PP 224: Jonathan Price, Personal Trainer and Nutritional Therapy Practictioner and Owner of Nourished Performance

Jonathan developed a fondness for fitness and nutrition in high school and his interest continued through college to today.

Listen as Jonathan and I chat about following your passions and turning them into income and impact generating activities. Jonathan shares how he’s transitioning from big box gyms to running his own facility, and we also chat about how timing works out when we’re patient.

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Episode Transcription


Kim: Welcome, back to another episode of positive productivity. I’m so happy to have you here. And I’m thrilled to introduce you to today’s guest Jonathan Price. Jonathan is a personal trainer and nutritional therapy practitioner. Jonathan I-I struggle with saying names sometimes so that was like a mouthful for me, and the owner of Nourished Performance. Jonathan welcome.

Jonathan: Thanks for having me. Really excited to be here.

Kim: You’re so welcome. Jonathan can you get a little bit of your backstory to the listeners and tell them how you got to where you are today.

Jonathan: Absolutely. I fell in love with fitness specifically in high school. I wanted to be a better athlete, wanted to get dates, which still didn’t happen to like, college you know whatever. And just kind of – I really loved to empowered I myself, as I became more fit and pursued that in school at Auburn University, got a degree in a field and then started personal training right out and kind of went through the corporate gym world for about ten years. And you know good and bad things there obviously, as you grow up in the industry. But about seven years ago, I started my own business as an independent contractor, and then got some more nutritional education. Few years ago I become an initial therapy practitioner. That’s kind of my second love and goes really well hand in hand with fitness, and then as of October of this year I opened my first brick and mortar facility in Minden, Nevada which is northern Nevada in the Reno, Carson City area. And so that just launched about two months ago and that’s been keeping me busy and exciting and I really love what I’m doing.

Kim: I need to share a little funny side note. Mayh-husband that sounded really Southern. Did you hear that. Mayh-mayh husband.(laugh)

Jonathan: (laugh) I did.

Kim: (laugh) I am not southern. I’m a New Yorker. My family will be laughing when they hear this one. Anyway…

Jonathan: I grew up in Alabama so…

Kim: (laugh)

Jonathan:  -we’re right at home right now.

Kim: Anyway, he… I won’t even say it again. He went into home ec in high school to go after the girls and well, it worked, he also learned how to cook really good! Thank goodness because, he cooks it in our home today. I mean I burned a box of mac and cheese. So…

Jonathan: (laugh)

Kim: So yeah, it worked out for him. I don’t talk to many people who actually have continued what they went to college for, or what they were even aspiring to do in high school. So you are refreshing in a way. I mean, even I have gone nowhere near. Well, I did but I’ve been almost ten years removed from when I went to college for. What do you think was the major pivotal moment when you were in high school? Was it really just the girls, and wanting to get in, or can you remember specifically, what got you into it?

Jonathan: It was a combination. You know, I was I was a little chubby coming into high school so, I got picked on a little bit. Nothing like the bullying stuff you see today. But, I did get picked on, and that was some motivation. And as I – just kind of pointed to, as I got more in shape, my self-esteem improves, just more confident, and became a better athlete,  still wasn’t cause I still sit on the bench quite a bit but, I became a better athlete. And I don’t know, it was just one of those things I started.

It’s funny because I wanted to help people feel the same way obviously. And I went to college, and I started in this field, as far as studying. And my dad convinced me that, “It wasn’t a good field to be in”. And so I switched to business school got a degree in marketing and as I was finishing that degree I was like “I don’t want to wear a suit, and sit at a desk and I just want to be a personal trainer and help people”. So I ended up staying an extra year. And to this day I cannot see myself in a different industry. I just – you know going through the corporate gyms. It’s a struggle but I was just like  “I don’t know what else I would do”. Like “this is what I love to do” so, I love helping people. I love being in the fitness world. So as far as a pivotal moment I think it was just – the realization I was graduating college, into something I did not want to do and I decided like “you know what I’m going to stay another year, and get that degree I originally set out to get”. And that was really the pivotal moment, I almost joined the military in the process (laugh) which is a whole another story. uhmm-

Kim: You and I both..

