How to Use Dave Ramsey’s Snowball Method to Complete Projects

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Are you feeling overwhelmed by too many projects?

Are you looking for a system to help complete your projects and start reaping the rewards?

In this session of Next Level Mondays, Kim Sutton shares how Dave Ramsey’s Snowball Method of debt reduction works, and how entrepreneurs can use the same idea to complete more projects (and make more money!)

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Hello, my positive productivity family. I’m back for another next level Monday. And I’m so happy to have you here. Before we even get started. I would love to know where you are from and what your businesses so make sure that whether you’re watching on Facebook or later on YouTube, to post in the comments who you are, where you’re from, and what you offer to your clients, so that other people who are watching can possibly Connect I am here to support you. And the positive productivity family is a very giving place. So Oh, and I even left off my own website. If you’re watching on my website. Leave a comment below because the positive productive productivity family is incredible. And we are here to support each other. So earlier this morning in the positive productivity, private Facebook community, there will be a link down below for it. There was a question that I saw, which I thought was amazing considering after five years, five years, I am finally writing my book chronic idea disorder, the entrepreneurs guide to overcoming idea overwhelm. And the question was, how do I manage multiple projects, you know, completing multiple projects, and for the longest time, this was an issue of mine. In early Let me think the year 2018 I think it was. Cliff ravenscraft asked me how many projects are you working on him? He knew that I was suffering in my business. I was not getting anything done from one week to the next. I mean, I was getting a lot done, but nothing was actually getting completed. He wanted to help me. I was in this next lover, next level mastermind group, not to be confused with next level Mondays anyway, he asked me how many projects are you working on? And I said, Oh, I think maybe three. And he said, Oh, yeah. Write them down. Right now write them down. So I went, and I want to challenge you, while you’re watching this to actually go and write down the idea of the projects that you’re working on. So I wrote them down. And I realized at the end of that, that I was working on 15 projects. That’s insane. That’s crazy making. And he said, Kim, by the end of today, I need you to write or email me a list of three, three projects that you’re going to continue working on. So I knew that one was already my podcast is I had already been launched. But I must say that because I was spread so thin and trying to do so much. The marketing from my podcasts was poop. It’s not the word I want to use, but I don’t want to be censored later. Was pooped. I wasn’t letting guests know that their episodes were going live. I wasn’t telling my list that the episodes had gone live. I wasn’t posting on social media. I must be honest to this day, I still struggle with all the above. But that’s just because of the time that we’re in. It’s July 2020. If you’re watching in the future, think back to what 2020 looks like. And you’ll have all the answers. So my, my podcast was one of those. And then I had the positive productivity planner was another one, the faith and focus planner, and the list goes on and on and on. He said, Give me a list of three. Well, I gave him a list of five. And a couple months later, we stopped working together only because, you know, I’m totally transparent only because I actually couldn’t afford to be in that group anymore. I couldn’t pay because I wasn’t getting anything completed. So today’s topic is actually how to use Dave Ramsey’s snowball method to get stuff done in your business. To finish projects, but the first step really has to be cutting it down from 15 to two or three, please do not do any more than three. At this point in my business, I have my podcast, I have these lives. And I have the work smarter, not harder challenge, which I’m still working to finish it will be done tomorrow. Yes, it will be gone tomorrow, but I’m using the snowball method to get that done. If you’re not familiar with Dave Ramsey’s snowball method, he is actually using it to help his audience get out of debt. So what he suggests is making a list of all your debt, and then with the credit card or debt that has the smallest balance, paying that one off first, and then you take the money that you’re putting towards that monthly payment, and you put it towards the next largest one. So you go from small to large, and that’s what I want you to do in your business. Take a look at all the projects that you’ve opened. Not all of them, actually, let’s go back to the three, take a look at those three projects that you’re focusing on right now.

And look at the one that has the least amount of work necessary to take it through the finish line. And get it done. Stop looking at projects number two, stop looking at project number 30. Just get that first one done. And then when it’s done, maybe you’ll start making money off of it. But maybe you’re putting money into it to get it finished. Or maybe it was just a huge time investment. After that one project is done, you’ll be able to reallocate that all those resources, time support team money to the next project, and it will stack on top of each other. So this week, and I’m looking over here because I have a wall calendar, take a picture and show you all how I’m working this month. It’s the first time that I’ve ever worked like this. I found these Monthly Dry Erase calendars on Amazon. And for the month of July, I have actually planned out the whole month in advance. I don’t normally work like that. But it has been amazing for me so far. So on my last last week, July 1, second and third of 2020 I gave myself two gold stars today because I hit both the things that I wanted to every single day. I’m on track to hit that again today. I got my twins registered for kindergarten, I’m going live and then I want to get day 28 of the work smarter, not harder challenge done. But after I get done with those 30 days of the 30 day work smarter, not harder challenge. That project is finished, spent a year in the making folks it’s time and then that time is going to be delegated into working on my Pinterest for podcasters course which I’ve been talking about now since February of 2000. And then 90, it is time, but I couldn’t put time into it when I was working on 18 gazillion things. Or maybe I should rephrase that. When I did put time into it. Other stuff wasn’t getting completed. It’s time to cut that crap out. All right, get something done, reallocate those resources to the next project. Start today with three and keep moving forward. I’ll be back on Wednesday with another work smarter not harder. Wednesday video, but if you would like more help reaching the next level of your personal and professional life. Make sure to go to the next level tracker let me make sure that that’s the right URL. Next Level tracker comm and sign up for my next level you weekly tracking spreadsheet which will help you accomplish those goals that next level you you know is doing. But that next or that current you needs to do. Yep, it’s like next level Now with all this said, Go forth and make it a positive and a productive day.