got to where she is today
2:15 Evernote- productivity for her motorcycle club
6:30 Personal shopper for systems
9:25 Time based VS relationship based
14:23 Hiring someone with matching values and complementary skills
15:41 Purpositivity
19:00 Tracking those random thoughts
24:32 Something beautiful from a motorcycle accident
26:35 Conquering shiny object syndrome
32:25 Word of the year
36:31 Task VS project and organizing tasks by energy level
42:54 Nature and knitting breaks- Self-care for Karen
45:05 Find a system that works for you

Listen in as Karen and @thekimsutton talk about the importance of having systems and support established to allow self-care time for yourself and your family. http://www.thekimsutton.com/pp396 #positiveproductivity #podcastClick To Tweet

Resources Mentioned

Karen’s Books: Purposetivity


High-Performance Habits



5:24 “I want people to have that lifestyle where they are present to their kids and their family”
15:32 “Everybody has value on a team, it’s just getting the right people in the right tasks that match. It’s about fit”

Episode Transcription

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