Jonathan: -instead of doing that I stayed.…

Kim: yeah-

Jonathan: – I mean the opportunity, to do something different. I always wanted to do something different.

Kim: I was gonna do ROTC but, my parents wouldn’t let me. They’re like “no, go to college you know, we’ll pay for our student loans”. And while I doubted them as any teenager does. I followed their suggestion

Jonathan: uhmmm..

Kim: and I’m so grateful today. I mean, I am married to a U.S. Air Force veteran. So I appreciate what all active in…

Jonathan: Awesome

Kim: -in US veteran military people. I know that wasn’t very eloquent what they do, and what they’ve done for our country. But I graduated college in June of 2001. So had I gone that route….

Jonathan: OK..

Kim: -I would have gone straight to Iraq and everything like 9-11…

Jonathan: Oh wow yeah!

Kim: -coincidentally though my husband enlisted on 9-12 of 2001. So yeah…

Jonathan: Wow.

Kim: -different strokes for different folks right.

Jonathan: Wow.

Kim: Jonathan I thought that I wanted to wear fancy clothes, in heels, and dress up every day when I was in high school. I went – I went to school to be an interior designer and I did work in the field for a number of years before life happened and my life completely changed and now I can’t imagine, besides the days when I am going to networking, or speaking, or anything like that, I can’t imagine having to put on a suit, or a blazer, or a dress every single day.

I’m not saying that, there aren’t times when I don’t enjoy doing it, but I so love the flexibility of working for myself. Not having to take lunch when somebody tells me I can’t, and being watched to see how long I’m out for. It’s amazing!

Jonathan: Absolutely.

Kim: So you said “seven years ago you decided to start your own business”. Was it seven years ago?

Jonathan: seven years ago.

Kim: What did that journey look like for you? How did you decide to branch out on your own?

Jonathan: So, I’ve been working in the corporate gyms for about ten years. You know – off and on through college, and then full time after. You know – I did 24 Hour Fitness, I did Gold’s Gym, started at a YMCA when I was 19, and the Gold’s Gym I went to was in California, when my wife was interning for her career. And it’s just – it was like the last straw for me. It just wasn’t a good atmosphere. I was tired of the – you know – the corporate gyms. They – they take a big chunk of what you’re charging, or what they’re charging, upto like 70 percent. They keep what the trainers are working for. And I was like – you know – like “I have – I have a college degree, I have all those education. I’m super passionate and I were moving back to Reno” and I said “I am either going to be an independent business owner, independent contractor, or I’m done”. I mean, I was like – it was like do or die. “I’m not working for the gym anymore. I’m gonna be my own boss”. And I luckily, essentially got a job in my dream gym. It was a 90,000 square foot gym in Reno beautiful facility and that’s that’s how I started and I just basically hang out there, for you know – eight to 10 hours a day, trying to get clients and slowly builds up. Yeah, that’s how that started it was kind of – “a do or die moment for me”. Like you said – I don’t want someone tell me when I had to be there, when I could take lunch, when I could work out, you know – making me come to meetings are generally a waste of time and I was just do or die, and I decided to I’m done doing that – I was going to do something else, I didn’t know that was going to be

Kim: One of the final kickers for me was actually, remembering OK – so I lost my job as an interior designer out here in Ohio in 2008 just because, Dayton Ohio is not the mecca of interior design by any stretch of the imagination. So, I ended up being an administrative assistant at American Honda and, my husband, Dave and I had been trying to add to our family because, we each came into our marriage with two. And as a contractor, I was realizing it was going to be really hard for us to add children to our family, with me having to take off from maternity time, and doctor’s appointments. And as a contractor I wasn’t going to get paid for that. And looking back to when I had my first child in New York, I kept on getting docked, for half days when I was only out for a couple of hours. And at that time we were already struggling. I mean when – when Dave and I decided to add to our family we are already struggling financially, and trying to figure out “how we’re going to add more income”. So coincidentally, I started this business in September of 2012. Two months later, it had already blown up and, I gave my notice at my job that I was leaving. And that week we found out we were pregnant with our daughter Nevaeh. So timing…

Jonathan: Wow!

