PP 051: Returning for the Rebound



Regardless of whether you’re a professional athlete or an entrepreneur, through whatever setbacks you experience, it’s crucially important to pick your chin up and return for the rebound.

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Episode Transcription

Hey there and welcome back to another episode while I normally try to record episodes that aren’t necessarily date specific as of the date of this recording, which is at the beginning of February 2017. We’ve just come out of Superbowl weekend. Now, I do have to confess that I did not watch the game. However, I was seeing highlights on social media as I was doing my work. Last night, I was having a quick discussion with a great friend and former client, Marilee Driscoll, and she was asking me if I had watched the game and I told her no. I did disclose, however, that often these solo episodes with just me are recorded the day before or the day of the episode. Despite having Chronic Idea Disorder often I have no idea what I’m going to talk about until the day of. Seeing as we had just spoken about the Superbowl Marilee had a great suggestion about using the story of this year’s Superbowl as a lesson for all of you.

At one point during the Superbowl, I was scheduling some posts on Facebook and my sister Jackie posted a picture of her dog Axel watching the big game. I noticed in the corner of the screen that the Falcons were winning 21 to zero against New England. I was shocked. This was not the way that anybody really predicted the game going. Full disclosure, I am not a football fan. I held no allegiance to one team over the other. However, as I just said, the Falcons were winning 21 to zero. To my surprise. As the evening went on, I kept on getting pop up notifications on my phone and finally the last was that the Patriots had won in overtime. The lesson that I want you to get out of the Superbowl and from all experiences is that we always have to come back for the rebound. Yes, I realize that that is a basketball reference and not football, but the point is is that we can never ever give up.

Yesterday I released an episode with Demetrius Brown and Chuck Rivers from Inner Success Radio. If you’re listening in the future, that episode was episode 50, which you can find at TheKimSutton.com/PP050. In the episode, I discuss how my husband has rebounded from multiple obstacles in his past. I don’t believe I spoke about this one specifically. However, a year before we met, he was living in North Dakota in the middle of winter, homeless out of his car. He didn’t give up, however, and today we have a house. He’s gone on and pursued his college degree and he’s pursuing his streams.

I’ve also had my own rebounds. I’ve suffered from major anxiety and depression. I’ve been in abusive relationships and I’ve lost my job. However, through it all, I had to pick my head up high and keep on going. If you’re going through a rough moment right now, know that my heart and soul are with you. You can pull through whatever you are going through and you have an open invitation to contact me if there’s anything I can possibly do for you. I realize that sometimes just somebody to listen to who is unbiased to a situation could be the most helpful resource in moving forward. Just remember, when you feel like you’re losing, just make your best effort to come back for the rebound now go forth and have a positive and productive day.