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Kim Sutton April 2023


How much stress does your business cause because you chase money instead of pursuing your purpose?

What would happen if you committed to transforming your calling into a profitable and impactful business?

My challenge for you: Be brave. Follow your heart. Invest in yourself. Dream BIG. Make a HUGE impact.


Kim Sutton

Kim Sutton

Kim Sutton

Founder, Positive Productivity

Dear friend, it’s important you know and trust I will ALWAYS be honest with you…  EVEN when it means admitting the messy, ugly truths of my own entrepreneurial journey… And I have a lot of messy, ugly truths.

For example, I, Kim Sutton, know what it’s like to…

  • Be inauthentic in my business because I am more concerned with what others thought than being true to myself
  • Focus on quantity instead of quality, offering services because I want money, NOT because I enjoy doing them;
  • Miss important family moments because I “need” one more minute to work;
  • Work 20 hour days, 7 days a week to find my bank account empty and my mental and physical health suffering;
  • Jump from one idea to the next never finishing a project and thus never making money from my ideas;
  • Fall victim to Shiny Object Syndrome, buying courses, products and programs thinking they will success;

I, Kim Sutton, also know how to recover from the above pains. I know because I have personally experienced them!

I know the true cost of letting the expectations of others control our lives, and I don’t want to see you fall victim to the same negative side-effects of entrepreneurship I did.

So… Do you want to continue being a slave to unsatisfying expectations? Or are you ready to create joy and money pursuing your passion?

I’m committed to empowering you with the systems and strategies you need to help you embrace your true calling WITHOUT sacrificing revenue, your health, or time with loved ones.

I invite you to join me on the Work Smarter, Not Harder journey. Subscribe to the podcast, join the community and get ready to see your business and personal life change for the better. I wish you all my best, dear friend, and I can’t wait to see you soar while building a business that’s authentically YOU.












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Are you sick of wearing a mask in your business, avoiding authenticity and your true calling for fear of missing out on opportunites and/or income?

And are you tired of being a broke, broken and burnt-out entrepreneur, longing to love each work day while also having more time for the people and activities you love?

If so, you can’t afford to miss this FREE challenge…

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“The Spirit of the Lord is on me, because He has anointed me to proclaim good news to the poor. He has sent me to proclaim freedom for the prisoners and recovery of sight for the blind, to set the oppressed free.” ~ Luke 4:18

I read this verse yesterday morning and it spoke to me loudly. Like screamed at me.

I know that how I’m reading the verse is much different than its Scriptural context but I feel it speaking into what He wants me to be doing…. Continuing to write and speak and sharing how He saved me.

I wasn’t free when I returned to church last year. I can see that now. I was poor in spirit because I was enslaved and blinded by earthly desires. And the whatever-it-was-ship constantly hurt my heart because it wasn’t HIS will.

Yes, the guy was a jerk who often said rude things to me. I see now that if God wanted me to have any type of relationship with him, even a friendship, I wouldn’t have had to deal with the disrespect.

I couldn’t see it then but I see it now.
I couldn’t see it then because I was a prisoner to earthly desires.
I couldn’t see it then because the enemy whispered to me that I didn’t deserve better.

But I DO deserve better.
I deserve love.
I deserve respect.
I deserve compliments.
I deserve to be supported.

I AM worthy and I AM enough.
And now that I remember whose I am, I’m free to help others find freedom with HIM, too.

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Recovering confidence that was lost on your journey is a process with exponentially growing rewards. Each step taken will increase your courage and willingness to take bigger steps. Keep going and keep growing! It’s time to fly!


I would have never wished to have gone through what I have over the past 5-7 years, but now that I’m on this side of the experience…

I feel so blessed.

Never in my life…
👯 has my friend circle been so solid;
🙏 has my faith in God been so strong;
☀️ have I had so much confidence in myself;
⚠️ have I had the strength and courage to shut down relationships with the first sign of a red flag instead of giving repeated changes;
🎢 have I felt as comfortable as I do now relaxing and spending time with my kids.

In the past week I’ve witnessed ridiculous behavior by others. I’ve uncovered lies that would stretch Pinocchio’s nose around the sun (and back) AND my character was insulted by someone who doesn’t even know me.

From both situations I simply walked away.

Recovering confidence in myself means acknowledging I can’t fix sick or stupid and being okay walking away.

And recovering confidence in myself means I know I don’t need the last word.

I would rather save my energy for the people and opportunities God intended for me.

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Independence Day is a federal holiday that celebrates America’s independence from the British Empire. This year, however, I celebrate MY independence.

Unlike many of my past years, this year I am fully removed from toxic relationships. This year I am not trying to change anyone’s opinion of me or begging for attention or respect. And I’m not begging my husband to stay in our marriage.

This year, I choose me. I choose not to chase. I choose independent and happy rather than with someone and miserable.

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“I think anytime you can affect people in general, in a positive way, then you’re a lucky individual.” ~ Sam Elliott

As a podcaster, entrepreneur, wife and mother, I have witnessed a wide array of personalities, both attractive and not attractive. I have met people who I admired qualities of, and I have also met people I don’t want to be anything like. And, every day, I work on improving myself, seeking to become someone who affects people positively rather than negatively.

While life isn’t always positive, I do my best to put a positive spin on most situations. I laugh at my mistakes and don’t expect perfection from myself or anyone else.

I give as much as I can, sometimes to my own detriment. What I have can’t be taken with me when I die so I feel it’s my responsibility to do what I can for others while here.

And I love deeply and completely. People I care for know it, without a doubt.

My ego doesn’t run my life, nor does a desire to come across better as others. I choose to humble myself, sharing my struggles honestly and openly, so others don’t feel alone.

My kids won’t remember the gifts I gave them years from now, but they’ll remember how I made them feel and the memories we made. Thinking to people in my past, I remember how people made me FEEL more than anything else. So let me ask you…

Do your words and actions boost people up? Or do they drag people down?

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