PP 434: Camille Nisich, Sleep and Stress Coach and Consultant

“Without sleep, there are no dreams to wake up to.”

Today, Camille Nisich operates as a Sleep and Stress Coach after watching her mom live a life of high stress and little sleep.  Her mom’s health deteriorated due to her ‘high stress’ life and she ultimately passed away when Camille was only 12. Listen in as Kim and Camille discuss how stress is a big-time “sleep stealer” and the many reasons why sleep really is as important as we think it might be!  

4:36 One of the top “sleep stealers” is stress
8:36 “Sleep is an accelerator for your business.”
10:25 “The Lonely Hours”
14:07 First wave of drowsiness = go to bed  
21:58 A coffee curfew
36:10 People will start to look “aged” when they are sleep deprived

Listen in as @thekimsutton has an educational conversation with Sleep and Stress Coach Camille Nisich about “sleep stealers” such as stress, why sleep is important for your business, and many other interesting facts. https://www.thekimsutton.com/pp434 #positiveproductivity #podcastClick To Tweet

Resources Mentioned

Camille’s 7 day sleep debt to success challenge 

The 4-Hour Workweek by Tim Ferriss


32:32 “The foundation is the sleep and everything else gets built upon that.  If you don’t have a firm foundation, the house that you build on top of it is going to be not so sturdy.”

40:29 “Without sleep, there are no dreams to wake up to.”

Episode Transcription

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