PP 166: The Acting Business with Valorie Hubbard

Quick Show Notes: The Acting Business with Valorie Hubbard

Valorie Hubbard and Kim engage in a fascinating chat about how actors are entrepreneurs and face the same struggles as conventional “entrepreneurs”. They discuss confidence, mindset, productivity and more!

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Episode Transcription

KIM: Welcome back to another episode of Positive Productivity. This is your host Kim Sutton. And today I’m thrilled to introduce you to our guest Valorie Hubbard. Valorie is the CEO of actors Fast-Track. And I’m honored to have you here today Valorie. Thank you so much for joining us.

VALORIE HUBBARD: Well, thank you for having me and so much fun to be here.

KIM: Oh I agree. I love every time I get to chat with any guest. And I’m looking forward to this conversation. Valorie,  would you share a little bit of your background and how you came to start Actor’s Fast-Track?

VALORIE HUBBARD: Absolutely. So I’ve been an actress since the age of three, when I threw myself down the basement stairs on purpose, dramatically. My mother thought I was dead. So she sent my father down, and I was at the bottom of the stairs laughing. So the next day my mother enrolled me in Creative Dramatics. And I’ve been acting – ever since, for 52 years, I’m 55 years old.

VALORIE HUBBARD: I’ve worked as an actress in New York for 20 years, and in Los Angeles for 15 years. I’ve done everything from Broadway to – Agents of Shield, Castle, Workaholics, How I Met Your Mother, Trueblood, Resident Evil. I have a ton of TV and movie credits, as well, and lots of commercials and video games. Just like every other actor, I went to the big acting school. And in acting school they told me: “If you want to get a career, you need to get an Agent”. So I got an Agent out of acting school. And I went right to New York, and I found out very quickly that everything they had told me in acting school wasn’t exactly true.

VALORIE HUBBARD: And this Agent that I got – every time I went to him, and asked him to get an audition or to help me. He always said things like: “You don’t have the name for that”. And, you know, we can’t you – have to get bigger credits, and it all seemed like such a catch 22 to me, that I felt like there had to be a better way. So in the late 80’s, I met this guy named Jay Perry. He had this company called Actor’s Information Project. And it was the first time that someone told me something completely different. They told me that I was in charge of my acting career that the Agent worked for me. And that if I wanted to be a working actor, that I had to get in front of my customer base, and not worry about an Agent. Because an Agent is just a seller. Just like an actor is a seller. And we need to focus on the buyers.

VALORIE HUBBARD: So by doing what he told me to do. I went to my Agent and I tried to get this audition for this Broadway show. He said: “You don’t have the name”. And so because I had taken that class with Jay Perry, I went: “Oh!” So I took the picture to the casting director. The casting director called me in, and I got the part. And of course –

KIM: What did you do with the Agent?

VALORIE HUBBARD: Well, I stayed with the Agent for a little bit longer but after that I kind of knew that this wasn’t the kind of agent I wanted to work with. And I’ve had 24 agents and managers in my 33 years as being a working actress. And so I kept him. But, you know, it was funny when they did the HBO version of the play, that I did which was the Crucible. I went to him and I said: “I wanted to audition for this”. And again he told me I didn’t have the name, which was hilarious.

VALORIE HUBBARD: So what happened was I started helping actors do what I was learning to do. And then in the 90’s, I started a business called Actors – called Strategies with my – with a girl named Leah Tolla Brandenberg. And we had, you know, was very nickel and dime. And then I moved here. And in 2003 and I wanted to get my own career off the ground, and then in 2012 I started Actor’s Fast-Track. And we are entrepreneur coaches for actors, we’re business coaches for actors. That’s what we do and we help actors get a career with or without an Agent. And we’ve been very successful and done very well at the last 5 ½ years. So that’s how I got to doing what I do. And I’m still an actress by the way. I just shot a State Farm commercial a month and a half ago.

KIM: That is so incredible. In our pre-chat we are talking about how after college and both of us, listeners, went to school in Chicago and then moved to New York. I see a lot of similarities. I actually not direct but it was difficult even as an interior designer. You need the experience to get the experience?


