PP 284: Adam Schaeuble, Head Transformologist with TransformationCoach.me

“We can make progress or we can make excuses. We can’t do both.”

An amazing life transformation and personal development journey led Adam to lose 100 pounds and accomplish an impressive list of life goals. Since then, Adam has helped people in his town lose over 35,000 pounds and is now on a world-wide, million-pound mission.

Adam and I chat about when we were introduced to the Law of Attraction, the low points which came before our individual transformations, our affirmative action lists, and more!

.@MeltdownFatLoss and @thekimsutton chat about when they were introduced to the #LawofAttraction, the low points which came before their individual transformations, their affirmative action lists, and more. https://www.thekimsutton.com/pp284 #positiveproductivity #podcastClick To Tweet

Episode Transcription

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