How I Use Infusionsoft and Focuster to Streamline My Podcasting Workflow

I have been an Infusionsoft Certified Partner since September 2014. In the 3+ years that have passed since, I have heard the comments of MANY frustrated Infusionsoft clients, referring to the program as Confusionsoft. Unfortunately, the confusion often comes from one of two places:

  1. The client was never properly trained on how to use the system, which was often the result of a poor Kickstart experience or;
  2. The client was not working with an Infusionsoft specialist who could help them become aware of the full potential for streamlining and simplifying their business, thus they felt they were paying too much for too little.

Before I go any further, I do want to acknowledge the fact that yes, I DO receive commission from Infusionsoft on a monthly basis. For every application I sell, I receive a recurring, monthly commission.

In addition, just because I am a Certified Partner does NOT mean I receive my own application for free. On the contrary, I pay hundreds of dollars per month, just like most other Infusionsoft users. (I say “most”, just because recent changes to the Infusionsoft pricing model have allowed for users to join for less than $100/month.)

With this said, if you’re familiar with me and my story, you know that financially my family, business and I have had struggles since I began the business in 2012. For this reason, I find it EXTREMELY important to maximize my efficiency and productivity with EVERY tool I work with. This includes Infusionsoft.

When I started the Positive Productivity podcast in 2016, I created a guest application form in Google.

Why not Infusionsoft?

Because all my custom fields were being used (with nonsense).

Since then, I’ve realized my system was completely inefficient, and after cleaning the junk out of my own account, I created a podcast guest flow in Infusionsoft I am quite proud of.

kim's podcast guest workflow campaign

Here’s how it works:

I have two guest inquiry forms: one for cold leads, and the other for pre-approved guests and/or booking agents. After the cold inquiry form is filled out, I decide whether the prospective guest is a “Yes”, “No” or “Not Now”, and through a decision diamond, they receive the appropriate messaging.

The pre-approved form sends the guest immediately to my scheduling page, which has been set up through ScheduleOnce.

Now, here’s what I love…

After the guest schedules their appointment, the guest is tagged, and a task is assigned to me and my awesome assistant to set up the guest’s episode in Zencastr. Focuster, an awesome task scheduling tool, comes in to play right here.

Because I’m using Gmail, I have a filter set up to automatically star every task notification I receive from Infusionsoft. And then, I have a Zap set up (with Zapier) to turn every starred email into a new Focuster task.

The reason I love this is because I often file the guest email notifications as soon as they arrive, and as a result, the Zencastr link doesn’t get set up for days — most of the time within the week before the scheduled recording date. I don’t want this to be the case.

I want my guests to receive a prompt confirmation of their recording date, along with all the important “How to be a great guest” information. Because Focuster schedules the task into my calendar immediately, the creation of these links is now being done in a more timely manner.

Now let’s move on.

After the guest and I record their episode, I tag the guest to confirm they recorded. Upon that tag being applied, a Zap assigns a task for my team members to create the episode graphics, and send an email to the guest with their episode’s expected release date and the graphics. It also tells my team that it’s time to edit the episode, create the show notes, and schedule the episode for release on my site.

So what does that leave me to do?

Continue making and nurturing great relationships with prospective, past and present podcast guests!

Do you want my podcast guest flow campaign to use in your own Infusionsoft account? If so, click HERE!