PP 376: Rennie Gabriel, Author and President of The Financial Coach Inc.

“Wealth is a team sport, not a solo sport.”

Rennie Gabriel is an extremely successful entrepreneur who started from scratch at age 50 after facing failure, and climbed his way to the top 1%. We discuss how he made it back up from the bottom, and how crucial it is to have partners that you can rely on in order to find your success.

2:00 Why you shouldn’t fear success
7:10 Success vs. significance
10:12 Learning to handle money effectively
15:07 Putting into practice what you know
21:08 The importance of having a partner
31:58 Learning from failure

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Resources Mentioned

Tony Robbins

Gabriel’s Books: https://www.gabrielbooks.com/
Shopaholic Series 


3:02 “People can’t pour from an empty cup.”
21:51 “Wealth is a team sport, not a solo sport.”

Episode Transcription

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