Kim: Timing is everything, and sometimes we can get impatient and just wonder when is it going to happen but if we just hold on, it will eventually does. Now look at you. Just in the last few months you’ve opened your own gym I’d love for you to share more about that, with the listeners please.

Jonathan: Absolutely. Talk about you know – the right time it just happens right. You know I – I was commuting to Reno five days a week which is about a 40 minute drive for me which I know, you know – people who live in the big cities like L.A. or New York it’s like no big deal. But to young kids, family, horses animals, and trainers who typically start early in the morning and end late at night, so it was just this was a really long day, and our life is all down here in the Minden Carson area. So about a year – year ago this past August I started. I rented space out of anytime fitness down here, and did the independent thing there, so I kind of started that transition down here, and it still wasn’t as good a the place I actually want to be like, but I really love the owner of that place. It was just – “I couldn’t do what my vision was and execute ideas that I had freely” and so, I admit thinking for a year or two that I looked for spaces and stuff and just kind of got complacent, I was like “this is where life is right now”. And I remember it was last week in July, and I came home at lunch, my wife was there she was off that day, and I was I was complaining about something – about the gym more like, it was like a space issue or something, nothing important, but she just said “Why don’t you just open your own gym finally”. And I kind of laughed it off, and she was dead serious and she’s more of the conservative one as far as taking risks in my opinion and I was like “oh like you’re dead serious”. And literally, how fast that happened, that day was a Thursday. I had a spot in mind that I’ve seen before, and Friday after that day I called, set up a meeting to look at a spot on Monday and signed a lease on Friday. So it was about an eight day turnaround (laugh) for me saying “OK let’s open a gym, sign lease and get going”. And I had been scared for a while but, it was just the right time. The location was perfect, the price I couldn’t believe it was very affordable than what I had in mind in a retail location versus my thought – I was going to rent a warehouse location to get the size space that I wanted. So yeah, it was just – everything worked out timing, location, price and it’s been rocking took us about two months to get it built out to where we needed it, and then you know – first month I even broke even, which is a lot of business, I can’t say so..

Kim: I was five years into my first business. It was an e-commerce shop in Mid Way 2000th, and by the end of that five years, I was still only making about 25 cents a day. I know that’s a little bit more than breaking even. But I don’t consider that breaking even by – (laugh) -by any point.

I was sort of laughing over here when you said your wife said “well, why don’t you just do it”. Listeners. Jonathan is Episode 224 so you can find the show notes and every other resources that we talk about at theKimsutton.com/pp224, but in episode 220. I chatted with Roger Ramsukh, and after he lost his job his wife told him “well maybe this is God telling you that it’s your time” and actually, the same thing had happened with me and my husband. He lost his job and that’s when we decided it was time for him to go pursue his dream. So men, I’m not trying to insult you but sometimes you just need to listen to your wives a little bit more.

Jonathan: (laugh) Oh no, I-I…

Kim: -this was the reason why I… (laugh) I was laughing on the right side. (laugh)

Jonathan: Ah… (laugh) nice!

Kim: Hey! I’m a stereotype very often, but once in a while. OK once every 224 episodes, I might get something like that slip.

