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Kim Sutton and guest Christopher Wirth, President and Founder of No Quit Living, chat about speaking, coaching speakers, sports, coaching athletes, podcasts and the benefit of helping others with no expectation of anything in return. Download and listen today! 

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Episode Transcription

KIM: Welcome to another episode of Positive Productivity! This is your host Kim Sutton. Today I’m thrilled to have Christopher Wirth, President and Founder of No Quit Living, with us. No Quit Living is a speaking training and coaching business, where Christopher and his team try to help individuals and companies achieve their ultimate level of success in all areas of their life. I absolutely love that. Welcome, Christopher! How are you today?

CHRISTOPHER WIRTH: I’m doing great today! It’s 72 degrees here so, I couldn’t be doing any better.

KIM: No way! I have my space heater on. (laugh)

CHRISTOPHER WIRTH: (laugh) I’m sorry to hear that but, we lucked out with a couple of great days here so, I’m definitely enjoying it.

KIM: Oh, I’ll take some of that in the backlist.


KIM: Chris, could you give listeners a background on what you do? Even more than just “No Quit Living”, and how you started “No Quit Living”?

CHRISTOPHER WIRTH: Sure! I am an avid sports fan fanatic. My whole life, my father taught me, coached me growing up, and I played high school basketball. I played basketball and tennis in college, and I coached high school and college basketball. I’ve just always been a fan of reading and listening and watching different people whether – they’re coaches’ individuals. I became a big fan of personal development I guess – in history if you want to call it. I’ve been an avid reader, and fall on many different people, and a few years ago I got certified in 2011 at the first ever “John Maxwell Team Training Coaching Seminar” down in August in Florida. I became very passionate about helping other people.

A couple of my mentors – individuals such as: “Zig Ziglar” who I was very fortunate to speak with and exchange letters with prior to him passing a couple of years ago. “John Maxwell” who I spent quite a few days down in Florida with, and then was very fortunate to have spent about four hours with “John Wooden” back in 2005 where my wife, my girls at the time, my parents and I had dinner with him, and then he invited us back to his home. I spent four hours with him that night, that was just unbelievably life changing and motivating in many ways. Along the way, I’ve always been looking at those individuals, and people that truly believe in helping others for the right reasons. Zig Ziglar has a saying where he says” “You can help! You can have ANYTHING you want in life if you just help enough other people get what they want”. And that’s really kind of our motto as far as helping others whether it’s individuals, families, teams, or companies. It’s something that I created “No Quit Living” about three years ago, and it’s been just a blast working with individuals, and trying to get our name out there, and the community is just unbelievable, as far as how you can get out there, and – how quickly and, – how easy it is to connect, and I think our story of how we connect is just another example of people that really understand. What I feel is the Law of Attraction and I kind of have a tweak to that where we discuss the “Positive Law of Attraction and Gratitude” and I feel that if you really have a positive mindset in helping others, and doing the right thing, that eventually will come back to you. That’s not ever the reason – I don’t think why you do something is to have it come back to you. But, I truly believe in the “Karma Concept” that if you are really doing your best to help people, and for their reasons, that eventually it comes back to you tenfold.

KIM: Oh, absolutely. And for the audience to know, it was sort of crazy. Chris is in Greenwich Connecticut where I worked just prior to moving to Ohio in 2004. Of all places, we worked in the same exact building at the same time?


KIM: At the same time, just one floor apart, and this was only one, or two, or three story building. It’s not like there were tons of offices in there. I mean the floor I was on only had our office.

CHRISTOPHER WIRTH: You know on the floor I had, it had only our office so; literally we were on the second and third floor. So, I’m sure we indirectly passed and walked by and saw each other many times.

KIM: Yes, definitely and/or at least on Greenwich Avenue.


KIM: You had some exciting news just recently. I mean you’ve just launched your podcast. You have a lot going on – people are reaching out to you. You’ve had so much going on in your other businesses. How have you kept yourself positive and productive through it all? I mean I know you said that – you’re an avid reader; you’ve had all these awesome mentors but, are there any tools or practices that you use on a daily basis to keep you going?

