With her inspirational stories about overcoming numerous struggles including escaping an abusive marriage, financial struggles, Chronic Idea Disorder and anxiety, Kim can verbally empower any audience with the tools necessary to become more positive, productive versions of themselves.

Speaking topics include:

Positive Productivity

Positive Productivity isn’t about perfection.

As a mom of five and owner of two businesses, Kim has learned to manipulate her working hours to maximize efficiency and decrease stress and anxiety. In this chat, Kim combines comedic, real-life stories with practical tips anyone can implement.

Chronic Idea Disorder

3 Principles for Preventing Entrepreneurial Idea Overwhelm

Business owners world-wide struggle with the double-edged sword Kim has coined, Chronic Idea Disorder. Kim shares the strategies she has developed, so audience members can control – and monetize – their own creative chaos.

Be the Bonsai

7 Techniques for Running Your Life so it Doesn’t Run You

It’s easy to fall into the “Yes” trap. In an effort to please everyone, we say “Yes” to everybody… except ourselves. Through personal stories and real-world facts, Kim inspires audiences to start saying “NO!” to others and “YES!” to themselves.

Overcoming Anxiety

Remember How to Breathe and Live Again

In July 2016, Kim was ready to end her life following a serious bout of anxiety and depression. Kim shares how she got to this, lowest-of-low point in her life, and how she came out stronger on the other side.


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