52 Pinterest Tailwind Tribes for Female Entrepreneurs

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When I started my brand, I did what many entrepreneurs do. I went to every major social media platform I could think of and secured my username. I didn’t want anybody else to take it.

At the time, I didn’t know what to do with most, and, especially with one, I didn’t see how it could benefit my brand. Pinterest.

Why do I need to use Pinterest? I’m not a mom who searches for recipes, clothes or craft ideas.

Nevermind that I do search for all three (even though I burn more meals than I successfully serve), I never expected Pinterest to become the biggest traffic source to my website besides Google. But… It did.

It was anything but a fast process. Like anything, a series of small actions has stacked up over time. But, on any given day, my monthly Pinterest profile views shows a number between 800,000 and 1.2 MILLION.

Yes… 1.2 MILLION+!

How did I do it?

Well, it didn’t take hours a day on Pinterest if that’s what you’re wondering. I’l tell you the how in just a moment.

What do I pin?

You may be surprised. I’m pinning all of my blog articles, podcast episodes, lead magnets, products and services along with a mix of content created by others. Note that I said a mix of promotions and content. To be fair, there are four times as many content-based pins going out as there are promotional pins. Why? I want to start by building relationships before selling.

My secret Pinterest recipe includes a not-so-secret ingredient: Tailwind. Tailwind’s many features allowed me (and my team!) to develop and implement a strategy which is now not only helping me but my clients as well. The feature we’re going to discuss today, however, is Tribes.

The Pinterest Tailwind Tribes feature allows you to get your content into a MUCH larger audience by harnessing the share power of other Tribes users. While I am not going to get into how to share to Tailwind Tribes today, I will tell you that it’s not difficult. All you need is a Tailwind account (get a free month HERE!) and the Tailwind browser extension.

Then… You need to find your tribe(s). To make this easier for you…

52 Pinterest Tailwind Tribes for Female Entrepreneurs

Please note that the descriptions below were copied directly from the tribes themselves. Please take grammatical errors to the tribe owners themselves, as my intention is/was to curate a list for you, not rewrite Tribe descriptions.

Positive Productivity

Okay, okay. How could I put this article together and not put the Positive Productivity Pinterest Tailwind Tribe first?

Positive Productivity is not about perfection! This tribe is all about sharing resources in the areas of systems, support and self-care for entrepreneurs, as well as other small business resources. Hosted by yours truly (Me! Kim Sutton!)

Click here to join the Positive Productivity Pinterest Tailwind Tribe.

*Entrepreneurs & Small Biz Owners Promo

This is our Tribe for promoting our best Pins related to entrepreneurship! Everything from success stories to tips for entrepreneurs is welcomed.

Click here to join the *Entrepreneurs & Small Biz Owners Promo Pinterest Tailwind Tribe.

6-Figure Mompreneurs

The 6-Figure Mompreneur Tribe is for mompreneurs who are working towards creating their first 6-figure year. We will share strategic business advice, actionable tips to grow your online presence, and valuable insight and inspiration. We are anti-fluff, anti-mean mommies, and anti-hustle. Let’s create a 6-figure business TOGETHER!

Click here to join the 6-Figure Mompreneurs Pinterest Tailwind Tribe.

Action-Taking Business Owners Community

Hey there this tribe is run by Lindsey from hazelhaven.com This tribe is for action-taking business owners and bloggers to support each other in growing their business online. To join the community click here: https://actiontakerhaven.com

Click here to join the Action-Taking Business Owners Community Pinterest Tailwind Tribe.

Adrian’s Tribe – All niches

This board is for all niches. Please keep it clean and follow the Tribe rules. I do check pin counts every week or so. 

Click here to join the Adrian’s Tribe – All niches Pinterest Tailwind Tribe.

All My Jesus Shirts

Christian Entrepreneurs bonding together to share their creations and help each other grow.

Click here to join the All My Jesus Shirts Pinterest Tailwind Tribe.

All Niches! Promote, Grow & Learn

Do you want to grow your blogs, services, products, tips/ideas, expertise, resources and more? The purpose of this tribe is to help each other to grow in a variety of niches by submitting your pins and re-sharing fellow Tribers pins.

Click here to join the All Niches! Promote, Grow & Learn Pinterest Tailwind Tribe.

Amazing Women Entrepreneurs

Women Entrepreneurs Only. For women who are looking to scale their online business or start an online business. 

Click here to join the Amazing Women Entrepreneurs Pinterest Tailwind Tribe.

Best Blogging and Social Media Tips

Pin anything blog or social media related. Blog tips, social media tips, or online business tips. Pinterest, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, WordPress, Squarespace, branding, affiliate marketing…you get the drill.

Click here to join the Best Blogging and Social Media Tips Pinterest Tailwind Tribe.

Blog + Biz Babes

Business, blogging, marketing, branding, design & productivity tips

Click here to join the Blog + Biz Babes Pinterest Tailwind Tribe.

Bloggers & Creative Infopreneurs Tribe

The purpose of this tribe is to help each other share and discover valuable content related to blogging, infopreneurship, and creative online business. 