Jonathan: That’s OK. It’s totally fine with me. And yeah, no absolutely. I mean that’s what your partner is there for, it’s to support you and when she said that, and she was very like serious, and like I said she is – to me it’s my opinion, that I think, she’s more the conservative one, as far as the risk taking in our relationship. But for a business side, and I was like “oh we’re serious” and it just gave me the full confidence, just like “go”,  when we just did it and we knew it was going to be a hard road. As far as we have a 6 month old right now, and a 4 year old son, and we always pick these times. It’s like really “you’re going to do that right now?” but, you know it’s not time like the present and it feels right and it felt right and just sucker vice and we went for it.

Kim: So, I know these are just the first few months of actually having your own gym. Do I call it gym or studio. What are you calling it?

Jonathan: I call it a “gym”. It’s a, it’s a private personal and training gym. You know it’s 2,000 square feet so I feel like it’s a little bit bigger than a studio, but I guess you can call it a studio whatever. Ok I call it a gym.

Kim: I’ll call it the gym, because that’s what you call it.

Jonathan: Yeah, I feel like people. What others say are somewhat like a training studio. So I say, “personal training gym”, I feel like people understand what’s more it’s gonna be like.

Kim: Absolutely. I know you’re still on the a couple of months and so, there’s a lot of foundational work that’s still going on, especially in terms of marketing and filling up your client roster and all that. But, considering everything that you do have it going on in your family, and you’ve got children, and your wife, and all your animals. How do you, or maybe I should say what are you doing to make sure that you are giving yourself the me time, and the family time versus living, breathing, eating your jam?

Jonathan: Yeah that’s, that’s a struggle for sure. For entrepreneurs, and myself you know we’ve had a couple of nights, where I kind of getting a little too involved in what I’m doing and too obsessed but, I know when to back it off, and I feel like we’ve, we’ve managed to balance as much as possible. You know like Friday afternoons I make sure I’m not doing anything I try to take those days off because, my wife works as well she works on the weekends, Sundays typically and so I try to make sure Friday afternoons I’m off, to be available with them. You know – that’s our good end of the week, and I’m tired but she’s gotta push through, and get our family time, and – and actually recently, as far as my own health, and my own me time its ironic you know – I work, I work in a gym, I’m still working in Reno too, so I rent space in Reno and I’m down here. So I’m working six days a week right now, and I find myself barely working out, and you know – I’m a personal trainer and nutritionists, and I wasn’t eating as healthy as I should. And I was like God, just like I need to prioritize me, so actually my wife, and myself and my daughter, as well as my sister, and my father all signed up for a Spartan race coming up in May. I needed something to just like keep me accountable, and that’s that’s been a really, really good thing because you know – there’s some stuff you have to do in business, and there’s some stuff that can probably wait. And it’s not that much of a priority, as you probably know. And so I’ve been making sure, I get my own work out, because that helps me to stay focused, gives me energy. Makes me feel good about myself. But it’s – its hard to find a balance. But signing up for something that definitely helps, because that’s another – that was do or die moment right. You’ll get exposed, if you’re not prepared. So that’s been helpful, and it’s something I keep working on. I try to be you know – try my best to be mindful, when I’m with the family being there and present. Sometimes I get a little off course but, still working on that aspect.

Kim: I am not familiar with Spartan Race, and I’m sure that there’s listeners who aren’t either. Can you explain that.

Jonathan: Yes, so spartan race is very similar to like a tough mudder which is a little bit more of that. But it’s an obstacle course race. So typically, in the mountains anywhere from three miles to 26 miles, and there’s anywhere from 20 to 50 different obstacles whether it’s cargo nets, or monkey bars, or jumping in mud and water, and then there’s all different distances but, yeah it’s, it’s an amazing outdoor obstacle course race, that kind of test your mental and physical prowess, if you will – because when you’re jumping in 40 degrees water or 50 degrees water, and they want you to climb monkey bars (laugh) gut’s check there.

Kim: Yeah.

Jonathan: But, I – you know – I like new stuff…

Kim: Do your daughter signed-up for this with you as well?

Jonathan: Yes they have a kids version.