KIM: I mean, it was difficult getting a job even though people knew I was just getting out of college because I didn’t have the corporate experience. I mean, I had the internships, same as you I’m sure. You had – well you had how many years of acting experience before you even got to New York. But it – we have to pay our own road because we’re not going to unfortunately, even with Agents, who’s going to do it for us.

VALORIE HUBBARD: Right. Nobody. And my image of actors in Los Angeles is there is a lot of armchairs around. And there’s an actor sitting in every armchair waiting for someone to come and tell them what to do or waiting for a career to be handed to them. And no one ever told me as an actor that I was an entrepreneur. But, you know, they say: “Oh! Acting is the hardest thing you can do. It’s a business where actors don’t have any control”. And yet it’s funny, because we are the only people that the business can absolutely not run without. You can’t make a movie. You can’t make a play. You can’t make a film without an actor. And yet somehow we’ve been locked in the trunk of the car. And so what my image is, is I’m just letting these people out of the trunk of the car giving them their power back. And I’m also attracting a very high end actor because I went to the high end acting school. And so I’m attracting actors that went to NYU, Juilliard, Yale, Northwestern. Because they paid 60-100 grand or their parents did for their education. But nobody taught them that as an actor they’re an entrepreneur. And so that’s what I teach them.

So it’s not easy. It’s not, you know, entrepreneurship is not for the faint of heart. That’s what my current coach tells me all the time and she’s right. I mean there has been times in the last five and a half years that I’ve been in the backyard throwing up. You just ‘coz – it’s like a roller coaster without a seatbelt. But it’s totally worth it because I’m completely in control of my own life being an entrepreneur. And as an actor, I’m in control. You know, actors often feel like they’re not in control, but they are in control because they are an entrepreneur. So it’s hard work but it’s the payoff is great. You know the freedom of being your own boss is great.

KIM: No. I have never been in the backyard throwing out.

VALORIE: You haven’t?

KIM: No. However, I have wished many times that I had a punching bag or a big tree in my backyard. I only have a small tree that I could attach a pillow to and just go out there and beat that you know out of it. On those days when it’s just: “Oh”  Yeah.

VALORIE HUBBARD: It is. It’s like you know, I mean before I was an entrepreneur maybe I worried about $200 and then I worried about $2000 and then I worried about $20000. And I go, you know, it’s all relative because I still am worried about getting $20000 into my company – before such and such a date. The same way that I was freaking out about $2000 to pay my mortgage or $200 to buy food. It all is the same thing, it’s just a bigger number. But it’s like, what you have to learn is how to take care of yourself so you don’t – you’re not in the backyard throwing up. You know, that you that, you know, that this too shall pass like I know how to solve the issue of 20000 into my company. I pick up a phone and sell. And I’m really good at that. So that’s how I that’s how I solve that issue. So it’s not like: “I need it now. I’m gonna go rob a bank”. Like I actually have a skill set that allows me to pick up the phone and make money. And while I’ve been on the phone with you by the way someone just bought a $6000 package.

KIM: Wow.

VALORIE HUBBARD: And then I talked to you yesterday. So, you know, she’s like: “Yup I want it and I’ll give you 6000” I’m like: “Boom”.

KIM: So listeners, just another part of our pre-chat because we were actually talking about coaches and sales coaches. And in full disclosure I did ask Valorie to send over some recommendations on sales coaches based on that. Yes. I will take those names. So when I started my company in 2012, I thought I was competing with overseas VA’s because that’s where my confidence level was. I didn’t have the experience. I knew I needed to get the experience. And despite having 10 plus years in corporate and knowing how to use so many different various types of software, that could benefit me and clients in the VA industry. I thought I needed to compete with people who were making $2-$3 an hour. So I went out there and charged $8 an hour. That was 5 years ago. Let’s just say I’m very far from $8 now. And I’m not trying to boast. But, I think, the point I’m trying to get to right now. And I think, it’s a common misunderstanding, is that a lot of actors even though they get on stage or behind the camera they have no issue with confidence. But I know that that can’t be correct. Actors surely have an issue with confidence and have to overcome confidence struggles just the same as any other type of entrepreneur. Can you provide any feedback on that?

