PP 267: Cutting Out the Extras – Part 2

“It’s time for me to make changes in my life so that I can better help you make changes in yours.” -Kim Sutton

How many projects are you actively trying to work on — at one time? I recently had the shocking realization that I have been trying — unsuccessfully — to work on TEN at the same time! Listen to hear what this has cost — not gained me!


  • 00:39 Too Much Extras!
  • 04:10 “Under Control” 
  • 06:34 Share Your Thoughts on Positive Productivity 


How many projects are you actively working on right now? Listen as @thekimsutton shares what working on too much has COST and NOT gained her: https://www.thekimsutton.com/pp267 #positiveproductivity #podcastClick To Tweet

Inspirational Quotes:

07:24 “It’s time for me to make changes in my life so that I can better help you make changes in yours.” -Kim Sutton


Episode Transcription

Kim Sutton Welcome back to part two of cutting out the extras. In Episode 265, I talked about how– this past weekend, my family and I let three of our kittens go because we realized it was just too much for our family to handle. Well, in the spirit of total transparency, which is how I always like to run every episode of the Positive Productivity Podcast and the brand. I have been going through a lot of struggle in my own personal and professional life, because I’ve realized that there’s too much extra going on for me personally. This morning, I had a call with my mentor, Cliff Ravenscraft. And he brought to my attention what he’s been seeing me do, and it was actually pretty astounding, especially considering I get on these podcasts, and I’m trying to help you, my listeners, prevent yourself from doing the same. And what I’m trying to help you prevent yourself from doing is trying to do too much. Here’s what Cliff brought to my attention. I have no less than 10 different projects that I have actively been working on, and have been trying to share with the world at the same time. I would be lying if I said that I have not been completely exhauste and more than just a little bit stressed out recently. I love the podcast. And that is one of the items on the list. I love coming on every other episode and letting you all know what’s going on in my life. And I love the episodes where I chat with guests because I have made so many great connections out of that. However, this is a daily commitment that I have set for myself. And unfortunately, it’s taken me away from other activities that are income generating. So one of the topics that Cliff and I talked about this morning, was taking the podcast down to just one day a week, I expressed to Cliff that this is the first project that I’ve stuck with for such a long time and I am so proud of sticking with it. However, I don’t want to begin to resent the podcast, which I definitely am not now. In trying to do so much inside of my personal life. And in my professional life. I’ve unfortunately stopped focusing on income too much and it’s become a little bit of a personal struggle. I’m not saying this to get sympathy from anybody. But I want to help you prevent yourself from having the same thing happened to you. The other items that I was working on were multiple Infusionsoft products, trying to get out there as a speaker, working on my book, trying to get the positive productivity planner launched, launching the positive productivity pod, doing live streams on Facebook and YouTube, client work and a whole new product that I haven’t even shared on the podcast yet. And I’m not really going to do that right now. But I think you get the picture. By working on all these different items, I have found up with a whole bunch of incomplete items, and therefore no income. This is not the place that any of us should be. Cliff brought up a great point that I am not prepared to write Chronic Idea Disorder yet because I have part one and part two down. I realized the symptoms and I know what I need to do partially to conquer my own case of Chronic Idea Disorder. But as for the act of totally conquering it, I still am not there. I honestly don’t know if I’ll ever be there.

The only time in my life where I’ve been completely free of ideas, in my grown adult memory is when I was actually put on anti depressant drugs. And I don’t ever want to be back in that situation again, nor do I want to see anybody else have to go down that road. So until I can actually find a cure, and I’m going to say that in “for how we can get this under control”. I don’t feel that it is in my best interest at this time to work on the book. Wow, I can’t believe I just said that. Especially considering that just last week I was so excited because I have an agent waiting for my proposal on first two chapters. But how is it integrity for me to be writing a book that I don’t even know the ending to yet. So stay tuned listeners. Perhaps Chronic Idea Disorder will be on the horizon for later in 2018, or even for 2019. But for right now, that project is on hold. As for the planner, the majority of the work is done. However, I can’t invest money, or time into getting the planner actually produced until I have money coming into the business. So while you can still get your seven day free version at thekimsutton.com/sevendp, the planner is going to go on hold for right now too. It’s taken up so much time and energy so far already. I mean, I’ve been working on the planner for almost a year and a half now. But there’s no point of even working on it if I can’t even commit to investing in the production. I feel like an octopus right now with eight arms, and I’m slowly chopping off one or two. But I know that by chopping off six of my arms, I will be able to allow the two that are there to grow stronger. And perhaps I’m a magical octopus, but I know that one at a time the other arms can come back after I get myself firmly planted with the two that I focus on right now. All right, perhaps it’s not an octopus. If somebody could tell me what that 10 tentacled try that 110 times fast, Octopus would actually be called that would be more like me. When it comes to the podcast though, I really want your feedback. I want to know what you think I should do. And I want to know what you’re listening experiences with the positive productivity podcast. Do you enjoy the daily format? Do you want more guest episodes or more solo episodes? Do you want the shows less frequently? Or do you want it to stay just the same? Please let me know you’re listening and let me know your thoughts. And to do so head on over to thekimsutton.com/pp267 and leave a comment below the show notes. I would be so appreciative. For right now, I’ll say that I will be back filling you in on this journey and letting you know how cutting back is helping me propel myself forward. It’s time for me to make changes in my life so that I can better help you make changes in yours. Now with all this said, go forth and make it a positive and productive day.

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