PP 404: Tom Nardone, House Flipping Coach from Millionaire Mailman

“You gotta quit that stupid job.”

Former mailman turned real estate investor, Tom Nardone used a secret weapon to his advantage: As a mailman, he could tell which properties were receiving certified foreclosure letters before anyone else knew the property was available.  Listen in as Tom and Kim discuss how Tom went from “mailman” to “millionaire mailman” in just under 10 years.

12:17 Look for problems, not properties
13:27 My simple goal: to buy 3 houses a year
13:53 You gotta quit that stupid job – how Tom decided to leave his job as a mailman
28:35 Self-care: make sure you’re running the business and you’re not actually doing the business

Listen in as former mailman turned real estate investor Tom Nardone and @thekimsutton discuss going from mailman to “millionaire mailman” in just under 10 years. https://www.thekimsutton.com/pp404 #positiveproductivity #podcastClick To Tweet

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Text the word “mailman” to 31996 to receive a free copy of Tom’s book “How to get to your first $10,000 check in 90 days.”


13:53 “You gotta quit that stupid job.”

Episode Transcription

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