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The Work Smarter Not Harder Challenge will teach you how to...

  •  Increase your focus and productivity
  •  Choose and follow through on your Prioritized Purposeful Actions
  •  Build an all-star team to support you AND your clients
  •  Repair the profit leaking holes you didn't realize exist
  •  Establish the self-care, confidence, mindset and boundaries you need to SOAR

About Your Mentor

Kim Sutton learned the hard way that just because you can do something doesn’t mean you should. The Positive Productivity podcast launched in October 2016, after Kim recovered from a three year cycle of chasing everyone else’s successes and severe sleep-deprivation.  

In addition to her podcast, Kim is a marketing automation mentor, wife and mom of 5. She has found her passion and purpose empowering broke, broken and burnt-out business owners to set up the systems and support they need to make time for the self-care they deserve. 

Kim Sutton Busines and Marketing Automation Mentor