In full transparency (and due to Federal regulations), some of the links below are affiliate links. Meaning… I will benefit in some way or another if you sign up for a product using my link.

Marketing Tools


So much of my business runs within Infusionsoft, from my email marketing to my podcast flow, my membership site permissions to my payment processing for all my digital products. If you’re wondering if Infusionsoft™ is the best product for you and your business, please contact me. I am an Infusionsoft™ Certified Partner, however I will take the time to chat with you and find out if Infusionsoft™ is really the best option at this time.


LeadPages is one of the simplest tools I have worked with when it comes to setting up sales, landing and thank you pages. Their templates are tried and tested, the integration with Infusionsoft™ is relatively painless, and the statistics are extremely easy to read and understand.

Sign up for LeadPages HERE.


PlusThis is the #1 must-have tool I recommend for all of my Infusionsoft clients, and I use it in my business as well.

Some of my favorite features of PlusThis are:

  • Seamless GoToWebinar and Zoom webinar registrations when using a custom landing page
  • Add people who opt-in for an offer to a custom Facebook audience
  • Smart Links – direct people to a certain page depending on how they answer a question on a web form (or what tags they have)
  • Countdown timers on web pages and emails
  • Offer one-click upsells (which is otherwise somewhat difficult to set up within Infusionsoft)

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Simply put, MeetEdgar saves my team and I DOZENS of hours every month. Unlike other social media tools, with Meet Edgar you can load your library with content once and (as long as you pay your bill) it will continue recycling your content FOREVER. If you have a blog, podcast, or lead magnets, this is especially amazing. Load your evergreen messages for Twitter, Facebook and/or LinkedIn, set your schedule and… there you go!

Note: When you add new messages for a blog or podcast episode you will want to make sure to shuffle your content or the newest posts will go out back-to-back.

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While I LOVE MeetEdgar for Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn, Tailwind helps my team and I out with Pinterest and Instagram. Rather than having to pin to Pinterest in real time or get numb fingers punching long Instagram captions in our phones, Tailwind GREATLY simplifies the process for both!

Favorite Features:

  • Recommended schedule: Tailwind tells me the best times to post based on my audience’s engagement.
  • Pinterest scheduling, weeks in advance! I can spend a couple hours on a Saturday perusing the internet, and by the time I’m done I have a week or two of pins scheduled and ready to go. I’ve already set the board the pin will be pinned to, and the website has been verified.
  • Instagram posts made easy! While I post all the life images myself (using Tailwind), my team helps me out by creating the quote graphics and adding them to Tailwind. After the photos or graphics are added, I go in, add the caption (on my computer!), and schedule the post. While I could use Tailwind’s hashtag helper, I prefer to add my own list as the first comment after the image posts, so I do not use that feature.

Sign up for Tailwind HERE.

Podcasting Tools


I use Libsyn to host my podcast, and they make every single step of the set-up and release process EXTREMELY easy. With one simple click, my podcast is automatically released to iTunes, Stitcher, Soundcloud, iHeart Radio, Google Play, Amazon and more! While this does take a tiny bit of initial set-up, it is well worth it!

Learn more about Libsyn HERE.

Smart Podcast Player

When I launched the Positive Productivity Podcast, I knew I wanted an easy way for people to listen to episodes on my site with a player that looked good. The moment I found Smart Podcast Player (created by Pat Flynn of Smart Passive Income), I knew it was exactly what I was looking for. All I had to do to show the most recent episodes on the Podcast page was add a shortcode ONCE. And to display the player on individual episode pages, again, all it takes is a shortcode.


The team at Podcasting Press have been my incredible editors since early 2017. The flow is extremely easy, the team is very friendly, and their prices are ULTRA competitive! Click HERE to learn more about Podcasting Press!

Finance/Bookkeeping Tools


My team and I use Harvest to invoice and track time for clients who are not on a regular, recurring monthly plan. While I had previously used a different invoicing software, I switched to Harvest because it allowed me to invoice clients for a retainer up front, and then track hours against their retainer.

While Harvest is not as robust as Quickbooks (at least not how I am currently using it), and doesn’t provide P&L reports or track my business expenses, it makes the invoicing process so extremely easy that I can’t NOT use it.

Get $10 off your first month when you use my link HERE.

Website Tools


After more than a few issues with my previous web hosting service, I moved all my sites to WPEngine hosting. The migration was fast and painless, and the comfort of knowing my sites are constantly protected and regularly backed-up — without any additional purchases or subscriptions — makes the slight increase in hosting fees 10000% worth it.

Learn more about WPEngine’s hosting services HERE.

Elegant Themes

I am not shy to admit that Divi is my preferred WordPress theme. I use it for all my company websites, and for ease of use recommend all my clients use it too. But this is just one of MANY themes Elegant Themes offers to their subscribers. Coupled with numerous plug-ins and other features, I strongly recommend their services to any web developer — novice to expert!

Learn more about Elegant Themes HERE.

PopupAlly Pro by AmbitionAlly

I searched and searched for a pop-up tool that would 1) allow me to give several options and 2) not show unless someone clicked a button. When I found out Popup Ally Pro provided this, I was instantly sold.

Sign up for PopupAlly Pro HERE.

Project Management Tools

Coming Soon!