Be Your True You

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Be your true you… Hmmm… For so many small business owners this can be a challenge. Just because you’re trying to (and going to!) build a successful business doesn’t mean you need to hide who you are outside of the office.

Be Your True You


Think back to the days when your paycheck wasn’t dependent solely on the clients you secured, but instead on showing up to an office and sitting in your cubicle all day. Sitting in the interview that got you there, the interviewers weren’t allowed (by law) to ask that many questions about your personal life. They couldn’t ask about your marital status or sexual preference. They couldn’t ask if you had kids or about your religion. You were simply a walking resume, void of any personal qualities until after you were hired.

Unfortunately, the people interviewing you looked the same. They were most likely cold, unpersonable walking versions of their want ad. Get in, ask some questions, shake your hand and get out. You didn’t want to be your true you — You just wanted the job and their money.

But what about now? You’re a small business owner and YOU are the boss. Have you found that you don’t like working with people when they are cold, blank sheets of paper? I have.

Two weeks ago I returned to work after having an extended maternity leave. Yup, I have two-month old twins and I work at home. Their bouncy chairs are right behind my desk and I love it.

Two years ago I probably wouldn’t have told you this.

Why? I would have wanted your job and your money. “Be your true you” wasn’t a thing for me. And if you were to look at my About Page you wouldn’t have seen any references to my religion either. But that has changed now.

Being my true means that if you can’t accept the fact that I’m a Christian and I thank God for all He has provided me, including my business, then I probably don’t want to work with you.

Am I going to bring God up in our conversations? Probably not. I understand that not everybody has the same beliefs as I do, and I will usually wait for a cue to mention my faith. But I’m not going to hide my God or my family.

So now I challenge you…

Be your true you. Show your True Colors as if Phil Collins was singing his song to you. Don’t be afraid to belt out your own song. Somewhere out there a client is looking for YOU, and he will never find you if you’re hiding behind a cold sheet of paper.