Sabotage Your Success

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This morning I had what I found to be an entertaining email. A potential success coaching client has what he refers as very lofty goals and he intends to become obscenely rich, however he used the word “if” rather then “when.” 

If you’re saying “if” rather then “when” when referring to achieving your goals you are effectively sabotaging your success.

I’ve been an Abraham Hicks/Law of Attraction follower since 2008. If you’re not familiar, what this means is that I believe that whatever I think I will draw to myself.

By focusing on success, I achieve success.

If my day starts poorly and I dwell on it my day will only become worse. Have you seen the movie “The Secret”? If not, watch it.

I’m sure half of you are shaking your head wondering what type of drug(s) I’m on.

If self-confidence is a drug that’s it.

I believe in myself and I believe in my company. I know I can make all my dreams come true by working hard.

Note that I did NOT say, “I believe I can make all my dreams come true IF I work hard.”

As a small business owner you carry the highest ability to sabotage your success. You are the number one person capable of holding yourself back, and half the time you may not realize you’re doing it.

Have you ever seen a RFP (Request for Proposal) and doubted your ability to land the project? I’m pretty certain that IF you submitted a proposal you didn’t get the project.


Your self-doubt probably carried its way through your cover letter. And if you landed an interview you probably didn’t sound so certain there either.

Would you hire someone who wasn’t sure about their own abilities? I know I wouldn’t!

While there are people out there who found success mysteriously thrown at them, the rest of us have to work for it. 

If you can’t envision yourself successful, however, you’re never going to get there. 

And guess who’s going to beat you to the finish line?