VALORIE HUBBARD: Absolutely. Most of what I end up doing is mindset shift with my clients because if you understand your value. And it was interesting because I was listening to one of your last your Podcast with Jonathan DeYoe about Mindful Money, you know. And I was thinking about that because one of the things that he said which I always say to my clients is: “When you completely understand your value as an actor, then that takes away your nerves when you walk into a room”. Because as an act like, if I was selling a, you know, red ball, red shiny ball and I had complete confidence that this is the best ball. When I bounce it, it goes the highest it can go. I’m gonna bring it in, into the room to you and I’m gonna say: “This is your daughter’s favorite Christmas present, right?” That’s something – one of  my coaches taught me. Right? So it’s easy for me to bring that in there because I have all the confidence in the balls.

VALORIE HUBBARD: So, what we have to find whether we’re selling something that’s not of us. I mean the thing about actors is, they’re selling themselves. And we work very hard to make sure that the most shiny side of their diamond is out. Right? But, what we’re doing is we’re teaching them to have self value. Because when I know that I’m a ballsy broad and you’re gonna need at some point in your movie or your TV show, a ballsy broad or the nosey next door neighbor. Those are the things that I do better than everyone else. When I come into your room, I’m confident that this is a product that you’re gonna want. Because I’m very good at doing that product. So we’re teaching value – and that feeds into the confidence because you don’t need confidence like, I know, that what I do changes actors lives because it’s changed. I mean I have series regulars. I have people all over TV that weren’t there when they hired me. So I know that what I’m doing changes actors lives and so when I’m on a sales call. I’m completely confident that what we have, you know And so what I’m really looking for is the correct match ‘coz I don’t want to work with any actor. I mean if they’re not a match to who we are and who I am and what we stand for, then I’m not interested in working with them.

VALORIE HUBBARD: So when I go into a sales conversation or when not to I go into an audition and when I teach my actors to go into an audition. What I teach them is they’re certain. You must be certain. So I’m certain that this part is already mine. So I just need, if I think the part is already mine, then I just go in and act and not worry about pleasing someone or impressing someone. I just go in and do my job. And it’s the same with sales. If I go into sales, sales a service. If I go into selling, know that I know my program is works. It works for everyone that works it. Like I don’t have one situation where it hasn’t worked. And so, you know, then it just depends on are you ready to work hard and ready to jump in. Because when you want something, when you want something you always find the money for it. Right? And I teach my actors exactly what I learned about selling because it applies to them because an audition is selling.

KIM: I have so many things I could say. First off, I love the segue from the red ball to being a ballsy broad. That was awesome.


KIM: That was amazing. And then your statement about, it works for anybody who works it. There has so many applications in every single part of our life. I bought a ninja – juice ninja. I think it was called a couple of months, a couple months ago. And it hasn’t worked because I haven’t used it. Okay. So how is – supposed, you know, trying to get on a juicing diet going to work for me if I never buy the fruit to go in it. And I never plug it in.


KIM: And the same goes for any of my clients. How is being the best digital marketer in infusionsoft could tell going to work for them, if they don’t even pay their infusionsoft subscription fee or even come up with the ideas of how to make it work for them. It’s just not. We can all spend tons of money. And a lot of people do a lot of entrepreneurs spend hundreds of thousands of dollars on tools to make them better. But then they never put them to work for themselves.

VALORIE HUBBARD: Yeah. I mean, since I started Actors Fast-Track, I’ve been working with coaches coaches. So I’ve been going to these three day events, you know, that are very common in the entrepreneur world but not in the actor world. And I have seen crazy things like I saw this woman spend $200000 on hiring all these services at this event. And she didn’t even have a business yet. She didn’t even know what the business was gonna be. And I thought: “Oh my God”, you know.