CHRISTOPHER WIRTH: It’s a great question and a very long, probably a seven-layer question. I think that’s an awesome question that I get asked quite often. And to your comment, I do a lot of different things. I’m involved in a lot of different businesses. I have a wife and three young kids, and I try to stay very active but  very fortunate to have been introduced to many different people as you mentioned but also different tools and things. One of the things that I really began looking at about a year or so ago was Hal Elrod’s program “The Miracle Morning” and John Lee Dumas’ “100 Day Program”. It really got me thinking about “How I go about my daily life?” and “How busy it gets?” and what I created was “my daily dozen.” It’s what I call my 12 top things every day. And I basically copied, pasted, stole, changed, and tweaked from so many different people over the last couple of years. I’m always changing it. But for those that are interested I can send it to them as well but it’s basically a two page sheet that I’ve created, and as I mentioned – I can’t ever say that I created everything myself, and I don’t think anybody that’s all unbelievably successful whatever creates everything themselves. I think they’ve all had many wonderful people helping them. But my point is that for me – I’m a very visual person. I love electronics. I’m very tech savvy. I have both an iPhone as well as a Samsung phone so; I think I stay up to date in some of those things. But, for me it was really important to have something that I could have on physical paper. So, I created this two page document front, back, and something I do the night before. I look at it so I can start my day with the right mindset. That is something that I also conclude the night of. So, for example this morning, I went through the beginning process of my day, and I had my two page sheet. And then tonight, before I go to bed, I will flip to the second page – it kind of wraps up my day. And again taking a lot of these things that I’ve been very fortunate to have been introduced to but one of the things you mentioned – I just want to briefly touch on this. I’ve been extremely fortunate in my life to have some very significant mentors, and I think you and I spoke about it about a couple of weeks ago when we spoke about six degrees of separation in our one degree of separation. My – Our motto maybe – I can go into that later but, I’ve just been really fortunate to have been able to connect with some great people that have been more than willing to give me some time whether it’s five – 10 – 20 minutes or some people who offered coffees or lunches two – three – four times, and I just literally try to take as much from them as I can. “John Maxwell” who is a big mentor of mine, and being part of his team in the certification program always talks about when he interviews people, and he meets with people he always asks them: – Are they reading anything good? What have they been introduced to recently that had a positive impact on their life? And that’s one of the things that I really try to do day in, and day out is just – LEARN. And I think unfortunately a lot of people feel that they’re learning stops after high school or college. But, for me ironically – I enjoyed school, and I did well I think in school. But after high school and college is when I think – a lot of learning really takes into place. But, I’m really excited about the launch of the podcast. I’ve got some great guests – again some of these mentors have agreed to be guests. Some of them have already recorded some episodes so I’m just really excited about it, and I’m really fortunate and grateful for people like you that are willing to help others get their name and their word out there.

Like I said that’s the biggest thing to me is the community that I think we all play in, in some ways, is that just I’ve encountered so many people that are just unbelievably positive, and outgoing, and really willing to spend some time with somebody. I think that’s a really cool thing about a podcast episode – is that … five – 10 years ago, if you want to interview somebody or record something you had to physically go to their city or they had to physically be in your city. That’s really tough to say to somebody: “OK you know what, let me come to your office or you come to my office, and we’ll spend an hour or two hours maybe depending on travel three hours” as opposed to with Skype and with Facetime and things like that. There’s the ability to really connect with people on a much easier way. Where literally you could be having an interview – you know sitting in you know in your boxer shorts or your you know underwear, and nobody knows that because of technology today. So I think that’s the one other thing too – is that as technology improves, it makes a lot of things easier than it was five – 10 – 15 years ago.

KIM: Absolutely! And maybe topped a couple two weeks ago it was probably for an hour or an hour and a half, and I realized really quickly that we’re both the same way. I mean we give without really too much expectation of giving back because, it’s our personalities. And I do believe it will come back in some way. Even if it is a mentor who will just spend a little bit of time with us but, I love even just virtual coffee for a half hour, and a back and forth conversation of not only – How can you help me? but, – How can I help you? And it’s so valuable just to connect with people with no expectation of getting anything except for building that relationship.

CHRISTOPHER WIRTH: That, I couldn’t agree more.

KIM: We talked a little bit at pre-show about the fact that both of us have a four hour workweek, sitting on our shelves and we joked about our sheet going to take half of it, and get it done and then compare notes. But besides four hour work week, what are you reading right now?