Click here to join the Bloggers & Creative Infopreneurs Tribe Pinterest Tailwind Tribe.

Bloggers Supporting Bloggers

Welcome to Bloggers Supporting Bloggers! We are here to build each other up. Share, make friends, network, make money, learn and have fun in the process!

Click here to join the Bloggers Supporting Bloggers Pinterest Tailwind Tribe.

Bloggers Unite Tribe

Bloggers from any niche welcome, a place to share fabulous content and help each other out! 

Click here to join the Bloggers Unite Tribe Pinterest Tailwind Tribe.

Blogging & Entrepreneurship | Blogging Butterfly 

This tribe is for all your pins about blogging, building your own business, or working from home. Anything about blogging, social media, marketing, entrepreneurship, etc. You get the idea! Let’s share our tips, tricks, and ideas.

Click here to join the Blogging & Entrepreneurship | Blogging Butterfly Pinterest Tailwind Tribe.

BossLady Experts

Content should be related to starting or growing a business. Topics include marketing, branding, website design, SEO, pricing, copywriting, email marketing, blogging for business, productivity tips, etc.

Click here to join the BossLady Experts Pinterest Tailwind Tribe.

Business & Leadership Niche Bloggers

This tribe is run by Emidio from acethepresentation.com. My intention is to have a space where business owners, and bloggers in the Leadership, Management, Public Speaking and other Soft Skills niche can share and reciprocate sharing of each others content.

Click here to join the Business & Leadership Niche Bloggers Pinterest Tailwind Tribe.

Business Blogging Tips- Promote your Blog

Promote your blog in relation to business tips. If you blog about income reports, growing a blog, promoting blogs, business and finances I will be happy to add you! 

Click here to join the Business Blogging Tips- Promote your Blog Pinterest Tailwind Tribe.

Business Mavens

Let’s help each other grow and run successful businesses online and offline. Any posts or infographics related to small business, online business, marketing, etc. No posting of items for sale. Affiliate links okay, as long as not specific items (e.g. shirts, caps, mugs, etc.)  

Click here to join the Business Mavens Pinterest Tailwind Tribe.

Caffeinate And Conquer | Grow Your Blog

Bloggers from all niches welcome. Share your content, connect, and get you content shared. 

Click here to join the Caffeinate And Conquer | Grow Your Blog Pinterest Tailwind Tribe.

Christian Blogger Pins

This tribe is for all Christian bloggers that write about their faith, no matter what stage you’re at in life!

Click here to join the Christian Blogger Pins Pinterest Tailwind Tribe.

Christian Business Women

This is a tribe for Christians to support other Christians in business endeavors that support the Kingdom of Christ.

Click here to join the Christian Business Women Pinterest Tailwind Tribe.

Coaching Business Tips 

If you’re a coach, mindset coach, spiritual teacher, personal development influencer, course creator, healer, lightworker or aspiring to be a Coach- this is the group for you. In this group, we share tips that will help you grow your coaching business, and deliver better results for your clients. That means personal development tips, rituals, tips for attracting clients, and more.

Click here to join the Coaching Business Tips Pinterest Tailwind Tribe.

Creative Business + Entrepreneurship 

Add your best performing creative business + entrepreneurial pins that will uplift, educate and inspire.

Click here to join the Creative Business + Entrepreneurship Pinterest Tailwind Tribe.

Endless Possibilities 

A place to share your blog or small business related pins. All Niches welcome.

Click here to join the Endless Possibilities Pinterest Tailwind Tribe.

Entrepreneurs & Coaches 

A tribe for small business, entrepreneurs, coaches and professional trainers. Business & Life improvement.

Click here to join the Entrepreneurs & Coaches Pinterest Tailwind Tribe.

Girl Biz Collective 

A place for female bloggers to promote each others pins. Lifestyle and blogging content only please! 

Click here to join the Girl Biz Collective Pinterest Tailwind Tribe.

Happiness & Wellness Bloggers

A tribe where bloggers can connect and support each other’s blogs. Any Niche that inspires you to be happy and live well is welcomed!! 

Click here to join the Happiness & Wellness Bloggers Pinterest Tailwind Tribe.

HerPaperRoute Blogging Hive

A place to pin your awesome content! Visit https://herpaperroute.com for profitable blogging resources and get a Profitable Blog Toolkit FREE.

Click here to join the HerPaperRoute Blogging Hive Pinterest Tailwind Tribe.

Inspired & Mindful Living

EXCLUSIVE tribe for members of Nadalie Bardo’s Inspired & Mindful Living Pinterest group board. Do your blog posts inspire? This tribe is for mindset, mindfulness, motivation, inspiration, better living tips, self-love/care, millennial lifestyle, personal development and quote pins! WANT TO JOIN? Follow @nadaliebardo + request to join here itsallyouboo.com/pin-with-me/ 

Click here to join the Inspired & Mindful Living Pinterest Tailwind Tribe.