VALORIE HUBBARD: When I started Actor’s Fast-Track, I started with a $300 website and a coach. And, you know, the coach was expensive. That was a smart thing I did. I hired a coach and I even gotten to use infusionsoft a little earlier than I should of.  I mean I still have it. And all that, but you know I see that happen a lot. And words without actions. I mean, that’s in the Bible. So you’ve got to take action on your on what you do. And that’s like, I think what I say like, here’s what I would say to you about the Ninja. I would say to you: “Your ‘Why’ isn’t strong enough”. Like, what do you imagine yourself being. Like, get a dress out of the closet that you don’t fit into in and put it up there. Or remember a time where you felt like a million dollars. Like, you know, you felt like: “Wow. I feel really good”. And somehow put that in front because when my actors are super clear about their ‘Why’. They, I mean, I have a guy that’s a series regular on the Americans. And the reason he is, is because five years ago he moved his two children and his wife from Russia to New York City. He was driving a cab from 8:00 p.m. till 8:00 a.m. every day to put food on the table. And when he hired me it was very very expensive for him. So he paid me. And then did whatever I told him to do. And in six months he booked a $70000 job on House of Cards.

KIM: Wow.


KIM: The Americans.


KIM: And the Americans is Keri Russell, right?


KIM: Okay.

VALORIE HUBBARD: Yeah. And so, you know, he’s a Russian actor. He had a Russian accent. He’s like: “Valorie,you know, I have to [inaudible] my accent before I go to work”. Ah. No. He was hired on House of Cards as a Russian. $70000. And then he was hired on the Americans as a Russian. So, and that’s just been in five years, he’s made multis six figures as an actor. And because he had a really strong ‘Why’. I mean, I have another client Ruby Mercado who is works all the time. And she’s a Latina mom. She has three children. One of them is three beautiful daughters. One of them happens to be handicapped. And so, she has a very strong ‘Why’ as to why she’s making a living as an actor. You know, it’s not like some pie in the sky idea for her. She wants to make money. And right now she speaks Spanish. And that’s a really good time to speak Spanish and be an actor. So she’s doing great, you know. This year alone, she’s done Hyundai commercial, Jack in the box commercial. And she was on the show Scorpion on CBS and she was on The Thundermans.

KIM: That’s amazing.

VALORIE HUBBARD: And that’s her daughter’s favorite show. And she played a super woman on The Thundermans. So.

KIM: Oh. Wow. So that was just a win for her but it was definitely a win for her daughter then too.


KIM: That’s my Mama.

VALORIE HUBBARD: I mean, you know, I have another guy that is so trying to get – his a little boy. And he’s so trying to get a Disney show. So we’ve been – he’s been on a lot of different shows. He’s a recognizable actor but he really wants that Disney show. It’s the best job in Hollywood because you work basically Monday through Friday. 9:00 to 5:00, I mean, you know, it’s like, not one of those crazy hour jobs because you have all these kids and they only can work a certain amount of time.

KIM: Even going back to when I first got behind the microphone. And I’m not even talking about podcasting. Listeners, you’ve heard me talk about my husband. He’s a video game developer. And one of the – if, I am in, I would have to say a low place, then I will play games. I haven’t played games in like a month now but he wanted me to get on a video game. Like voice chat with him and I didn’t even have the confidence to get behind the microphone to talk to, to talk to my husband. I was too scared to getting behind the mike. But it’s all about the mind set. Like: “Why am I scared of this mike?”. I love what you are talking about. There was a total deviation. I don’t even know why I brought that up Positive Productivity Podcast, not always about a, you know, steady stream of thought that  go in the right direction.- But yeah the ‘Why’ – I know why it didn’t work because I actually bought it because I saw a lot of other people buying it. And I love fruit and vegetables. However the ‘Why’ wasn’t even there to begin with. And I think that’s a major point to a lot of people missed out on, is and that’s why we get caught up in Shiny Object Syndrome. Just because it’s working for somebody else doesn’t mean that one is gonna work for us. And two that is what we really need.

VALORIE HUBBARD: Right. Yeah. If it’s something that we think, we need then you know, I’ve really learned, you know, I’m – we’ve all bought that $2000 Do It Yourself, you know. If you spend any three day events, you bought that 2000 Do It Yourself package, right? And who’s ever done it themselves. I don’t know. It felt like, I mean I probably wasted, well only about 6000. Probably have bought it, but $2000 package three times in the five and a half years I’ve been in business that I made –

KIM: Me too. Same exact figures. three programs that I purchase that I never used.

