Drop the Doubt

Drop the doubt. Seriously.

Yes, I’m talking to you.

Well maybe not YOU but possibly the person next to you.

Of my few pet peeves, self-doubt has quickly climbed to the top. How many times do I need to hear a professional, grown-a$$ businessman say, “I don’t know if I can do that.”?

And NO — I’m not asking said businessman to give me $10,000 without looking at his budget.

What I AM asking the man to do is step out of his comfort zone and perform a task that may potentially have a HUGE impact on his business. Maybe it’s a single cold-call. Maybe it’s hiring an assistant. Maybe it’s one of a thousand other minute tasks.

But uncertainty causes fear. Uncertainty causes paralysis. Uncertainty causes top-notch business people to halt their success like an train hitting a brick wall.

And trains don’t hit brick walls — so why should business owners?

It’s time that we as business owners make a pact to ourselves to cut the crap and drop the doubt.

If you’re going to doubt yourself then why should any prospective client believe in you?

Think about it.