Yawn… Ideas can be exhausting, can’t they?

Sadly, so many parentpreneurs sleep FAR less than they should, and as a result, wind up anxious, depressed, or worse.

I know. I was one of those entrepreneurs.

I had no idea what my purpose was, so I was chasing income rather than impact, was taking on more work than I could handle (because I was operating in non-stop scarcity mode), and…

For 18 months, I slept 2-4 hours a night… Max.

Not only is this not good for you, it’s unsafe. Our bodies need a chance to slow down and cleanse toxins away. Untreated and without sleep, we can succumb to adrenal fatigue, which takes far longer to recover from than it did to develop.

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How many shallow holes are you digging?

Do you find yourself digging hundreds of shallow holes with plastic spoons, never seeing a project through to completion?

It’s easy to find ourselves chasing the dreams and successes of others when we are not clear on our Why.

Social media celebrations by our peers turn twinges of jealousy into monstrous squirrels, steering us away from our own purpose to chase their successes.

These detours can be treacherous, however, leading us down a path of frustration, anxiety and financial hardship.

How do I know?

I’ve been there.

Chronic Idea Disorder graphic courtesy of Paula Brown | Chilightful.com

Chronic Idea Disorder

n. An incurable condition resulting in a never-ending supply of entrepreneurial ideas.


Have you…

  • Felt the need to jump out of the shower to record whatever idea popped into your head?
  • Lie exhausted in bed unable to sleep because you were afraid to lose “another great idea”?
  • Had trouble seeing projects to completion because you’re easily distracted by Shiny Object Syndrome?
  • Sacrificed too much time with friends and family because you needed to make up for lost time focusing on non-income producing activities?
  • Invested enough in journals, pens and electronic note-taking apps to fund yet another company?

If you answered “Yes!” to any of the above, you are NOT alone – and I know how it feels!

Look at me.

I’m a mom of five, a multi-passionate entrepreneur, and…

I have learned to thrive with Chronic Idea Disorder.

For the longest time, Chronic Idea Disorder contributed to me chasing other people’s income and successes rather than focusing on my purpose. As a result, my health – both mentally and physically – suffered.

After much soul searching and many conversations with God and my own mentors, I saw a shift was necessary if I was truly going to LOVE every second of my work.

After years of personal and professional development, I found a way to help others which not only made me feel good but makes others feel good as well.

The Positive Productivity brand was born!

My Why

Teaching Christian parentpreneurs how to work smarter, not harder so they can spend more time with God, thier families and on their own self-care.

What is Positive Productivity Mentoring?

The pillars of Positive Productivity are…


Simply put, Positive Productivity Mentoring was designed to empower Christian parentpreneurs to control their business rather than having their business control them.

It’s so easy to get caught up in the busy-ness of business and neglect our own self-care as well as the needs of the people we hold closest to our heart.

By setting up adequate support and systems in our businesses, we’re able to make and take time for ourselves.

It’s time to strap on your own oxygen mask so you can live the life you love and deserve.

How I Work

I’m passionate about helping my clients succeed in a nurturing, encouraging way. At the same time, I hold my clients accountable to meet their daily and weekly task goals – and to make time for self-care and non-work activities in the process.

Clients stay on track, focused and motivated through recurring weekly calls and intermittant check-ins. I make myself available for impromptu questions and pick-me-ups during the week, and strive to be the best partner possible in terms of support, encouragement and strategic development.

Need help figuring out which project you should be working on, ignoring the pesky squirrels, conquering Chronic Idea Disorder or overcoming Shiny Object Syndrome? As your mentor, I am here to help you hone in and soar!

NOTE: Self-care and sleep are so important to me that I will promptly tell a sleep-deprived client that our call is over as soon as it begins. If you’re not serious about taking care of yourself while growing your business, my programs are not for you.

Do you want to dread Mondays or LOVE them?

It’s your choice.


I Will Help You…

  • Define your Why and the impact you WILL have on the world
  • Develop confidence for and build your products/services
  • Conquer Chronic Idea Disorder, focus on 1-2 projects at a time – and COMPLETE them
  • Steer clear of shiny object syndrome, pay off debt and watch your bank balance rise
  • Create systems and a strong support team so you can take time away from your business
  • Design a life which supports time with friends/loved ones as well as time for self-care

Conquer Chronic Idea Disorder

Chronic Idea Disorder is a double-edged sword in both your personal and professional life.

It is undoubtedly one of your greatest assets, but unless the sword is wielded appropriately, it can easily be your biggest challenge.

Together we’ll develop a system tailored specifically to help you manage and monetize all of your great ideas. Your personalized system will ensure you are constantly giving proper time and attention to the most important people and activities in your life, especially YOU, your loved ones, and your income generating activities.

Is Faith & Focus Mentoring Right for You?

  • Are you a Christian parentpreneur who suffers from Chronic Idea Disorder?
  • Are you ready to make an impact with your work, pushing projects through to completion?
  • Do you want to be excited to start each day, knowing the work you have to do is work you get to do?
  • Do you long for the confidence to say “No” to the projects which don’t suit you, with full knowledge that the work you love to do is coming?
  • Does your schedule long to show some semblance of a healthy work-life balance with time for self-care and time with loved ones?
  • Are you highly motivated and willing to do what you need to do to take your personal and professional life to the next level — without sacrificing your health in the process?
  • Are you open to support and criticism when needed?