VALORIE HUBBARD: Yeah yeah. Like why do I keep doing that. I don’t know. I was so proud of myself because when you and I went to the event together, there was one thing and I did not walk – I walked to the back of the room but then I walked away. I was like: “No. I’m not doing this”. Because, you know, the truth is like I can’t do – I’m doing much better. I’m willing to pay a coach 16 – 18 – 20,000 a year because I’m making multi six figures from people that, no one ever thought that I could make that money from. So for me, having someone that’s really there on my side to lead me is imperative, you know. And I’m turning around and doing the same thing to actors. And so I need to make sure that I always have a coach. Right?

VALORIE HUBBARD: But I think we all do things because everyone else is doing it and we think it’s a good idea. But I in fact did as Oakland’s starting in January. And I really said, you know: “I spent a lot of money getting all this stuff together for what I was gonna do”. And I was like this some I’m really going to do it. And, you know, when I’m still doing shakes and it’s October. Right?

KIM: Bravo to you. Okay, I do have to say in my defense, we did use it four or five times. However, it was three months ago. But then I bought a whole lot of fruit and vegetables and my children attacked them. So when I went to make – this is a lazy excuse. It really is. But when I went to make my next shake, all my fruit was gone. I mean, I would much rather that my children be eating fruit than junk. Don’t get me wrong. But then it was just lazy. I run into the store. I get what I need for dinner which usually comes out of a box. And I run back out and somehow bypass the whole produce section which is right there in the middle of exactly what I need and where I’m going, you know, at the check house.

However at the event that you were talking about. I literally had to superglue my butt to the chair to make sure that I didn’t get caught up in that. Because there were so many: “Oh that sounds so wonderful. I wonder what it can do?” But then I realized, okay I know what my purpose is right now. And I know what I need to get there. And another two five ten fifteen thousand dollar investment is not gonna get me there right now. Because it’s not the investment that I know I need. I know the investment and you and I are in a group for that event. I shared last night that I realized how much money spending time on tasks that I shouldn’t have been spending my time on. Cost me over the last, I said  the last month in full transparency over the last three months. This is being more transparent than I have ever been about finances on the show. Listeners, I do not feel right, to be totally honest, share in mind because I don’t want it to be all about money. But here’s the point I’m trying to make. Over the last three months, I’ve been editing all of my podcasts. I’ve been spending 75 hours a month minimum on editing my podcasts. And if I were to use those 75 hours towards client tasks, which I do have that. That’s over, that’s between A and 10000 a month minimum. So we need to learn how to spend our time and our money wisely. I mean, I could have – my editing team which I’ll be putting a link to on the show notes. They would have cost me three to five hundred a month. That’s it. And I was cutting myself eight to ten thousand a month by not putting my priorities in the right place.

VALORIE HUBBARD: I got to tell you, I mean, you know. Here’s the thing. Like I find actors all the time, busy like I talked to an actress yesterday. And what is she doing. She’s like: “Well, and really spending time on my Website”. So one of the things that one of my coaches told me from the very beginning she goes, you must do business in the order of that I tell you. One, Capture the Cash. Always selling. So one of the things that I do with my current mastermind. And I have a guy in my current mastermind that is very very competitive about selling. And so one of the things he taught me is what we call High Calls. So in the morning, we pick up the phone and we just call people to say: “Hello how’s everything going”. Potential clients.

VALORIE HUBBARD: So you start a conversation and then you get people thinking like I get people thinking about why are their acting careers not happening. And so, you know, they’re not there and I leave a message. I hear back from them almost always, that we’re going: “Oh my God. We should talk. I want to talk to you or I’ve been thinking about you I want to hire you”. And so, those High Calls have been really big. So capture the cash is always first like sell sell sell that you’re as a CEO of my own company that’s my number one focus always. Two is Client Care. So, anything on my paying customers need that comes next. Three is Administration. Right? So that’s my Website went down last weekend. You know, and so or looking over my – this morning I was looking over my binder for my upcoming three day event. And making sure it looks good in checking all that. That’s all that. And then four is Product Development which I find a lot of coaches spend a lot of time like thinking up new packages and new products that they’re gonna sell and digital marketing. And all of that and that’s really numberfour. And if you’re spending all your time in three and four then you’re not running a good business. Number one and two are the most important.