Kim: Oh that’s fantastic.

Jonathan: Yeah. So for the four to six year olds are – it’s a half mile, and then they have a six to diaper age ranges but, they have a mile on a two mile as the kids get older to do. So, we all do, we’re all doing it as a family, and this is going to be fun, and it’s cool. My parents live so, we’ll have a little family trip, out of it.

Kim: I don’t know that if, my 4 year old daughter would be up for that. She’s – she’s a little bit of a diva. She’s constantly showing us her poses so, I’m not sure about mud, or anything that would you know – get dirt under her nails. Listener’s, I did not train her to be this way. (laugh)

Jonathan: Oh so was I – I was like, I’m like a little skeptical how it’s gonna turn out because, she’s the same way, she’s sassy. She’d be a little diva. I mean – she does like to play in the dirt sometimes too but, we just you know – we asked her if she wanted to do a Spartan Race with her cousin Miles.. He’s – he’ll be for about that time too, and she said “Yeah….”

Kim: (laugh)

Jonathan: “As long as I beat him” (laugh)

Kim: (laugh) That’s awesome.

Jonathan: So, she said “yes” and Zora will do it. We’ll see what happens.

Kim: With all my kids in my house there. Definitely. The weekends are more exhausting than the already exhausting week was. What do you do, or what do you try to do for yourself to keep yourself sane when you’re balancing everything?

Jonathan: That’s a really good question. We just, I mean when, we have a moment like if the kids are napping, we try to you know – go, do something that’s not stressful, whether it’s work outside the yard or, we actually, since I had my own gym now we’ve been coming in the mornings on Saturdays and getting our own workouts. And my daughter will run around and play, and my son  was only like six months old so, he just goes and lays there like a blob. But we try to do something as a family too. Well it’s hiking, playing outside on a swing set. You know, pour a glass of wine. We’re doing those things (laugh) just to stay sane a little bit.

Kim: Hey! I was not going to say this but, last night I drank a margarita. That is not my recommended sanity saver listeners, just hear me out there. But, last night I was just like oh yes… (laugh)

Jonathan: Sometimes, you just got to, yeah, the other night I found some eggnog in the fridge I was like well, it has alcohol in it. So I had stockpiled this beverage but I’m going to drink it right now because my kids drives me crazy.

Kim: Yeah. And I am also not going to deny that there are the other nights where – and I and I – I got a lot of inspiration from Abraham Hicks, where, if I’m just really beyond sane, and stressed out. Dan Abraham says take a nap, and…

Jonathan: Oh yeah..

Kim: Well, I could go and workout, that has never been – maybe that will change in 2018. That has never been my method. So I will really just – go and take a 25 minute cat nap, and I wake up so refreshed.

Jonathan: I – I do the same things sometimes. You know, it’s the work that’s just not in the cards, energy’s not there. I love to take some naps when when it’s available. You know – try to time the kids to get in the same time. But yeah, I agree that’s a great way to reduce stress too. That’s been proven, especially in a short APSA to offer health benefits, and lower stress, and lower blood pressure, and a lot of good things. I think that’s a good strategy as well.

Kim: Coordinating kids, taking naps at the same time. That just blows my mind because that hasn’t happened in our house in forever. They just don’t, they refused. I know but…

Jonathan: (laugh) But we nap too..

Kim: We have the 4 year old, and then the almost 3 year olds, and I don’t know what has gotten into them but, they just refuse to nap anymore on weekends. Apparently they nap like little angels at daycare.

Jonathan: Oh, Well it’s tragic.

Kim: So, we will actually put them in their room. The three of them share one bedroom, and they will be in there for three hours playing, fighting, playing, screaming, playing, one of them might fall asleep for a little bit until the other two wake them up. But here you know…

Jonathan: (laugh)

Kim: -it’s, and then I don’t know if I’ve ever shared this on the podcast before, however we actually had to reverse their door knob because they were locking us out and..

