PP 380: Debbi Dachinger, Author

“We choose what we think about.”

Debbi Dachinger is a media and visibility expert who started her career on the radio, and continues her work today to help people find their voice and pursue their passion through coaching. We discuss how you can find your own success through improving your self confidence, and working towards your dreams as an individual.


3:08 Debbi’s beginnings on the radio
8:30 Taking a step back and addressing a single issue at a time
16:35 The meaning of freedom
32:26 Recovering from a bad start to a day
41:05 The gentleman at New Media Summit
51:13 What Debbi is working on now

'We choose what we think about.' @thekimsutton and @debbidachinger discuss how you can follow your dreams and find success by being recognized for your work. https://www.thekimsutton.com/pp380 #positiveproductivityClick To Tweet

Episode Transcription

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