VALORIE HUBBARD: And the things that I see – entrepreneurs go down on. You know, I’ve been in two different mastermind’s and I built an acting business alongside most other people that have businesses like yours. Or, you know, branding businesses or Web site businesses and what I see people fail out constantly is consistent marketing. And number two, they never get over the selling hump. They never learn how to sell. And that’s the two things. And so those are the two things that I just steal from entrepreneurs. And take right back to my actors because the thing – the people that actually get in the habit of selling on a weekly basis, my actors, whether they’re doing drop offs to offices or actually pitching themselves on the phone or writing a warm letter every week to their customers. Those are the actors that are working.

KIM: I can see exactly where that applied in my own business. Because I was out there seeing the products that other people were making and thought I needed to create the products. And I lost focus of my clients and it hurt because then the clients started leaving because they’re not getting the client care they want. But I also wasn’t out there sharing my true self. You know, for the actor who’s out there and auditioned for me. For me being here. For me, it will just be connecting with people on social media or picking up the call or the phone and calling people around me right here in Ohio or even not in Ohio because I have clients worldwide. Those were awesome points Valorie. Thank you so much.

VALORIE HUBBARD: You’re welcome.

KIM:  And before we forget. Listeners, everything that we talk about will be in the show notes  at TheKimSutton.com/PP166. I can’t wait to put those four points in there because I can see them getting tweeted out all over. Those are so important. One of my mentors says: “New money first”, and that’s exactly what you just said. And, you know, sometimes we need the here in about 18000 different ways before it actually goes: “Aahhh”

VALORIE HUBBARD: All of the time. We need to hear the 18000. Sometimes I look at my actors are, you know, comment on some someone else saying something. And I go: “Aaahhhhh”, and I’ve been saying that for 30 years. Like, I always say that but the way they said it they acted like: “Oh my God. Can you believe such and such.” And I go: “Yeah” that’s what I’m always talking about. So, and the same with me. You know, I think that when you hear stuff you hear it in different places in your body. And I my vision is that it drops down to where it finally hits you in the gut and you go: “Oh”.

KIM: Yeah. You just hit me in the gut in the best way possible.


KIM: Thank you.

VALORIE HUBBARD: Well, I have like, you know, this great sales notes that I’ve kept from all the great people that I’ve studied with. And, you know, that those things have really really helped me and then, you know, sometimes I get on a sales call and I think why don’t you just follow the system that’s been given to you instead of trying to make up something new. Just use what works for all these people. I mean we’ve we heard from a great salesman at that event we were out. I mean, and one of the things that I heard again and again. That I hear over and over again. Was selling is that certainty. The certainty of when you pick up the phone, of course they’re going to buy from you.

VALORIE HUBBARD: So you don’t have to prove how good you are. You don’t have to prove how much they need you or anything like that. All you’re doing is servicing them. Like, where do they want to go? Why are they not getting that thing that they want? Or why how come they’re not going there? And then you become the bridge, you know. You say: “Okay”. Well, so far, you know, people go: “Oh yeah. Well, I know all this”. I’m like: “Okay. Well, then how come you’ve been an actor for 20 years and you don’t have anything to show for it. There’s a difference between knowing everything and then having a resume. So if you want a resume then I suggest you hire someone that knows how to get you that. Rather than try to figure it out on your own because the evidence says that you haven’t been able to do that.”

KIM:  I’m sure that’s a big wake up call for them.

VALORIE HUBBARD: It is. You know, I remember, I was sitting with my mentor, my original mentor. I’m sitting in a room. After knowing him for ten years. And he said: “Well, how many of you guys in this room, how many of you actors in this room think you have it all figured out and everything’s going the way you want it to go”. And I raised my hand and he said: “Then what are you doing in this room?” And I went: “Oohhh”. Definitely it was true. I don’t have everything figured out. I never have everything out. I don’t plan on ever working on my business at this point without a coach. Because that would just be stupid. I mean, That would just be silly. You need people to bounce stuff off of, you know. And we are our own worst enemy. I am. You know, there’s been plenty of times where I’ve chickened out making a phone call or had a bad audition and didn’t listen to my own advice and let my confidence, even in the last five years. I’ve, you know, I’ve been in a room where I’ve lost my confidence. I mean, I’m went into modern family. And my agent was like: “You have to get this”, you know because this was his favorite show. And I literally blew like, I was so bad in the room. Finally the casting director said: “Valerie just read the script”. Because I didn’t know my lines. It was embarrassing. But you want to know what’s funny is, I got put on hold for that part.