CHRISTOPHER WIRTH: That’s a great question. And I have to admit that I have a very bad habit of reading a lot of books at once. I made a resolution for myself in 2016 to read only two books at a time, and unfortunately that I failed miserably. But right now I’m actually re-reading “Think and Grow Rich” by: Napoleon Hill. I am reading a really good book it’s called “Hell Week” by: Erik Larssen, and it’s an unbelievable book in many ways, and I’m also reading “5% More” which is – I have it right here my desk it’s by: Michael Alden and the other one that I just picked up was Grant Cardone’s new book that came out end of October of 2016 which is “Be Obsessed Or Be Average”. And so right now those are my four that that I’m reading and I’m hoping to finish them but, like I said I have a bad habit of really enjoying a lot of books and a lot of reading. What I do when I read a book is – I underline and, I circle things, I highlight, I fold pages down, and I always take things out. So it’s funny my habit of reading and being a voracious reader comes back sometimes where a client will come into my office, and they’ll see some books and say: “Oh, I love that book can I borrow it?”. And unfortunately I’ve let people borrow it, and they give it back to me meaning is that – “I couldn’t read anything, it’s impossible to read”. So what I’ll eventually do is usually buy a copy of that book for somebody, and give it to them which is – I feel is kind of a really nice – neat thing to do, and one of my favorite – one of the things I do with both “No Quit Living” as well as my Wealth Management Firm is I gift a lot of books to people. And I believe that if you write inside you know – a little note to somebody that once they open and they read it, it’s a really neat thing. And we do as firm, a ton of handwritten notes. And I think that’s a hidden secret that most people don’t use now. But, I can tell you that I was with the client last week, and they had one of my letters on their desk, and they said: “You know, I just want to tell you that – the only thing I ever get in the mail are bills, and I just want to THANK YOU because, you sent me something in the mail that was not a bill – it was a handwritten note as well as a book”. And they were reading it and that’s always fun. And of the-the book I’d give given them was “The Secret” which, I think all of us have read, or know of, or been introduced to. But, it’s just you know the “Laws” I’ve said before the “Karmas” you know when you give back to people for the right reasons – I think you know eventually it comes back, and it might not come back to you directly, maybe it comes back to – one of your children or a friend or family member. But I think when you really go about trying to help people, and share information, or knowledge that’s the really fun part, and I think that’s – to your comment earlier is even if you have a virtual coffee for 30 minutes, people can always give each other something, and it might not be something that monetary, might not be something that’s physical. Maybe it’s just an idea or suggestion; maybe it’s a link to a website or to an author or something to read. But, I think in today’s day and age with technology and what it is. It’s so easy to really try to help people. And you never know – where it’s going to lead, and to your comment – on how we, ironically we’re literally working in the same building, it’s just it’s so funny, and so small. How our world really is. It’s just connected in so many ways.

KIM: I love the fact that you send out gifts or cards or books to people, and listeners if you haven’t listened to it, after you’re finished listening to this episode, I want you to go and listen to episode 28 which you can find TheKimSutton.com/PP028. It’s an interview with Courtney Daniel, and she’s actually a custom card creator who makes cards for just that very reason because, her clients have seen tremendous success actually sending out – handwritten homemade cards, made by Courtney but they love it. And her name is getting spread because, her client’s name is getting spread – thanks to those cards so, every time somebody does something for you if, it’s hiring you if, it’s just doing something kind. Take that minute or two to say: “Thank You!” and whatever you might get them that’s…

CHRISTOPHER WIRTH: –if I could just interject for a second I couldn’t agree more. One thing I did forget – that they want to mention there is a book it’s called “Giftology” it’s by: John Ruhlin (Ruhlin), and his company actually they teach people – how to actually give gifts and things. And it was a very-very quick easy read. But, my point is that – he just talks about going the extra way, and he does a big account, and big things that he has some very influential people like “Geoffrey Gilmore” and “Matthew Kelly” that are that broke comments on the back of his book but, my point is: “I couldn’t agree more to what you said!”. And it’s funny, people really love to get – to get a gift, and I think the woman that you just mentioned – I actually wrote her stuff down because, I’m definitely going to check her out too because, I think that’s an unbelievable skill. And it’s not something that takes 10 hours, and it’s not something that costs you know thousands upon dollars. What does it cost you? A dollar to two to buy a card or a couple of cards and then you know 50 cents to mail it out. But it’s a thought that means so much to somebody, and you never know how little impact could really change someone’s day from having a good day, to an amazing day or maybe having a terrible day, to having an OK day.

