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Question: How many systems in your business are broken or not being used to their potential? What would happen if every content viewer was presented a call-to-action with a comprehensive, cohesive path AND every step worked properly?

Answer: More Revenue + Free Time + Less Stress


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Kim Sutton

Kim Sutton

Founder, Faith & Focus

Dear friend, it’s important you know and trust I will ALWAYS be honest with you…  EVEN when it means admitting the messy, ugly truths of my own entrepreneurial journey… And I have a lot of messy, ugly truths.

For example, I, Kim Sutton, know what it’s like to…

  • Miss important family moments because I “need” one more minute in front of my computer;
  • Work 20 hour days, 7 days a week yet still have a negative bank account balance;
  • Jump from one idea to the next never finishing a project and, thus, never making money from any of the projects;
  • Say “yes” to the wrong clients out of desparation to bring in money;
  • Fall victim to Shiny Object Syndrome, buying courses, products and programs because I thought they were the solution to all my business’ problems;
  • Become ill, physically and mentally, due to working too much;
  • Post non-stop to social media, my blog and my podcast with $0 revenue

I, Kim Sutton, also know how to recover from all of the above pains. I know because I have personally done it.

I know the true cost of letting our businesses control our lives, and I don’t want to see you fall victim to the negative side-effects of entrepreneurship I did. I’m committed to empowering you with the systems and strategies you need to help you get away from your business and back to the people and activities you love WITHOUT sacrificing revenue.

So my question for you is… Do you want to continue being a slave to your business? Or are you ready for change?

I invite you to join me now on the Faith & Focus Work Smarter, Not Harder journey. Subscribe to the podcast, join the community and get ready to see your business and personal life change for the better.

I wish you all the blessings in the world, dear friend, and I can’t wait to see you soar.












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Quitting the Blame Game

Quitting the Blame Game

Kim shares why quitting the blame game is critical along with a few examples from her business and personal life:



“For it is God who works in you to will and to act in order to fulfill His good purpose.” ~ Philippians 2:13

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This Bible was my 40th birthday present to myself. ⁠

My dogs are trying to convince me that my birthday this year should mean a new Bible for a new season of life. 😩🤦‍♀️ I'm not convinced and have done my best to "repair" it for now.⁠

This Bible has been my lifeline for past few years. Hardly a page goes by where Scripture hasn't been highlighted or there aren't notes in the margin. While I'm sure a time will come when I'm ready to start making new notes, that time is not yet here.

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What do you think you would accomplish in your life if you gave up excuses? I'm not talking about permanently, I'm talking about just 90 days.⁠

Can I be honest?⁠

I'm giving it a go myself right now.⁠

90 days. No excuses. Big massive goals.⁠
And I'm scared.⁠

The progress I've made in the past six-ish months (I hid in bed for two months) has surprised me. I know I can accomplish incredible feats WHEN I commit and WHEN I'm consistent. ⁠

So, yea. I'm scared of letting myself down.⁠

Will you join me today in ditching excuses?⁠
Can we keep each other accountable for accomplishing our goals?⁠

Let's do it!⁠

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Oh, it's so good my greatest glory is NOT never failing. My comedy of disasters has left its fair share of bumps, bruises and scars.⁠

Fun fact: I backed up into a blow torch when glass blowing once. It hurt. 🤣 I wanted to keep blowing but was forced by ownership to go to the hospital. ⁠

I've gone through my fair share of tough times but I often forget how much of a fighter I am. ⁠

In the past seven years I pulled my family through foreclosure, car repossession, bare food shelves, months and months with no income, health scares, the end of my marriage and more. ⁠

But I didn't surrender. ⁠
I fought for me and my family.⁠

Did I feel like giving up? ⁠
Many times. ⁠

I've stood in my yard more than once looking up at the sky asking God why He wasn't helping.⁠

The thing is, He WAS helping.⁠
I just didn't know what "help" actually meant and I wouldn't find out unless I stopped whining and kept moving.⁠

I know my life will have plenty more hurt and heartbreak. Maybe one of these days I will remember right away that God has a plan. In the meantime, I'll keep rising, brushing myself up and moving forward one step at a time.⁠

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You know that dream you have that feels like that’s all it ever can be?
The one that other people achieve but you can’t entirely believe YOU can achieve?
Yea, that one.

You CAN get it.



In the 11 years since started my business I’ve gone from making $8/hour to having consistent 5-figure months. And the way I got here was by not stopping.

Sure, there were many times I thought about getting a “real” job.
My family even asked if I should.
But somewhere in me, deep down in my gut, I knew I had to keep my foot on the pedal and not lose momentum.

Now I’m seeing same in my weight loss journey.
Er, sort of.
I’ve lost 33 pounds (so far), but lost momentum when I allowed outside circumstances and people get in my head. Admission into my head is now limited to exclusive, VIP access.
I was up at 4:30 this morning and at the gym by 5. There’s no way I will allow external forces to break my momentum in my fitness journey again.
One pause day becomes two, and suddenly two weeks pass with no exercise.

When I finally get back to the gym I have to back track weight wise, kicking my butt every step of the way.
No thanks.

I control my momentum now.
You control yours, even when it doesn’t feel like it.
Don’t let anybody or anything stop you from achieving your goals.

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I'm laughing to myself thinking about today's caption. ⁠

It's not a crazy laugh. ⁠
Okay, maybe it's a little crazy.⁠
It's more of a "wish I would have known I would be this okay sooner" kind of laugh.⁠

This shouldn't be an easy week, but instead of grieving what could have been I'm celebrating what is no longer.⁠

I'm celebrating ⁠
...finding the beginning of my spark⁠
...being excited about the future⁠
...loving the work I'm doing⁠
...the people who helped me through⁠ newfound ability to stand up to disrespect and lies without feeling emotional damage myself⁠⁠

Yea, I said it.⁠

I'm celebrating me.⁠

I could have given up a hundred times. God knows I thought about it and now you do, too. ⁠

Dear friend, don't you dare ever give up.⁠

You don't know what's waiting for you around the bend and you never will if you let the bad days win.

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