PP 636: Establishing Boundaries to Build a Better Life with Nancy Levin

Do you consider yourself to be a people pleaser, over-achiever, and/or not-rock-the-boater? Is saying “yes” a knee jerk reaction which you regret as soon as the words leave your mouth? If you resonate with any of the aforementioned, this episode is for you!

Listen as Nancy Levin and Kim Sutton chat about boundaries, mindset, confidence, perfectionism, life transitions and more!

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PP 629: Overcoming Overwhelm with Samantha Brody

As crazy busy as an entrepreneur’s life may feel, time is never an excuse for not taking care of ourselves.

In this episode, Kim Sutton and Samantha Brody share the importance of addressing our personal needs, and the consequences of ignoring them.

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PP 624: Giving Then Gaining with Glenn Garnes

How are you building your business? From your heart or your wallet? And, are you building your reputation from a place of giving or getting? Today’s episode will make you think hard about these points!

Listen as Kim Sutton and Glenn Garnes share how our businesses can be used to enrich lives — both our own and others’!

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PP 623: Choosing Inner Peace and Prosperity with Tim Shurr

Understanding our power and responsibility to live a life where we positively impact ourselves and those around us can be easily overlooked without proper training and/or guidance. In this episode of the Positive Productivity podcast, Tim Shurr and Kim Sutton tackle self and social responsibility head on as they discuss self-awareness, honesty, responsibility, mindset and much more.

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PP 622: Relationship Refinement for Creative Entrepreneurs with Marie-Elizabeth Mali

Are you a creative entrepreneur whose business is getting in the way of relationships? If so, this episode of the Positive Productivity podcast is for you!

Self-employed since 1992, Marie-Elizabeth Mali is a relationship coach for creatives who found herself in a cycle of giving her work more time and attention than her significant others. Listen as Marie-Elizabeth chats with Kim Sutton about how she created a business from the lessons she needed most.

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PP 619: The Merge of Alignment and Integrity with David Adelson

Have you ever wondered if you were doing the right thing? Have you wondered if you are on the correct life path or what your purpose of life is? In today’s episode, Kim dives deep into conversation with David Adelson to discuss alignment, integrity, and the intersection of the two.

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PP 611: The Words You Say and How You Say Them With Greg Alcorn

The words you say, and how you say them, have the potential to change a person’s experience with you greatly. Simple words like, “thank you”, “just” and “no” have more power than you may think.

Want to know how to say more with less words? Listen as Kim Sutton and Greg Alcorn dig into everyday dialogue, and the slight shifts we can make to create a massive impact.

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PP 610: Hitting the Think Button with Kristin Johnson

In the heat of the moment, it’s easy to push “send” or “post” rather than “think.”

On this episode of Positive Productivity, Kim Sutton chats with Kristin Johnson, the author of “Ain’t You Got No Manners?” about online etiquette.

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