PP 525: The Importance Of Going from A to B with Raquel Gonzales

“I wish I had a bunch of cool things to say, except for “don’t give up”…EVER”

Raquel Gonzales or R.G. Chandler is the author of “Surviving Xcarion”, a science fiction novel telling the story a fictional character named Rheannon Neves. Despite coming from an abusive family where nobody graduated high school and a town made up mostly of drug addicts, Raquel has set the bar higher for herself and her children. She is a single mom raising 2 kids in the better Bay area and she is now a writer and an executive assistant.

In this thought-provoking one on one, Raquel details her journey about going through hell and back. From her dark beginnings to making sure she and her kids got educated and then writing a book, Raquel has one heck of a story to tell. She is such an inspiration to people who think their lives are hopeless.

An honest take on her life, Raquel shows her strength despite being diagnosed with cancer and PSTD; she is moving forward and is never ever giving up.

01:40  The importance of going from A to B
18:27  Raquel’s Mission
28:58  What would you give to yourself Raquel?
33:34  You never know where life can take you
48:05  The need for a good therapy experience

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Surviving Xcarion


Returning the favor

Thrive global


“I wish I had a bunch of cool things to say, except for “don’t give up”…EVER”

“Kids do what their parents do and not what their parents say”

“A lot of my mission is to try and help these people lead productive lives…that’s a life worth living”

“I would write even if I never get paid a dime because I’m a writer”

“I really do believe my kids saved my life”

“We don’t need medication, we just need to let our ideas run”

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