Jonathan: (laugh)

Kim: -and their little monkeys that was hanging from the child block thing, that can go over the door knob the handle, and they would just pull it right off. So we turned their door knob around, so that the lock is on the outside so we lock them in because, if we don’t in the middle of the night they will wander the house, and they will get into everything. However, they are sneaky and I don’t know which one of them did it but, one night we have a bedtime routine, and it was a night when my boys were with us too. Listeners, my boys are with us half time, and we all went in to do the hugs and kisses, and other Magas thank you Daniel Tiger. And somebody had locked the bedroom door, and we had to close the door when we go in there, else one will run out, and then another one will chase after them, and it’s – it’s like herding cattle trying to get them to bed at night. However, we finished up the bedtime routine and we realized that we were locked into the bedroom.

Jonathan: Oh no!

Kim: So we had to put my 12 year old out of the window so, that he can (laugh)

Jonathan: (laugh)

Kim: -so that he can run in one of the doors and let us all out, and this was the second time it had actually happened. There was a day that my 12 year old son, they were at a soccer tournament and they had locked my husband, and my 15 year old was listening to his headphones and didn’t hear my husband knocking on the door. And my husband is not a big man but, he cannot go out the window. So yeah. Sneaky little suckers there.

Jonathan: (laugh) they always got this clever plan…

Kim: yeah..

Jonathan: it always backfires on you or elsewhere…..

Kim: Like the Saturday morning routine, though going to the gym and letting her run around , and eventually your little guy will be doing it too. Running around, and maybe that’s what we need to do is just take them to the Y on Saturday and Sunday mornings, and let them burn out, so that, at that time they are ready to go, and we can do whatever we want to do, or maybe this napping.

Jonathan: yeah! nap ABM is napping or just hanging out or whatever.

Kim: Absolutely. Jonathan what would you say that your Y is?

Jonathan: I just – you know, I know how good someone can feel if they’re eating the right things, if they’re trying to be at least active. And I think there’s a lot of people that have this in their mind these barriers, like I have to be, to eat a certain way I do cross, that I have to do body building whatever, like just like dog Madec approach, I feel like it doesn’t need to be that way. So I think my Y is helping people navigate, the confusion and jungled that the health and fitness can be, and finding something that is enjoyable to them, and sustainable for them personally because, everyone’s different, and showing them how good it feels to feel good essentially, I think a lot of people like if they’ve never felt good, they’ve never eaten the right foods for their or their specific body like they don’t know what it’s like to feel good, and so when someone says “Oh! let’s go you know – let’s go work out” or “let’s go”. you know these vegetables and this whatever for dinner and like all that sounds horrible. But if they actually knew what it felt like to feel good I think that they would stick to it. So my Y is I think, helping people to navigate all the confusion that’s out there and finding something that works for them so that, they can be healthy and that with as little least amount of pain as possible.

Kim: What’s the most inspirational thing that you’ve recently read, or listened to or watched?

Jonathan: Recently read, listen to or watched. There’s a lot I – I – I, sometimes, I find myself pulling up motivational videos just when I have days that I kind of feel down, like the world’s kind of on top of me. There’s a guy out there, Mateusz, see if I could spell it for you. He does motivational videos, he takes you know – inspirational quotes and set them to music. And so,  someone that feeling battled put on a four or five minutes of that. And those tend to inspire me quite a bit, he talks about struggle, and victory, all that good stuff. But his name is I don’t know how to pronounce it but it’s Mateusz-M. If you get a youtube and search that.

Kim: Awesome, listeners this will be in the show. No it’s because I’m not even going to try pronouncing it either, and again the show notes can be found at theKimsutton.com/p224. I am very and shake now, I want to go watch.

