Keep Kim Accountable

Do you ever find yourself struggling to reach your weekly goals?

I know I do! And I want to challenge you to keep me accountable!

Every week in the FREE Positive Productivity Facebook group I post my top 3 BIG goals for the week ahead. These are NOT easy-peasy goals, and they force me to stay committed to the three pillars of Positive Productivity — Self-Care, Support and Systems. For every goal I don’t meet, I will donate $25 to the charity of one member’s choice.

To get involved, join the Positive Productivity private Facebook group and post a screenshot of your review of the Positive Productivity podcast along with the charity of your choice in the thread for this week’s goals.

Each group member to post a screenshot of their review and the charity of their choice will have their name and charity entered on a spreadsheet which is accessible through the Facebook group. Each week, the donation for any un-met goals will go to the charity of one member. Member’s charities will be donated to in order of their addition to the spreadsheet.

Charities must not be discriminatory and must not support killing in anyway. (I am pro-life and do/will not support the ending of human or animal lives in any way.)

Donations will be limited to those people who are a group member at the time when their name/charity comes up in line.