KIM: Oh absolutely. And I’m just like your client the only thing I ever get in the mail really. Hey, I’ll accept fan mail just so you know listeners. (laugh)


KIM: The only thing I ever get in the physical mail really is… bills or a time of this recording political stuff. (laugh)


KIM: I can’t wait to get through this election. So, anything like that would be awesome. It is such a terrible tease. I just had to put in there – it’s such a terrible tease when you get something that looks like it’s handwritten but, it’s actually…. NOT. It’s electric. It’s electrically printed. And reminding you that you know the warranty on your car is up. So, here’s a fake greeting card to remind you to send us money. No thanks. Don’t send me any of those. I will pass. I am just like you though Chris. I am really trying to read only one or two books at a time, and I can’t get out of that pattern of reading 4 or more. And just earlier this week I finally finished “The Miracle Morning” not that I haven’t been trying to practice it, trying being the key word. In my life my hardest part is even just getting out of bed in the morning some days because, I – “Hal Elrod” talks about putting your alarm clock across the room so, that you have to get out of your bed and turn it off.

CHRISTOPHER WIRTH: Yeah, I think that’s a great idea. And then people talk about it all the time as far as setting it 10, 20 feet away so you actually have to physically get up.

KIM: My concern doing that though is just like you. I mean I have young children, and if I’m getting up early – I do not want their company. So, I keep it next to me. So that, I don’t wake them up when the time is for me to hear.


KIM: -but I have at least switched it to being music alarm and a music— oh, let me try that again – A musical alarm on my iPhone versus that eh-eh-eh… Right, and…

CHRISTOPHER WIRTH: –You know I don’t know if you’ve seen it but, there’s.. I saw it on Facebook there’s an alarm clock that somehow it’s connected to the pad that’s next to your bed were you… it only goes off when you physically get up, and stand out of bed. I don’t know if you’ve seen that but its-its…

KIM: I have not seen it. I am going to have to search for that, and put it in the show notes. That is absolutely fantastic!

CHRISTOPHER WIRTH: I have not use it full and fair disclosure but it’s popped up a couple of times on Facebook, and I think it’s maybe because, I know Facebook knows – what you read and different type of things you search so, maybe it was something with “John Lee Dumas” or the “Miracle Morning” by Hal Elrod. But I remember seeing you. It was pretty interesting as far as – I don’t know the company name but, if I find it, I’ll definitely – I’ll definitely send it over.

KIM: That is going straight into my Amazon wish list.


KIM: I am also making the transition this year of getting away from e-books because, I’m really trying to read every day before bed, and I don’t want to be looking at a screen to do it. I’ve done a lot of – personal development this year, and I don’t remember who it was might have been “Brendon Burchard” talking about taking yourself away from your screen at least an hour before you go to sleep. So, I’ve been switching to physical copies of books. It sounds like that’s what you read as well. Are you also reading e-books or are mostly physical copies?

CHRISTOPHER WIRTH: You know it’s funny but I am – I have an iPad and I have – I get some iBooks but I just always end up marking up books and things. So, unfortunately I’m still old school in regards to the actual physical books but, I think you mentioned and that’s really interesting is – I think so many people don’t realize the impact of the devices, and they have as far as your sleep cycle and things like that, and in no way shape or form I’m not expert on-on sleeping but, it’s something that I’ve actually been reading up a lot more recently. And I think it’s very interesting that so many people and I was 100 percent guilty of it. I would either jump on my iPad or my phone or my Mac or watching TV before I go to bed, and I realized that even when I was getting really-really tired it still took me quite a while to fall asleep so, that’s one of the things too. It’s funny you say it, I’ve really been working on these really trying to put the device down, and it’s funny but next to my nightstand – next to my alarm clock I have probably three or four different books that I try to pick up, and actually read before I go to bed.

KIM: Do you have a solution for keeping your kids away from your highlighters or your pens?

