PP 400: Dov Baron, Leadership Speaker with Dov Baron International

“Your passion is not your purpose, your purpose is not your passion”

Dov Baron is a life strategist whose goal is to help you tap into your purpose and have the kind of impact you came into this world to have.  Following a 120 foot fall down a mountain, Dov learned his real purpose in life and is now better equipped to help others do the same. Listen in as Dov and Kim discuss what it takes to be a vulnerable leader, the difference between purpose and passion, and choosing heart over smart.  You’ll be glad you did!

8:34 When you are courageous and share intimate, yet powerful, aspects of your personal faults you can impact more people than you’ll ever know
12:13 The Grand Accountability of Life.  You are having an impact, the question is: what kind (negatively or positively)?
15:22 Your passion is revealed in your joy, but your purpose is actually revealed in your pain
16:42 Purpose is this One Red Thread that is woven throughout the tapestry of your life
18:11 It’s those moments where we stop and we question the very existence of our being, that’s when we have access to the purpose of our life
53:23 The treasure you search for is in the cave you are terrified to enter

'Your passion is not your purpose, your purpose is not your passion.' Listen in as @thekimsutton has a captivating conversation with Dov Baron about being vulnerable, sharing your life's real truths, and finding your purpose. http://www.thekimsutton.com/pp400 #positiveproductivity Click To Tweet

Resources Mentioned

Dov’s Books:
One Red Thread


1:26 Philosophy on Leadership
9:38 The day I fell off a mountain, literally  
15:15 Your passion is not your purpose, your purpose is not your passion
16:39 Passion is transitory but purpose is not
21:38 Who you are is very different than the way you think you have to be in the world
22:37 Your ego screams, but your soul whispers
28:31 You are actually here to heal the wound you have in other people
45:28 It isn’t about smart, it’s about impact … purpose is about impact
45:39 Choose heart over smart
48:27 My life is a no waiting zone

Episode Transcription

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