Jonathan: Yeah! they have you know as a whole like five or six minutes and they take, some courses like Steve Jobs, courses from Eric Thomas, and all other motivational speakers, and you just kind of mashes them together, and it’s just a nice little like four to six minute clips that just kind of keeps you going. Some of it was like a little rah rah, but that’s ok sometimes you needs a little rah rah but that’s something that I you know I can go to, if I’m feeling a little not motivated or not inspired, I get that as far as specifically, in the last month or so. I don’t know what the most inspiring thing I’ve seen, but that’s that’s something that I hear and read regularly and he posts you know – videos very regularly and audio as well.

Kim: After I lost my job as an interior designer, I was going through a really interesting life change. About a year later, I was introduced to “Laws of Attraction” of Abraham Hicks. But, up until that point I didn’t realize that I had any power to control my positivity, how I thought like I really just thought it was controlled by everybody else, how I felt was everybody else’s fault, and that was just how it is going to be. So I was looking through my Youtube playlist and my iTunes songs the other day and I realized I had all these, I’m just going to say it listeners, you know I don’t curse very often on the podcast but they were actually feeling shitty playlists…

Jonathan: (laugh)

Kim: and I got rid of them, because…

Jonathan: oh…

Kim: I realized there is no place for that anymore in my life. If that is how I am feeling, even temporarily then, now I have playlists to quickly get me out of that, or I go take a nap. But you know it.

Jonathan: yeah..

Kim: I don’t allow myself to stay in that spot very often. And yeah, it felt so good to actually take it out of my playlists. I don’t need that, nobody needs that..

Jonathan: yeah, cause it’s just like a snowball. Bad day daily, so bad week. If we don’t know how to kind of get out of that funk.

Kim: Right. I mean I can even remember in high school that I would put on Everybody Hurts by Avril that’s the right name right?

Jonathan: yup

Kim: and Lopez on my CD player. I’m surprised it wasn’t burned out, but looking back, I’m just thinking I wish I had known that, I had the power, and the right back then. But, it just everything has its own time and place for a reason.

Jonathan: Yeah, every – every – every bad experience, right you can, if you can be mindful you can learn from it.

Kim: absolutely..

Jonathan: Something good will come out of that.

Kim: What is the legacy that you want to leave?

Jonathan: I – I want to make health and wellness available to everyone, and that’s- that’s kind of a loaded term, loaded statement, I’m sure but, I keep going back to. I feel like there’s such like this you know – whether it’s from social media where there’s this dogmatic approach to health and fitness out there, like you have to hear or subscribe to this or that or or whatever. I think it comes down to use really need to you need to eat real food and and move your body that support your physiology if you will. As legacy’s standpoint. I would like to you know, I’m going to make this this gym down here as successful as possible and I’d like to you know maybe have some potential locations in the future but I think just being known that I could help anyone and everyone whether it’s a serious athlete or someone who’s ever exercised in their life meeting these people anywhere, wherever they are and their journey and being supportive and not judgmental and supporting them where they need to be supported. Just being known as that guy who would work with anyone essentially. I try not to judge anyone as long as they’re trying to put in some effort. I don’t know if that answers the legacy question but, that’s I want to be, known as a guy that you know could work with anyone.

Kim: No, I really like that. And as a dad yourself you may be a little bit shocked to know and I don’t know this is what’s happening throughout the country at least here in the U.S. but I was shocked to learn that physical education is no longer a requirement. Maybe I should revise that. My kids do not have to go to gym class, every other day like I did all through school. I think..

Jonathan: yeah..

Kim: one of them may have it for one quarter and, I’m not even sure that the other one has it at all. And to me, gym was not at all my favorite especially in the mandatory month or two where, we had to take swim classes at least in my high school. We had a pool so they required us to swim at least one quarter during the hour, and that was not my favorite, but I would have hope that my children at least had to get the physical education in school, especially because my kids especially, I mean my husband’s a video game developer and they’re very much into video games. But I want to see them do more physical education, and really understand the value, and without that, I don’t think they’re getting the right basis to start from.

