PP 530: Waking Up Our Leadership Potential with Cody Dakota Wooten

“It’s time. Wake up your potential. Let go of your fears and anxieties and let’s discover what’s possible. Emerge and become who you were meant to be.”

Cody Dakota Wooten and Kim Sutton discuss multiple facets of leadership, including mentorship, communication, delegation, self-care and more!


05:01   Falling into the “I have to do everything” trap
11:50   Manifesting what we want into our lives
14:00   Blessed by non-blood family
24:00   Is everyone meant to be a leader?
28:00   How quality of communication affects the quality of relationships
35:00   Creating boundaries and walking away
39:40   Are boundaries meant to be pushed?
52:00   Life Lessons from CoCo

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Episode Transcription

Coming soon!