meet the

ready to meet team awesome?

Before you meet the team,
a note from Kim…

Dear friend, it’s my honor to introduce you to the incredible individuals who support me and our clients on a daily basis. Before you meet the team, however, it’s important for me (and to me) that I share a few words with you.

I had been working for 20 years and in many team environments before I started putting my own team together. To say I was nervous to do so would be an understatement. I knew from the start, however, that my team needed to be as passionate about impact, integrity and influence as I am, and, without a doubt, they are.

I didn’t expect to find a family when I built Team Awesome, but that I did. The love and respect we share for one another couldn’t be stronger and because of that, we will go to great lengths to respect, protect and encourage each other.

If you’re a person who likes to snap orders and be obeyed, or if you believe your team should be seen but not heard, I wish you a fond farewell right now. This is no place for you. However if you’re looking for a team who will continuously support you in spreading your message to the masses — even when it takes words of tough love to keep you focused and motivated, keep reading!

Now, without further ado, meet the team!


Jackie, Director of Operations

“First and foremost, I try to think about what Kim intends Positive Productivity to be and I believe it to be this: Do what you love and love what you do. Do it positively, do it productively while remembering you don’t have to be perfect!”

Leng, Podcast Producer Extrordinaire

“Leng has been with my team since 2017 and has stuck with me through the good times and the bad. For that, I will ALWAYS be thankful! She handles all things related to the Positive Productivity Podcast.”

Jen, Communications Director

By definition, positive productivity boils down to the constructive and optimistic process of producing something. To me, positive productivity is doing something that you love. Generating work that doesn’t feel like work, and then collaborating with other like-minded people. That creates the Pillars of Positive Productivity. We are the Pillars.

Laura, Community Coordinator

“Laura is one of the newer members of my team but has proven her worth and then some by helping us create and maintain relationships with our Social Media friends. Whether it’s welcoming new members or collecting and inputting data, she does it all!”