Forget about fluff and filler content. If you’re looking for a lively speaker whose presentation is packed with humor, humility and heartfelt life lessons, look no further. Kim enthralls audience members with a mix of strategies and stories. She provides audience members with inspiration and tools to make their personal and professional dreams come true.

Speaking topics include:

Be the Bonsai
How to Trim the Weaker Branches Off Your Personal and Professional Life so the Stronger Can Thrive

As professionals… parents… people… it’s easy to fall into the “Yes” trap. In effort to please everyone, we say “Yes” to everybody’s needs and desires but our own. Through her personal stories and practical, real-life examples, Kim’s “Be the Bonsai” talk provides audiences members with reasons why the word “No” is necessary, and how to say it to those who need to hear it.

Chronic Idea Disorder
How to Prevent Overwhelm When You’re Bursting at the Seams with Ideas

This crowd-pleasing presentation gives audience members fits of laughter and “Aha” moments whenever and wherever it is presented. As a sufferer of the syndrome herself, Kim has developed creative and effective strategies to manage and monetize her constant influx of ideas. Fellow sufferers will receive the tips they need to control and capture their own creative chaos.

Positive Productivity
3 Keys to Achieving and Appreciating Personal and Professional Success

During this highly interactive presentation, Kim covers three of the most important – and most commonly overlooked – keys to happiness and fulfillment. Audience members will walk away ready to make the subtle shifts in their life which will propel them to the next level of achieving – appreciating – success!


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