KIM: Oh wow.

VALORIE HUBBARD: Yeah. And it just goes to show you that a lot of times our mess and our ugly is what gets us hired.

KIM: Well, if anybody wants a blooper reel, full of content, I could be cast for that part. Just for this episode alone. True life of the crazy entrepreneur mom. That’s too late for ABC but yeah. No, I wouldn’t even be able to do it from a script. But I don’t want to. I love it from my life.


KIM: Let’s just make it. Listeners, just – find the way to make your entrepreneurial journey work for you and stop chasing all the squirrels from the neighborhood. Focus on that one task today that’s gonna make you money.

VALORIE HUBBARD: Yeah that’s very true. But remember, capture the cash. Always first, right. Go for the money. That’s where you go first.

KIM: I do want to circle around just one quick moment to all my previous episodes. This is not to say that I want you to lose your focus in Positive Productivity. I always want listeners and clients to know what impact you’re trying to make. But you can make an impact today and make income. So yes, capture the cash. But do it with your impact in mind. Please and thank you. Public service announcement.

VALORIE HUBBARD: Right. And so my impact is to change the way actors do business –

KIM: Which is amazing.

VALORIE HUBBARD: which therefore change the business. Because the business is changing anyway. I mean in two years, the world is even not gonna look like it looks like right now. And our business is definitely gonna be different. So I finally figured out that instead of trying to change something. Just change me or change the people that I most affect. And that will consequently change the business. Because if I change enough actors then they will ask for the respect that they deserve. And stand up for the money that they should be getting. And be able to speak for themselves and not be scared little rabbits.

KIM: Valorie, I can hear a whole bunch of listeners wondering where they can get in touch with you and find out more about what you do. Can you share with the listeners the best way to get in touch with you.

VALORIE HUBBARD: Absolutely. So actors Fast-Track A-C-T-O-R-S  F-A-S-T T-R-A-C-K. That’s the name of the company. You can either email me. I’m Valorie. V-A-L-O-R-I-E. It’s Valorie at actorsfasttrack.com or you can email T-I-N-A tina@actorsfasttrack.com Said, you know: “We heard you on Kim’s podcast and we’d love to get an opportunity to talk to you on the phone”. We spend a lot of time talking to actors and parents of actors and friends of actors all of the time. And I know that one of those people is listening to this right now.

VALORIE HUBBARD: So 30 minutes no charge absolutely free just to go through a career consultant about what’s happening. You know, I really wish I would have had me before I went to acting school. Because I grew up in Kansas. And I knew I wanted to be an actress and my parents were amazing. And they did a lot of research and I did go to a great school in Chicago. But not everyone has those kind of parents. And I wish that I would have had me alongside of my parents to tell me things that I could have done and then saved myself a lot of time and a lot of heartache and a lot of fault. Because I’m going to tell you that there’s not one acting school out there that’s teaching what I’m teaching. And so I really stress that, you know, if you are interested in acting or your family, you know. To reach out to someone that knows what they’re talking about because there’s so much bad information out there. It’s crazy. It’s like the Wild West out here but we really do know. And we wanna help you because if we change enough actors then we change the business. That’s it.

KIM: I love that Valorie. Thank you so much again for joining us for this fabulous episode. Do you have one last golden nugget that you can share with listeners before we go.

VALORIE HUBBARD: Well, I think I started to say this and I want to say this that: “Everything about you that you think might be bad or people don’t like or is the thing that you take for granted like, if you fold towels really well, or whatever it is that you do that maybe you think that: ‘Oh’ everyone does this or something that you do so easily.” That’s the thing that’s going to make a million dollars.