CHRISTOPHER WIRTH: I do not. My kids are pretty good in many ways. I am a big collector of pens. One of my – that’s one of my hobbies bought nice pens, fancy pens and more importantly just pens that write well so, my oldest son who happens to be eight he has a kind of taken up the pen as well so, I will bring quite a few pens home so, I always have enough for my three kids. So, they don’t steal the ones that I’m using or having but, sometimes just by default you know go find one that they really like, and all of a sudden and to have either buy a new one for myself or I just give it to them because, it is what it is.

One thing I just wanted to ask is: – Have you read or heard of the “Sleep Revolution” by Arianna Huffington?

KIM: No, I haven’t and I’m definitely going to have to look it up just based on the title. You’re not helping on my sticking to one or two books…

CHRISTOPHER WIRTH: You said just one or two. So I’ve figured to give you another…

KIM: I-I’m reading.. I-I have three or four that I’m already trying to get through. (laugh)


KIM: We should start a book club.

CHRISTOPHER WIRTH: You know it’s funny it’s something one of my clients said to me, he said that: “You start a book club, and somehow just charge different authors to give you ideas, and books because, you always talk about books”. But the reason I just mentioned that book by “Arianna Huffington” is a good friend of mine is a chairman of a local foundation here in Greenwich. And last, I think it was last August she came and spoke at a women’s luncheon, and they gave everybody copies of her books, and I’m only unfortunately have 40 pages into it but, it’s very very interesting as far as – really what goes into sleeping, and how many people are actually way more tired than, they actually know they are because, of lack of sleep as opposed to – you know thinking, or stressed, or busy, and it just makes you think about. But to your point is – I’m very guilty of going to bed, and looking at my phone and iPad and things and really trying to turn them off an hour or so before bed but, unfortunately I probably only do that about 10 percent of the time.

KIM: Oh, I don’t even turn mine off. I just turn it to – I have it set up to go to “Do not disturb mode” after 10:00.


KIM: Yeah, I know it’s on the iPhone that you can do that. I’m not sure about android though but, my quality of sleep has increased so much just by doing that one simple practice, and the quality of the work I’m producing has increased so much just by getting more sleep.


KIM: Which is ridiculous because, I was staying up longer, and only sleeping three to four hours a night consistently for almost a year and a half. But, the call it was making me really anxious, and that’s when I realized I needed change. But, as soon as I made that switch the quality and my production level went up so much that even though there’s days or weeks that things get crazy, and I can’t sleep seven or eight hours a night. I always try my best to get back to it as soon as possible.

CHRISTOPHER WIRTH: Right, that’s something I’m trying to do throughout 2017 is just to get more consistent sleep schedule because, to your point is – I think you get more anxious, you get more stressed. But, I think when you talk about productivity there’s no way that anybody could – I don’t think prove that, you know you can be just as productive on two or three hours of sleep as you can on a consistent basis.

KIM: Have you ever seen studies where – they show people driving who are junk as opposed to lack of sleep?

CHRISTOPHER WIRTH: Yeah, that’s unbelievable as to how – how similar they are and you would not know based on thinking that you know when you’re impaired. I mean whether it’s with alcohol or something else but it’s dissimilar almost the same when you are sleep deprived, and I think that study has been – has been shown in so many ways – how it’s so dangerous. And most people that drive late at night, a lot of them are driving for work, and things and they’re just tired. That’s when a lot of times they have accidents and things. But, I think that’s a really fascinating concept of really the quality of sleep and I know with the new iWatches and some of those “Fitbit and Garmin” type of things, I know they can track – How actually accurate your sleep is and how you know you get into your deep RLM mode. But, it’s really interesting as far as the studies so, that’s another book that I will try to try to get through, and maybe I’ll only be reading six or seven other time as opposed to 12.

KIM: (laugh) So, I want to know what – what would you say was your most impactful book read in 2016?