Marketing Masterminds

A place for you to share any tips that will help online business owners, from marketing, blogging, social media, writing, productivity, time management, personal development, selling on Etsy, Amazon. Anything and everything that is helpful for online business owners to grow! 

Click here to join the Marketing Masterminds Pinterest Tailwind Tribe.

Mom Entrepreneurs- Business Tips and Resources 

Promote anything having to do with mom entrepreneurs. Vertical Pins Only Please. Join My Group Board: https://www.pinterest.com/katedanielle/starting-a-mom-business-from-home/

Click here to join the Mom Entrepreneurs- Business Tips and Resources Pinterest Tailwind Tribe.

Mom to Mompreneur 

This tribe is for blog posts that can help Mom’s start working from home, start their own business, and become mompreneurs!

Click here to join the Mom to Mompreneur Pinterest Tailwind Tribe.

Mompreneurs (moms in business!)

Mompreneurs who work hard to stay in business! Juggling parenting, family, and work is no joke! Whether you’re a work at home mom or full time working mom, we want to support you!

Click here to join the Mompreneurs (moms in business!) Pinterest Tailwind Tribe.

Motivation, Self-Care, Quotes

We are recruiting people into this tribe who want to grow their success for their content as well as being an open friendly community to help others succeed and grow as well! This tribe posts quality content that promotes self care, motivation,inspiration, and quotes! 

Click here to join the Motivation, Self-Care, Quotes Pinterest Tailwind Tribe.

Online Entrepreneur Collective

Blog and business tribe to help promote and help pin others each others content… 

Click here to join the Online Entrepreneur Collective Pinterest Tailwind Tribe.

Online Entrepreneurs

Share advice, tips, resources to grow your online business. blogging, business, design, branding, social media, websites, WordPress, or entrepreneurship, content, marketing. 

Click here to join the Online Entrepreneurs Pinterest Tailwind Tribe.

Passionate Entrepreneurs + Bloggers | BluChic 

Pins relating to strategy and tips for entrepreneurs, blogging, social media, email marketing, content marketing, small business, branding, web design, productivity, etc. 

Click here to join the Passionate Entrepreneurs + Bloggers | BluChic Pinterest Tailwind Tribe.

Personal Growth 

A tribe for people passionate about personal development, self improvement, positivity, happiness, consciousness, success, quotes, spirituality, LOA, wellness.

Click here to join the Personal Growth Pinterest Tailwind Tribe.

Pinterest Friends

A way to help each of us grow as bloggers and get the most out of our group boards. 

Click here to join the Pinterest Friends Pinterest Tailwind Tribe.

Productivity & Time Management

Motivation and Productivity is all about being productive, getting work done, getting motivated, and working hard!

Click here to join the Productivity & Time Management Pinterest Tailwind Tribe.

Self-Awareness & Living Well

Anything related to self improvement, self care, general wellness and nourishment for the body, mind and soul. Preferably with credible sources stated.

Click here to join the Self-Awareness & Living Well Pinterest Tailwind Tribe.

Self-Motivation and Self-Education Bloggers

This tribe is meant to help self-motivation and self-education bloggers to share each other’s high-quality pins. 

Click here to join the Self-Motivation and Self-Education Bloggers Pinterest Tailwind Tribe.

Small Biz Besties

A place to share your pins about small business, work at home, side hustles, marketing, and branding. 

Click here to join the Small Biz Besties Pinterest Tailwind Tribe.

Starting An Online Business

This is a space to share your content about starting an online business. Please share ideas on social media, marketing, content creation and other related topics.

Click here to join the Starting An Online Business Pinterest Tailwind Tribe.

Support Small Businesses

This tribe is for all small business owners, whether in direct sales or not.

Click here to join the Support Small Businesses Pinterest Tailwind Tribe.

The 6-Figure Girl Boss

Are you a six-figure girl boss or do you aspire to be one? This tribe is for ambitious female entrepreneurs and professional women to share their best tips and resources on all things business. 

Click here to join The 6-Figure Girl Boss Pinterest Tailwind Tribe

The Solopreneur Safety Net

This tribe is for female online solopreneurs. Feel free to pin everything related to creating and sustaining a successful online business – from building a website, design, branding, marketing, analytics, SEO, blogging, etc… 

Click here to join The Solopreneur Safety Net Pinterest Tailwind Tribe.

Women Building Businesses

This Tribe is for Pins that share tips that help other women succeed in their own business, side-hustle or freelance career. If your pin shares useful, inspiring or empowering information for women building their own business – or aspiring to do so – then Pin away! Let’s support women everywhere to achieve more fulfillment, flexibility and balance. Remember this only works if everyone supports everyone else – for every Pin you share here you MUST share at least one other Pin. 

Click here to join the Women Building Businesses Pinterest Tailwind Tribe.

Women Empowering Women

The goal of the Tribe is to share and create content that inspires, empowers and connects women across the world. This group will become private soon and only invite select members, join while you can and help us build great content!

Click here to join the Women Empowering Women Pinterest Tailwind Tribe.