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Kim Sutton April 2023


How much stress does your business cause because you chase money instead of pursuing your purpose?

What would happen if you committed to transforming your calling into a profitable and impactful business?

My challenge for you: Be brave. Follow your heart. Invest in yourself. Dream BIG. Make a HUGE impact.


Kim Sutton

Kim Sutton

Kim Sutton

Founder, Positive Productivity

Dear friend, it’s important you know and trust I will ALWAYS be honest with you…  EVEN when it means admitting the messy, ugly truths of my own entrepreneurial journey… And I have a lot of messy, ugly truths.

For example, I, Kim Sutton, know what it’s like to…

  • Be inauthentic in my business because I am more concerned with what others thought than being true to myself
  • Focus on quantity instead of quality, offering services because I want money, NOT because I enjoy doing them;
  • Miss important family moments because I “need” one more minute to work;
  • Work 20 hour days, 7 days a week to find my bank account empty and my mental and physical health suffering;
  • Jump from one idea to the next never finishing a project and thus never making money from my ideas;
  • Fall victim to Shiny Object Syndrome, buying courses, products and programs thinking they will success;

I, Kim Sutton, also know how to recover from the above pains. I know because I have personally experienced them!

I know the true cost of letting the expectations of others control our lives, and I don’t want to see you fall victim to the same negative side-effects of entrepreneurship I did.

So… Do you want to continue being a slave to unsatisfying expectations? Or are you ready to create joy and money pursuing your passion?

I’m committed to empowering you with the systems and strategies you need to help you embrace your true calling WITHOUT sacrificing revenue, your health, or time with loved ones.

I invite you to join me on the Work Smarter, Not Harder journey. Subscribe to the podcast, join the community and get ready to see your business and personal life change for the better. I wish you all my best, dear friend, and I can’t wait to see you soar while building a business that’s authentically YOU.












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Are you sick of wearing a mask in your business, avoiding authenticity and your true calling for fear of missing out on opportunites and/or income?

And are you tired of being a broke, broken and burnt-out entrepreneur, longing to love each work day while also having more time for the people and activities you love?

If so, you can’t afford to miss this FREE challenge…

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Never underestimate a person who finally understands they deserve more than they have ever gotten. ...

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Some days are painted by yesterday`s mascara.⁠
But only on one eye, the other having been tear washed.⁠

Some days the hurt hides well.⁠
Other days it can barely be felt.⁠
One day it will be gone.⁠

I pray for those in my past, the ones who can`t see or don`t care about the harm and hurt they inflict on others.⁠
I pray they will find healing and happiness.⁠
I pray they will find humility, and will apologize to ALL they hurt.⁠
I know I`m not alone in the wake of their hurtful words and actions.⁠
But they will be alone if they don`t get help.

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February 29.⁠
Leap Year.⁠

I was reading about impalas a few weeks ago and was surprised to learn that impalas can jump 10 feet high and distances of up to 30 feet BUT they won`t jump if they can`t see where they`re going.⁠

In light of everything I`ve gone through over the past few years, I needed to hear this.⁠

I can stay put, paralyzed by fear that the cycles I`ve experienced will continue to repeat themselves, or I can trust God, taking small leaps of faith forward, working on myself and leaving the rest behind.⁠

I don`t need to jump 10 feet high or spans of 30 feet. ⁠
But I choose NOT to be paralyzed by fear. ⁠
I choose NOT to stay where I am, holding out for apologies which will never come.⁠
I choose leaps, however small they may be.

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"The priest answered them, `Go in peace. Your journey has the Lord`s approval.`" Judges 18:6⁠

"Go in peace."⁠
Mmmmm. I love how that sounds.⁠
I`ve been dealing with major anxiety for the past few weeks and while I can`t pin the cause down... Sigh. The anxiety has been difficult to say the least.⁠

I want my journey to have the Lord`s approval.⁠
I want to know my steps are in order... His order.⁠

But I don`t.⁠
So I fear entering another year as painful as this past one has been.⁠
Please, Lord, don`t let that be the case.⁠
Please let this year be full of ease and peace.⁠

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You deserve to be happy.⁠

You know that, right?⁠

You deserve to be happy.⁠
All the time.⁠
Not once and a while or only when the sky is blue or your bank balance hits a certain level.⁠
All the time.⁠

You deserve to be happy.⁠
Whatever happened in your past doesn`t define who you are now.⁠
You present circumstances don`t define who you are.⁠
The judgments and insults of others don`t define who you are.⁠

YOU and YOUR HEART define who you are.⁠
And you and your heart deserve to be happy.⁠

Any questions?

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