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Kim Sutton April 2023


How much stress does your business cause because you chase money instead of pursuing your purpose?

What would happen if you committed to transforming your calling into a profitable and impactful business?

My challenge for you: Be brave. Follow your heart. Invest in yourself. Dream BIG. Make a HUGE impact.


Kim Sutton

Kim Sutton

Kim Sutton

Founder, Positive Productivity

Dear friend, it’s important you know and trust I will ALWAYS be honest with you…  EVEN when it means admitting the messy, ugly truths of my own entrepreneurial journey… And I have a lot of messy, ugly truths.

For example, I, Kim Sutton, know what it’s like to…

  • Be inauthentic in my business because I am more concerned with what others thought than being true to myself
  • Focus on quantity instead of quality, offering services because I want money, NOT because I enjoy doing them;
  • Miss important family moments because I “need” one more minute to work;
  • Work 20 hour days, 7 days a week to find my bank account empty and my mental and physical health suffering;
  • Jump from one idea to the next never finishing a project and thus never making money from my ideas;
  • Fall victim to Shiny Object Syndrome, buying courses, products and programs thinking they will success;

I, Kim Sutton, also know how to recover from the above pains. I know because I have personally experienced them!

I know the true cost of letting the expectations of others control our lives, and I don’t want to see you fall victim to the same negative side-effects of entrepreneurship I did.

So… Do you want to continue being a slave to unsatisfying expectations? Or are you ready to create joy and money pursuing your passion?

I’m committed to empowering you with the systems and strategies you need to help you embrace your true calling WITHOUT sacrificing revenue, your health, or time with loved ones.

I invite you to join me on the Work Smarter, Not Harder journey. Subscribe to the podcast, join the community and get ready to see your business and personal life change for the better. I wish you all my best, dear friend, and I can’t wait to see you soar while building a business that’s authentically YOU.












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Are you sick of wearing a mask in your business, avoiding authenticity and your true calling for fear of missing out on opportunites and/or income?

And are you tired of being a broke, broken and burnt-out entrepreneur, longing to love each work day while also having more time for the people and activities you love?

If so, you can’t afford to miss this FREE challenge…

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This has been, by far, the busiest month since I`ve been a single mom. ⁠

Every single weekend has been booked and/or is booked through the end of the month AND we have had/had multiple appointments or events each week.⁠

But I am thankful for the busy and I am thankful I GET to be busy.⁠
I`m thankful I have the means and the health to watch my daughter play in all her soccer games, the ability to get medical care for us all and that I can and will watch my second son graduate high school next weekend.⁠

My kids exhaust me but I GET to be exhausted.⁠
I GET to love my kids and I GET to spend time with them.⁠
I GET to enjoy life and I GET to be grateful.

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My heart is healing.⁠

That doesn`t mean I don`t feel moments of pain, but I am making progress in that I have found ways to be grateful for the pain I experienced and the lessons I learned in the process. ⁠

💗 I have found a great appreciation for all the AMAZING people in my life and the unconditional love they show me. ⁠

🏁 I have found relief that I didn`t allow my stubbornness to "win" keep me in harmful/hurtful situations any longer than I was in them. ⁠

🚩 And I have found relief knowing that I have the confidence and strength to run away red flags as soon as I see them (and not feel guilty for doing so).⁠

😭 My crying quota has been reduced to once every few weeks 🤣 and my best friend and I can have a conversation which doesn`t include me discussing my hurt. 🤦‍♀️🙌⁠

🌷 Most important, I`m finding joy in being single. I`m alone but I`m not lonely, and I`m realizing there`s a difference. I chose to go to GOD to get over him rather than get under someone else and I feel more emotionally strong and stable than I have felt... ever. Do I always feel great? Nope. But, rather than indulge in my vices to ease my pain, I am reaching out to my church family for help.⁠

👣 Progress takes time, one day at a time, one step at a time, one line in my journal at a time. I thank God that I didn`t give up.

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"For it is God who works in you to will and to act in order to fulfill his good purpose." ~ Philippians 2:13⁠

Confession: I struggled with this verse untiI did a search to learn more about what it meant.⁠

I struggled because I couldn`t understand how it was God who works in people who hurt others.⁠

Now, don`t get me wrong. I know that nobody is perfect. Christians are not perfect. Followers of Jesus aren`t perfect. We ALL hurt other people. But some people do it on purpose, constantly, while others do it occasionally and/or on accident.⁠

When I looked up this verse, the guide I found said the verse is referring to God working within believers, those who WANT to do the will of God. And not all believers WANT to do the will of God. Some believers want to do what THEY want to do, regardless of whether what they`re doing is good or evil.⁠

I`m tired, I admit it. ⁠
I`m tired of following my own will and desires to wind up shattered and broken.⁠
I`m ready for God to work in me to fulfill his good purpose.

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I love Apple Music. I admit it. But... This past week I felt like they/it tore my heart out and shredded it to pieces.⁠


Well, they showed me compilations of my most listened to music from each of the past 6 years. Sigh.⁠

The moment I pushed play on my 2023 playlist, just to see/hear what it contained, I felt my stomach jump to my throat. Tears formed in my eyes as I hastily tried to turn the playlist off.⁠

Each song reminded me of someone.⁠
Each song reminded me of plans we made, plans which will never happen.⁠
Each song reminded me of heartbreak I continue to work through, struggling to look ahead instead of behind.⁠
Each song reminded me of the conversation I wanted to have and the apology I wanted to hear.⁠
And each song reminded me how everything I heard was a lie.⁠

I won`t play the 2023 playlist again, and if, by chance, any of the songs pop up in another playlist, I will quickly fast forward past them.⁠

I deserve to listen to a positive life playlist.⁠
I deserve to surround myself by people who support me and encourage me, not those who want me to feel small.⁠
And you do, too.

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We`re determined to ride EVERY roller coaster this summer but there may be one or two the twins need to wait until next year to be tall enough for. In the meantime, we`ll be pushing the limits of our season pass! ...

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