CHRISTOPHER WIRTH: That’s a good – that’s a good question. I think if I had to say the most impactful book I read in 2016 was probably – I read the – it’s a good question. I read the “Secret” again. Although I’ve read it before but, what I also read is which came out in 2016 was “How the SECRET Changed my Life” which is altered by Rhonda Byrne. And it was just – that book has individual stories of people that has utilized the “Secret” in their life, and I think it just reiterated to me that in today’s day, and age, and to you – to your comment earlier the one thing that this past election has shown me personally is the over-overlapping negativity that just comes in the media nonstop. And I believe that most people don’t realize how a positive attitude can affect your day. And I think those two books revealing a “Secret” but, then also reading as you mentioned – How does she could change my life? The follow up to the “Secret” that just reiterated to me – the importance of making sure that whether you have a good day, bad day on average days you know you can always make it better, and you can always improve – whatever you’re going through with a positive mindset, and that’s one of the things that I really try to teach myself, my kids but, I also talk about it with my clients both “No Quit Living” as well as a “Wealth Management Firm”. And even if you can make a positive impact on one person’s day, you have no idea how many people they might encounter over that day or that evening, and just by going out of your way to be a little more positive and respectful of people. I think it just has a massive impact. And it’s tenfold when you really make the decision to do it for the right reason, which is you know just smile to somebody or hold the door open for somebody, and you have no idea what positive impact that could have on that person’s life. But, then maybe they encounter five, 10, 20 more people throughout their day, and it just puts them in a better mood as well. So, long winded answer but, both those two books really were impactful in many ways for me in 2016 and I probably will reread them once or twice over the next couple of years just because, I always put books off to the side on one of my shelves in my office that I want to reread and continually flip back through.

KIM: You just inspired me to start a positive productivity random act of kindness movement. I’m always surprised by how surprised other people are when I do just open up the door for them or hold it open. Now stand there a couple more seconds. Well they’re being pokey getting out to the door. No! I’m not going to just let it close in your face but I know there’s people out there who do and it’s sad. You know what it’s going to costs you just to wait two more seconds?

CHRISTOPHER WIRTH: I couldn’t agree more! And funny but you know when you’re younger or when I was young at least I know you trying to make a snide comment or something when someone didn’t hold the door open for you. But, now I just you know you always try to do the extra thing, and this morning going to the gym I was carrying my suit in my gym bag, and the woman was maybe 30 feet ahead of me walking in, and she waited for me, and held the door open. I just, you know I said: “Hey, I really appreciate that!” I thanked her, and she had a really nice smile on her face, and it just it had an impact on me. And I know she didn’t do it because, you know someone was watching her. You know she did it because, you saw I was carrying some stuff, and you know she had a positive impact on me. And then when I was going out an hour or so later the gym – there were two women coming in, and I just waited you know five seconds for both of them, and held it open and you never know. One little impact you do can have on five, 10, 15, 20 people for that day or maybe even the next day. You never know.

KIM: I think I just – I don’t know if I was listening to a podcast or saw on the news but, I heard about this whole chain, and I don’t even remember where, I’m such a great storyteller. Yeah.


KIM: -About somebody was paying at a toll booth. Oh, there was somebody driving up to the toll booth, and somebody just was tailgating, and then went around them, and was just being really rash, and just had to get in front but, the lady just let them go. And when she got up there she found out that it had been paid. Oh, I heard it on the radio, I remember now. But – so, she paid for the person behind them, and then-then the radio went on to talk about how there was a big chain of like 20 people somewhere else going through toll booths so they done the same thing, and it goes so much in line with everything that you just say.

CHRISTOPHER WIRTH: (laugh) that’s so funny you mentioned that because, I do remember seeing that somewhere or reading it but, someone was mentioned I think it was Facebook or something. Someone shared the exact same story but, the reality is because somebody paid for theirs, and the next person – all the next people in the chain all they were paying for was just one toll. But, it paid it forward because, it was paid for the next person so indirectly because, one person made a decision to pay it forward. Then it had a positive impact on like you mentioned the next 15 or 20 people in cars, and they were not paying anything more. It was only the first person that paid more, and that alone had such a positive impact, and I can only imagine – let’s say that there were 20 people – all those 20 people whether we’re going to work or going home or wherever. They definitely share that story probably with 10, 15 people during that day or during that evening because, it was something that rarely ever happens.

KIM: Chris, I want to circle back around to you though before we wrap up the episode. What is your WHY? I know we talked about it a little bit earlier but what is your big WHY in No Quit Living?

CHRISTOPHER WIRTH: That’s a great question and I guess to sum it up pretty quickly is – Life is tough! It’s going to knock you down but it’s not important that you get knocked down because we’re all going to continue to get knocked down but it’s more important that you get back up and you keep going.

