PP 119: Control ALL Delete

Quick Show Notes: Control ALL Delete

Does your email inbox create emotional and financial stress? In this episode of the Positive Productivity podcast, Kim Sutton shares how we can eliminate email stress.

Control ALL Delete

Does your email inbox create emotional and financial stress? In this episode of the Positive Productivity podcast, @thekimsutton shares how we can eliminate email stress: https://thekimsutton.com/pp119 #positiveproductivity #podcast #stressClick To Tweet

Episode Transcription

Control ALL Delete

Every morning when I wake up, there is one number that seems to scare me more than any other. Maybe you can relate. It’s the number of new emails in my inbox.

While I’m sleeping, it seems like my emails multiply like rabbits, and I never know when I click on Gmail in the morning, and what I’m going to find. I’ve noticed that consistency however, that every morning seems to find between 100 and 200 new emails – many of which I delete right away. And that is why this episode is called – Control ALL Delete.

The past five years of my business have found me enrolling in many programs, and I would have to say that 90% of them were not a good investment. I got swept away by the hoopla in an email, and entered my credit card number a bit quicker than I should off. This year. I’ve actually only invested in two programs, and one of them — and I have no problem telling you which it is: Steve Olsher’s BlasterMind Group –has helped me keep money in my account by ignoring shiny object syndrome.

Control ALL Delete

Steve has blatantly told all the members of BlasterMind, “If you feel like purchasing something. Bring it to the group. Run it past me and other group members and find out if it’s really a good investment of your time and money.

Every single offer that I’ve presented to the group has actually gotten a big “NO”. “Delete it, ignore it, pretend you never saw it.” and that’s what I have done.

Control ALL Delete

I’ve had clients who have obviously gotten swept up in the whole purchase cycle. They see the email in their inbox. They get excited, because they think it’s going to take their business to the next level and then they purchase. And by the time we start working together they admit that they have spent a hundred to two hundred thousand.

Yes that’s $100,000 to $200,000 on trainings, many of which they never even logged into.

Control ALL Delete

If you’re finding yourself with a plethora of trainings that you have never looked at, I want to encourage you to start using the Control All Delete method when you’re checking your email. I know you might be worried about missing important emails from team members or clients, but there’s ways around that especially in Google. You can have those important emails filtered to a special inbox, so that, you know that you’re never going to miss those when you delete all. However I do want to offer you a word of advice that you may want to quickly skim the subject lines to make sure that a new opportunity hasn’t found its way into your inbox.

And by opportunity, I don’t mean opportunity to purchase something.

I mean a great opportunity: Somebody wants to invite you to be on their podcast or somebody wants you to submit proposal for a new project. You don’t want to miss those.

Control ALL Delete

I have recently gotten into the routine of every single weekend zeroing out my inbox. Over the course of the week, while I would like to get in there and delete everything, every week there are still a few emails every day that I save and set aside to read later. By the end of the week my inbox has 200 emails that I told myself I wanted to address at a later date, but let me tell you on Saturday or Sunday when I get my inbox back down to zero, and I can see the custom designed backgrounded my Google inbox I feel spectacular.

If you are a Google user and you didn’t know that you can set a custom background, I want to tell you to look into that.

On my background is a whole bunch of my bucket list items, so when my inbox is at zero, I can see my bucket list items and be inspired to take action. I can be inspired to keep on zeroing out my inbox and I can be inspired to only purchase those tools, products, and programs which are really going to take me to the next level.

In the week ahead, I want you to embrace the notion of Control ALL Delete, and get rid of the distractions in your life, which aren’t going to help you get to the next level. If you need any encouragement you can visit the website at TheKimSutton.com With all this said go forth and have a positive and productive day.

Control ALL Delete