PP 358: Anthony Treas, Men’s Health and Brain Performance Coach from S.T.R.O.N.G. Men Coaching

“What is wealth, without the health to enjoy it?”

Anthony is an Iraqi War Veteran who found himself struggling with PTSD, anxiety, depression and sense of purpose after leaving the service. Through his journey, he discovered his mission is to inspire men to reclaim their health, sense of adventure and purpose.

Listen as we chat about PTSD, anxiety, depression, men’s health and overcoming struggles.

03:20 Anthony’s reminder that he wasn’t home safe
06:15 Anthony’s health and wellness enlightenment
07:38 Men’s Health Month (did you know this existed? I didn’t!)
09:18 I share a little of my husband’s own struggle during his military service and after leaving the service
12:05 Redefining one’s mission and life — in or out of the service
16:25 The STRONG Method
19:36 I share how I was admitted to the mental hospital and how I was “treated”
29:24 Taking back our power
31:10 Anthony’s promise to himself

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Episode Transcription

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