PP 021: Virtual Coffee

Quick Show Notes: Virtual Coffee

In this episode, I share who inspired me to start Virtual Coffee in my business, why he inspired me to do so, and how Virtual Coffee has changed my business.

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Episode Transcription

Welcome back to another episode of Positive Productivity! This is your host, Kim Sutton, and I am so thrilled that you are joining me today.

Today, I want to talk to you – and actually invite you – for a cup of Virtual Coffee.

And before I go into what “virtual coffee” is, I need to give credit to my good friend Sam Lui from AgencyCinco.com because he inspired Virtual Coffee and can be credited for so many of my valuable business relationships and friendships that I have now.

The reason Virtual Coffee came about was because, about a year ago, there was a big event going on in Las Vegas that I had really planned on going to. But as the date came closer, I realized that due to finances and my client schedule I wasn’t going to be able to make it.

This event was a learning and networking event for a program that I had been registered in and was going to be taking place over a matter of a couple days. And the reason I was looking really for it was that I could get to know and meet face-to-face other people who I had been going through the program with. Up until this point, a lot of us only knew each other from the Facebook group, and only minimal connections had been made outside of that group, either via Skype calls, or face-to-face meetings…

I think you get the point.

While the event was going on I was sitting here in my office watching the group, seeing people post pictures of all the excitement they were having. And while I had a little bit of envy from seeing them and all the fun that they were having, I really just had to hunker down and be focused on what I was doing.

However, that Sunday morning, I received a Facebook message from Sam asking me if I would like to meet for coffee. He was at the event, and he was looking to build relationships on a one-on-one basis with other participants.

As an introvert, I always loved the opportunity to get to know people on a one-to-one basis, especially since large events can make me feel a little bit uncomfortable sometimes. That’s something I’m still working on, and who knows if it will ever change.

I let Sam know I wasn’t there, but I’d still love to connect – and then I had that “aha” moment. I invited Sam to meet me for “virtual coffee” later in the week after he returned home, and I set up an appointment in my TimeTrade calendar so that he could schedule a time that worked for him.

And then aha moment number two hit. I realized, Sam wasn’t the only one that I really wanted to connect with, and chances are, there were other people like me who weren’t able to attend and would love to connect as well. I composed a quick post for the Facebook group, which included the scheduling link, and put it up – and sure enough, about 20 people scheduled a virtual coffee with me.

I have been overwhelmed by the quality of relationships that I have developed based on these half-hour Virtual Coffee calls. They have resulted in referrals, collaborations, friendships, and a whole lot more. To be totally honest, I’ve started using that Virtual Coffee link in other groups on LinkedIn and Facebook. Since that event, I’ve probably shared the link a half dozen to a dozen times and had close to 50 Virtual Coffee calls.

I know you may be wondering how that could possibly be an example of Positive Productivity, considering how much time it’s taken in my schedule. However, I have to tell you that sometimes, the best productivity comes out of building relationships.

I never have any clue where my ideas come from, and as I discussed in an earlier episode, I have chronic idea disorder, so I am struck by ideas all the time – but the ideas and the benefits that I have had off of these Virtual Coffee calls has been absolutely overwhelming.

As an entrepreneur, we can sometimes feel lonely and anxious by only staring at our computer screen and having no one-on-one interaction during the day. And by putting myself out there for those Virtual Coffee calls, I have been able to reduce – if not eliminate – a lot of that lonely feeling. It doesn’t require any money to create a Virtual Coffee scheduling link, especially when there’s tools like Acuity and Calendly which allow you to set up a scheduling system for no cost. Well, at least initially.

If you’ve listened to previous episodes of the Positive Productivity podcast, you know I’m always looking for your feedback. I love it when you go to my site at TheKimSutton.com and leave feedback and comments and call in about the episodes – but I’m going to put something out there today. I would love to have Virtual Coffee with you.

So go to TheKimSutton.com/PP021 for Episode 21, and there you will find my Virtual Coffee scheduling link. Set up a time that works for you, and let’s see how we can collaborate, network, or just support each other moving forward on our entrepreneurial adventures.

Before you sign up for one of these calls, though, I do have one guideline: This is not a sales call. This is a getting to know each other call, and if you jump right in with a hard push on whatever product you are selling, then I’m sorry. I’m going to cut it short. I buy products and services from people who I know, like, and trust – and if this Virtual Coffee call with you is the first time that we have ever talked, then you don’t have a “know, like, and trust” factor with me.

So let’s take a half-hour. Let’s get rapport built on both sides, and let’s see how we can support each other. Until next time, I hope you have a Positively Productive day.