PP 151: Poor Business Planning = Poor Meal Planning

I interviewed a prospective new business coach from the McDonalds drive through. Yes, it’s true. Listen to how I realized my relaxed business planning turned around full-circle to bite me — and how I’m going to fight back!

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30 Day Positive Productivity Meal Planner and Grocery Guide – Coming soon!

Episode Transcription: Poor Business Planning = Poor Meal Planning

I have a confession for you.

Last night, I interviewed a prospective new business coach from the seat of the man van. My three littles were screaming in the back of the car.

And not only that, but it was sitting in line in the McDonald’s drive thru.

Somehow the reality of my situation and the fact that I’ve let my planning slip over the past couple months, hit me as soon as I was asked to place my order, while also having the phone to my ear.

Poor Business Planning = Poor Meal Planning

I know as entrepreneurs we can often try to convince ourselves and others that our life is more in order than it actually is. But last night, I felt like I got a slap on the side of my head by the patty of a Big Mac telling me, “Wake up Kim. It’s time to pre plan and get all the systems in place so that you don’t have to go through the McDonald’s drive thru anymore.

Yes, I know listeners, I didn’t have to go through the drive thru. However, with nothing in my refrigerator, and very limited time, there was no way I was going to be able to pick up the kids and go to the grocery before this call started. So I made the fast food decision.

Poor Business Planning = Poor Meal Planning

You know, I often get inspired for these episodes off of what’s going on in real life. And I’m hoping that today’s episode will inspire you.

Poor business planning equals poor meal planning, and in the end, the money that we spend by going through the drive thru or going out to eat could have, and should have, been reinvested back into our business.

I wish I could also tell you that this was the first time this week that my family has eaten out, however… It’s not. I know it was at least a second.

I am challenging myself, effective today, to start a monthly meal plan. I’m going to be laying out the whole month of meals, at least dinners, in advance. And I’m also going to be developing the grocery list week by week of what I need to purchase. That way on Thursdays of every week, I can simply go on to my grocery stores website and place the order for what I need. I can pick up over the weekend, and the whole next week is set.

No, I’m not saying that I’ll never have to go to the grocery because there’s always things that come up. There’s snack day at school, or there’s a kid that’s going on a field trip and needs a bag lunch, or hey, we went through our Kool Aid or milk a little bit faster than we planned. But those are the quick trips that don’t require two hours and the juggling of kids to be able to accomplish.

While it won’t be on the website, as soon as this episode goes live, later today, I’ll be offering the 30 day meal planning sheet that I will be using to help me get through this month by month. If you’d like to download one of these meal planning sheets for yourself, all you have to do is go to thekimsutton.com/pp151.

In the meantime, however, I will be sharing updates on how I’m doing with the meal planning — How many meals I’m actually able to cook without burning, because I admit that’s an issue and how we’re doing staying away from fast food and eating out.

If you join me on this journey, I would love for you to keep me updated on how it’s going for you and you can come back anytime again to the show notes page at thekimsutton.com/pp151 and give me an update.

Now, with this said, go forth and make it a positive and productive day.