L.I.V.E B.E.T.T.E.R Framework Part 1- “L” for Love

Do you agree that love plays a big role in entrepreneurship? Kim does, and this week she talks about how love and passion in business has helped her improve client relationships, craft effective strategies, and most importantly, find fulfillment in what she does. Kim shares 3 LOVE STRATEGIES you apply can apply in your business.

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I’m Rebranding the Podcast

Learn how to take back your time as Kim shares why you should stop trying to be everywhere and what to do instead to increase your productivity.

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PP 720: Social Media Sanity Saver

Social media can be highly distracting. Notifications, chats, feeds, and even friend count can get somebody occupied all day. If you are an entrepreneur, you might have thought at some point that these platforms can help you scale your business.

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PP 719: Protecting Our Productivity

Tough times, social media, a whole load of tasks, notifications, the kids, your pets, a knock on the door– you name it! There is a lot that could potentially affect our focus and productivity. Of course, that is if we allow it.

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PP 710: How Do You See Your Next Level Version?

Just like a character in an MMO, everyone has room to improve. By acquiring the necessary learnings and experiences, one can achieve the next level version of themselves. Kim Sutton talks about embracing an attitude of constant learning about ourselves and the people...

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