Buying the Wrong Business Tools is Like Wearing Uncomfortable Sexy Lingerie

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Too many entrepreneurs purchase business tools because of ego or influence. Rather than selecting the tool which will serve them where they’re at and where they want to go, they spend 10-20x’s too much on tools they will/can only use a fraction of the capabilities of.

Listen as Kim Sutton chats about how buying the wrong business tools is like wearing uncomfortable sexy lingerie.

Listen as @thekimsutton chats about how buying the wrong business tools is like wearing uncomfortable sexy lingerie. To Tweet

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(Transcription not yet cleaned up, but thanks for checking it out!)

Hey everybody, welcome to work smarter, not harder Wednesdays, I hope you’re having a great week. It’s Hump Day. I want you to remember that hump day doesn’t mean that this is the best and it’s going to go down from here on out. But we’re halfway through the week depending on what you want to how you want to look at it. And now’s the time to look at what we’ve accomplished so far this week and set new goals for the remainder of the week. Now on Monday, which is next level Mondays in my world, I talked about practicing what we preach and a preview that today I’m going to be talking about and I feel bad because I now have a 14 year old in the room. Who could be listening and he probably had no idea what I’m going to be talking about today. But I’m gonna be talking about how using the wrong tools in our business can be like wearing uncomfortable, sexy laundry, which is something that I would never usually discuss. But I’m going to give you a few comparisons. Just to give you an idea. When I started my business in 2012, the only the best I could afford as far as an email marketing system went cost me $10 a month actually, I think I might have gotten it for free. And the best that I could afford for web hosting was GoDaddy, which cost me $10 a month and that stretch of 40 of Yeah, let me do my math. Wednesday’s work smarter not harder. Wednesdays does not mean I can count that $20 a month was a lot for me, but I see so many entrepreneurs who see They’re friends and their mentors and the gurus that they follow using tools like Infusionsoft or WP Engine and think that oh my gosh, that person is making seven to eight figures a year. If I want to make that amount, then I need to go invest that in that too. Wrong, you do not need to jump into your business into the business tools, wearing investing in something that is 10, if not 20 times more expensive than what you can afford at the place where you are currently. Take it from me, you don’t want to do that because what you’re going to wind up with is a whole lot more stress. And you’re going to be saying yes to a whole lot more opportunities that really aren’t good for you and your business. Because you’re having to make up the discrepancy between what you’re actually bringing in and what you can afford. It’s not a comfortable place to be in when I started out I was with GoDaddy. And then I moved off of GoDaddy and went to Bluehost. And now I’m with WP Engine. And I’ll tell you that the investment that I pay every month, the difference in investment, as I said, $10, with GoDaddy and then I upgraded to $35 a month with Bluehost. Now I’m paying over $100 a month with WP Engine. But I’ve also been my business has been around for eight years, I realized as I upgraded that there were that I needed to invest a little bit more. But there was no way that I could have spent $100 on my web hosting at the very beginning. I could barely pay my utility bills for $100 a month. So I had to, I had to make that decision. Now the reason why I’m comparing this to sexy laundry, you know me and my stories, but I remember back in college, where a whole bunch of my very fashion conscious friends. We were on our way to a critique and they commented about how they could see somebody’s underwear lines. And oh my gosh, she really should be wearing a thong or something. And I started to get really conscious about it. So I went out, just because I didn’t want to be judged by the type of underwear that I wore. And I invested in thongs and other things. I know this is really TMI. But what I found was that I was just so super uncomfortable that I couldn’t focus that, you know, it was hard for me to walk, I was super conscious about people looking at my butt. It really didn’t matter what type of underwear I was wearing. Maybe you don’t use underwear, maybe use panties. I don’t care. It really nobody cared, but me. And that was all that mattered. All that should matter with you. All, the only person who should care. What I’m trying to say is the only person who should care what tools you are using in your business is you if you have a prospect who’s gonna judge you because you’re using MailChimp versus Infusionsoft. Say goodbye. It doesn’t matter. You’re still doing what you need to do.

A lot of my clients for example, and I build a ton of funnels every single year, a lot of my clients use ConvertKit ConvertKit for $35 a month is awesome when they’re not ready for something like Infusionsoft or the full blown Click Funnels or any other number of multiple hundred dollar a month tools. It doesn’t matter to my clients that they’re using ConvertKit versus Infusionsoft because their needs are still being met. The same as it shouldn’t matter if you’re wearing. I’m gonna pick on the guys for a second if you’re wearing Boxers or briefs. Were what is comfortable for you stop caring about everybody else.


Today, I want you to take a look at all the business tools that you are using in your business. I want you to start thinking about did I choose this because of ego? Or because of efficiency? Did I choose this because I wanted people to see it and be impressed? Or am I using it because it’s actually making an impact and helping me reach my business goals. Because if your answers are coming back with ego or influence, then you need to start crossing that stuff out of your business, ego and influence are no reason to be you spending 10 times as much as you should be in your business. If it’s not making an impact, if it’s if it’s not efficient for your business, then get rid of it. On Friday, I will be back with feel good funnel Fridays. I have no idea what I’m going to discuss yet. So if there’s something that you would like me to discuss about funnels, then leave a comment down below. And I’d love to leave you with an invitation to join my free 30 day work smarter, not harder challenge which you can get by visiting work. smarter, not harder challenge calm or by typing w s and H down below if you’re watching on Facebook. As always, if you got something out of this video, I invite you to click the like button and leave a comment down below and make sure to put it in your calendar that are that I’ll be back on Friday for feel good final Fridays. Now without this said, Go for it and make it a positive and productive day.