Unfortunately, I’ve encountered a couple tough parts of life. I had a younger sister who passed away, my brother in law passed away a couple of years ago, and his wife was pregnant with twins at the time. It just really made me think about how precious life is and I think your comment earlier about the grocery store story but also about the toll booth and paying it forward is my WHY. I like to help people in No Quit Living. If we can make a positive impact on someone’s day, every day, even if it’s through a tweet or through podcasts or through something. I always feel that in today’s day, and age there’s so much negativity going around. If you read the newspaper or you watch the news it’s always negativity – negativity – negativity, and I just feel that in today’s day and age, it’s so important that you can really go out of your way to help somebody. And to your comment earlier is whether it’s a handwritten note, or quick little email, a text, a phone call. You have no idea how much positivity that could have on somebody. How much of a positive change that could have, and that might just be someone thinking about quitting a business, or you know giving up a relationship, or you know ending a friendship, or whatever it is, it can be something small or could be something huge.


It’s just so important, and our WHY really is to help as many people as we can, and to not to do it selfishly because, we want to get going back. But, just to do it really selflessly for that individual. So you know what – “How can I help you? or “Is there something I can help you with?” or “Is there something that I could do for you?”.  When you ask that question and you listen to the answer, I feel you’ll find nine out of 10 times. A lot of people don’t need crazy things, you know a lot of people don’t need a ton of money. They don’t need. Sometimes it’s just a listening ear or sometimes it’s – you know what I’ve been trying to get in touch with this person or that person. And I think if you go out of your way it’s unbelievable. One thing that I mentioned earlier is everybody is familiar with the term “Six Degrees of Separation” at “No Quit Living” we talk about “One Degree of Separation”, and by that I mean in today’s technological age it’s so easy to connect with people whether its Facebook, Google, Twitter, linked, and Instagram. There’s so many ways that you can connect with somebody. And we just feel in our company is that – there are so many ways, every single day we can go out of your way to help somebody. And like I said you have no idea – one little small act could be life changing for some person but, for their family and future as well. So, our WHY really is just to get out there, and help as many people as we can.


And one thing I mentioned is – I’ve been so fortunate as I mentioned, to have spent a lot of time with some great people, and one of my big favorites is a guy named “Bob Byrd” who, I’ve been fortunate to have coffee with two or three times down in Florida, and he’s a guy that doesn’t owe me anything. He picked up his phone responded to an email, and has been so giving of his time. So, that’s kind of really our-our WHY is that – we know so many people have helped us get to this point. And you know we can just give back to others. You know it’s not something I think we deserved to do but, I think it’s something that we should do because, we’ve been so fortunate to have some people that went way above, and beyond helping us.

KIM: We need more people like you.

CHRISTOPHER WIRTH: (laugh) Well, like I said – I’ve been from my mom and my dad, down to all these mentors that I’ve mentioned today, it’s just – it’s really awesome when you can connect with somebody and that someone says: “You know what, I’ll give you 20 minutes or half an hour and you just pay forward” that’s what I really believe is – it’s just going above, and beyond, and doing the right thing and trying to be a good person.

KIM: Chris, where can listeners find out more about “No Quit Living”?

CHRISTOPHER WIRTH: So, they could go to my website which is noquitliving.com or you can follow me on Twitter @NOQUITLIVING or for those that are interested in just connecting. One of the things I always do is – I always share my personal email address because, I like I mention is – I’ve been so fortunate with people that had mentored me, and responded to my messages so, the easiest way is just chris@noquitliving.com. I check my emails often at night. I do not – I’m going to turn my phone off now or like you said at least put it on, on “Do Not Disturb” but those are the best three ways to get to me.

KIM: Fabulous listeners, all of this awesome information the books that we’ve been talking about the 12, what was it called? your “12 Step Daily Plan” or you even more awesome title for it.


KIM: Chris’s email, and all this great information is going to be in the show notes which you can find at TheKimSutton.com/PP068. Chris, I want to thank you so much for being here today, and I want to get you back on the show again because, there is so much more that we could discuss, and off air we definitely need to talk about a book club because, between the two of us we could probably fund the library..


KIM: -from of donations alone. But thank you so much again.

CHRISTOPHER WIRTH: No, thank you. And the only way I will – I will come back is if you agree to be a guest on, on our podcast as well so it’s got – it’s got even and even great.

KIM: Without a doubt, I’ll be there. Thank you listeners so much. And again you can find the show notes at TheKimSutton.com/PP068