Jonathan: Yeah I mean you’re, in physiology we’re supposed to be moving out a lot. We’re not supposed to be sitting all day, right. And so yeah, I’ve seen that even since I was in high school and that’s why I graduate high school 17 years ago. And I was already it was already dropping off. They weren’t making people take PE anymore. I take PE every semester, I love exercise, and I love all different sports, and same thing in college I did intermingles. But, you know people it’s just, it’s going away which doesn’t make any sense because, the health of this country and obesity rates are just skyrocketing. It’s like, why is this happening? Like, well, we’re not moving, we’re sitting on our phones all day. Which, I’m as guilty as anyone but I still do exercise. But the kids are not taught the benefits of physical activity anymore. Like you’re alluding to. And so as they get into adulthood they don’t understand that, how important that is and that goes back to, like my-I kinda want to help people like learn how does that feel good. And if you’ve never got those endorphins, or feel good because you’re eating a healthy diet, you don’t know how it feels like so, it’s just kind of like, your status quo forever because, you don’t get that education started in school anymore, and that’s something I want to do. One of my goals down here is to get the local high school which is about 400 yards away. I can actually see it from my front window at the gym, and get in there and start working with some of their high school athletes, teaching them proper diet, or anyone really who wants to work with me. But, you know working with the high school athletes, and students locally, and trying to kind of change that, for the better and gets more education out there. I love teaching. So that’s what they are I get more into the future.

Kim: I’m just going to throw this out there. This isn’t what I normally do on podcasts. But, one of my sons, well he’s still very interested in video games, he does play competition Travelex soccer..

Jonathan: Ok

Kim: -basically year round. But, in the off season especially, here in Ohio, I mean right now it’s a little bit of snow coming down. I hope it doesn’t stick. But during the off season in the winter when the local gyms will actually allow them to do their training indoors in the gym, and they just work with one of the trainers.

Jonathan: OK

Kim: So, possibility there, you know work with any of them.

Jonathan: Absolutely.

Kim: yeah

Jonathan: I think that’s a great idea, for memory I’ll write that down actually just…

Kim: I always love to help. I had another question. But, I had a brain fart, listeners. There is a blooper reel coming up. It’s going to be full of brain farts. I encourage you to tune in.

Jonathan: (laugh)

Kim: Jonathan I want to thank you for being a guest today. I have loved this whole conversation. Where can listeners connect with you online and get to know more and if they’re in their area. Sign up to be a client or visit your gym.

Jonathan: Yeah. So website was www.nourishedperformance.com. And just so your listeners know, I do have an interest in program starting in January, called “Fuel for the busy”. So if you go to my website, you just click on the Fuel For The Busy tab, and I’ll bring you the details, and just a quick synopsis it’s basically a nutrition program that’s all virtual via video conference, and that is for geared toward entrepreneurs and other busy people that think that a healthy diet is just too complicated and too difficult if you’re busy. But, I really accede, I want to bring this message to the masses, and make it available to everyone so it’s essentially, a program and how to eat healthy for you, and also maximize productivity with that. And then, my gym is located in Minden, Nevada so that’s Northern Nevada, just south of Reno about half hour from Lake Tahoe. So if you’re in that area come check me out, on vacation or not. And yeah that’s the best place to find me, I’m on social media Facebook, as well as Instagram nourish.performance on Instagram.

Kim: Fabulous and listeners again the links will be in the show notes Jonathan. Again thank you so much for being here. Do you have a piece of parting advice or a golden nugget that you can offer to our listeners.

Jonathan: Yeah, I think from a health standpoint is three things. Don’t be dogmatic. There’s more than one way to be healthy. There’s more than one diet that can make you healthy. It all starts with real food, and make sure you move almost most days, just even if it’s a walk, even if it’s a couple sets of push-ups or something move your body you’ll feel better. You’ll have more energy and it can be as simple as that, even food and make an effort to move everyday.