PP 059: The Center Ring

Episode Transcription: The Center Ring

Today’s going to be a little bit different from most of my other solo episodes. This afternoon, The Positive Productivity Book Club is discussing “Life’s Golden Ticket” by: Brendon Burchard , and all I’m going to do in today’s episode is read you a passage that I want each and every one of you to reflect upon and think about how you can use it in your everyday life.

The passage goes like this:

“You see many of us live our lives desperately seeking to draw attention to ourselves. We live our lives to be noticed, accepted and adored. We live our lives as if we were in the CENTER RING, as if the world should sit around, applauding our every move, but there are small number of people in this world who lived their lives to make other smiles, to remind others of the magic and hope in the world, to help them discover the possibilities that live within them. Whenever people like this end up in the spotlight, they use their moment to help others through the dark. These people are the miracle workers. “