PP 105: Write Your Life Script

Quick Show Notes: Write Your Life Script

What does your dream life look like? Listen as Kim Sutton shares a simple exercise that can create HUGE results!

What does your dream life look like? Listen as @thekimsutton shares a simple exercise that can create HUGE results! https://www.thekimsutton.com/pp105 #positiveproductivity #podcast #dreamsClick To Tweet

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The Bucket List

Episode Transcription: Write Your Life Script

Today. I would love to hear your feedback, responses and answers to the questions I’m going to ask. So after you get done listening to this episode, please leave a comment.

Do you have a bucket list? Or, do you have a script for your life or to-do lists — like a dream to-do list and things that you want to get done in the next year? Or, maybe in the next month or in your lifetime?

That’s the first question I would love to hear your response to.

A lot of us have ideas and dreams floating around in our head, but when push comes to shove, we don’t document those ideas, dreams or goals anywhere.

Today, I want to challenge you to write a script for your life.

I want you to write down how you would love to see a day in the life of you running. From what it looks like when you open your eyes, to what your kitchen looks like when you pour yourself some coffee; what your car looks like, and what your steering wheel feels like as you drive down the road.

What type of computer are you working on when you get to work that day?

This isn’t just a script, but I want you to provide yourself a complete narrative of what your dream life looks like.

You may be wondering, “Why is she asking me to do this?” and I’m going to give you a quick couple of stories here.

In 2010, I was getting out of a bad marriage and I was working in my office. At that time I had an online scrapbooking store, and in my office I had a TV. One night I watched The Bucket List and I was so inspired to write a bucket list for my life, but rather than write down all the goals that I wanted to accomplish individually, I decided instead to write a Soul Mate Spec Sheet.

Now, I should tell you that I had already decided that I would rather be single for the rest of my life than to be unhappy like I had been for the previous years.

So, I decided that unless any male that I met had all of the items on that list, he was not a contender to be the match in my life.

The list was 57 items long. I put it aside after I was done writing it, and moved on with my life.

A few weeks later, I was again in my office and I was looking on Craigslist for furniture for my new apartment. I got tired of looking, and in the lower left hand corner of the screen I saw a link that said “Men Looking for Women.”

I’ll be totally honest, and I think I’ve shared this story before on the Positive Productivity podcast that I wasn’t really looking for somebody. The only reason I clicked that link that night was because I wanted to see what jerks were on that page looking for women.

What I didn’t expect, however, was to find my husband, Dave.

It’s important to mention that he was not my husband at that time, and we had never met before. But, it was very apparent that he had done the same with his posts as I had done on my soul mate spec sheet. He wrote down all the qualities that he was looking for in a woman and he also wrote down all the qualities that were not attractive to him.

He was not trying to be rude, but he said, if you have this, please don’t respond.

Everything that he talked about in his post actually coincided with the list that I had written and I had to reach out.

Seven years later, we are happily married, have added three more kids to our life. You can see how it does work.

Last night I was chatting with a coaching client and he mentioned that he was listening to Tony Robbins. This is not a story that I have personally read myself, so if I’m getting any of the details wrong, please forgive me. But, what my client was telling me was how Tony Robbins was sitting on a train and wrote down a six page manuscript or list of all the qualities that he was looking for in his future wife.

Within a year he manifested her.

Today’s episode is inspired by the fact that both my husband and I were able to manifest each other by writing our desires down, and Tony Robbins has been able to create completely awesome success for himself in the same way, writing down what his future look like.

So now, it’s your turn.

Write your life script.

If you haven’t already done it, write it down and I want you to write it down on paper in your hand, please, please do not write it down on the computer because the personal connection is gone.

When you write your life script with pen, it really is flowing in your voice and in your hand. You’ll be able to connect with it much better. After you’re finished writing this script for your life, please leave a comment let me know that you did it. Then, I want you to come back once in a while and let me know how it’s going.

If you are able to manifest the things that you write down, make sure to revisit the page and let us know.

Now, with that said, go forth and have a positive and productive day.