Through my own entrepreneurial journey, I have learned the three most important tenets EVERY entrepreneur must implement and possess in their personal and professional life:


Without these three, you and/or your business will fail.

I would be honored to discuss how we might work together to take your life — personally and professionally — to the next level.


Stop making excuses and instead make progress with support, tough love and accountability from Kim.


Do your leads become your biggest fans and affiliates? Or do you scaring them away with pushy sales techniques? It’s your choice.


Entrepreneurship can be lonely.
Ready to join a community of purposepreneurs dedicated to supporting each other?

You’re a tazmanian devil get shit doner, and I’m also jazzed because I feel like you’re my cheerleader at the same time and you get me excited about the success you’re creating.  Working with you has been the force multiplier to my vision. Thank you for getting it out of my head, and into reality.  If I could ghost whisper to my former self, it would be: “stop penny pinching and start investing. You’re going to spend the money either way.  So carpe diem and reap the rewards of getting early stage momentum because you’re buying wisdom and not reinventing the wheel. You freed me up to focus on what I’m good at and not get dragged into energy vampires like technical minutiae and educating myself on topics that are secondary to my primary service offering, and making me realize “why am I doing this when there are people like Kim that already possess that expertise?”

Jay Rooke

Mindset and Business Coach, Jay Rooke Coaching

Kim honestly was the BEST 45 min phone call of my career thus far. I felt like a weight was lifted off my shoulders. I actually set up my funnel based on her advice and I’m slowly seeing action. LOVE her.

Jennifer Hurvitz Weintraub

Best Selling Author, Award Winning Screenwriter, Blogger, Podcaster